Chic Yet Spooky Stretched Lips Makeup For Halloween

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Thinking beyond gory and gruesome and sporting a blend of fashionable and spooky this Halloween is surely going to make you stand out. Here's a real-girl makeup creation that can have all cringing in terror - The Stretched Lips Halloween Makeup. Freak the guests out at the trick-or-treat with a pair of lips extended towards one side of your cheek, revealing all that's hidden inside!

What you would simply love about the completely over-the-top thing is that this one doesn’t put you out a pretty penny to give your friends the willies. This inexpensive look can be hacked just by getting a 12-color face paint palette, rather than purchasing those costly heaps of makeup supplies.

Chic Yet Spooky Stretched Lips Makeup For Halloween

You can pull off the stretched lips look, ideal for those Halloween costume parties with just a little patience, minimal effort and a steady hand. Learn how you can paint your mouth pink to begin with, followed by giving yourself a stretched lips shape with black color and take things further by working out the inside of your fake mouth and winging it out to one side. Painting a pink mouth to extend your lips and drawing bright white teeth inside, accompanied by dabbing some powder and concealer in a clever way can end up in something unbelievably realistic and creepy.

In the below YouTube video, makeup sensation Promise Phan shows us how to get this super creepy Stretched Lips Halloween Makeup. Although, it might seem to be a bit complicated when it comes to forging this makeup, it’s quite easy to recreate the spooky look with the step-by-step instructions and tips explained in this tutorial. Flaunt the sinister lips and witness everyone at the Halloween party have a spine-chilling experience!

Creepy Stretched Lips Make-up Video Tutorial

(Video and Pictures via dope2111)

To have a happy haunting and add some extra edginess to your appearance, this look can be perfectly clubbed with a funky wig, and that’s about all you’ll need for your spine-chilling makeover. See more Halloween Ideas!

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