60 Easy, Cool and Scary DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween 2018

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One of the most beloved Halloween traditions is the carving of pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns. These luminous decorations can be spooky or cheerful, taking their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Whether you want one round jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes and a jagged mouth or five jack-o-lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, pumpkin carving is a fun family activity that leads to the creation of an iconic piece of Halloween decor. Check out the best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween 2018!

16. Creep to This : Anatomy Pumpkins

Creep to This : Anatomy Pumpkins

If cute and goofy is not your cup of tea when it comes to carving a Halloween pumpkin, and it’s rather spooky that you prefer, then these Anatomy Pumpkins were perhaps, designs with you kept in mind. It’s a spook-tacular set of truly creepy veggies flaunting the cut-shapes of human bones and internal organs. You need to gather markers, carving knives, scooping tools, cutting mat, xacto knife, rubbing alcohol, and LED candles. Simply download the freaky anatomy templates and get going with pulling those pumpkin sections out.

DIY Details : brit

17. DIY Constellation Pumpkins

DIY Constellation Pumpkins

Gazing at the night sky and trying to figure out interesting shapes and patterns that those gorgeous stars formed has been a major part of our childhood. Why not bring that charm back at the most perfect time of the year – Halloween, by carving a set of lovely constellations on the pretty fat vegetable, lighting up the stars just like the sky. Painting the surface with black spray paint, all you have to do is work out the constellations using a knife, spoon, a drill and assorted drill bits, V-chisel, and some tea lights.

DIY Details : designsponge

18. Pumpkin Candy Jar

Pumpkin Candy Jar

You really don’t need to store those Halloween candies in a bowl this season, as paying an awesome tribute to the day has been made a lot more easier and prettier with this innovative Candy Jar that is nothing but a large pumpkin, hollowed from the insides. What’s the special touch to the jar is a few lovely crystal knobs that not only work as the stands for the pumpkin, but also stick to the stem, to make a perfect jar lid. Painted all black, it has been adorned with a large “Candy” label written using a white chalk.

DIY Details : inmyownstyle

19. Alarm Clock Halloween Pumpkin

Alarm Clock Halloween Pumpkin

Get ready to receive huge rounds of applause by everyone who takes a look at your super amazing piece of innovation working wonders for the Halloween spirit – an actual, fully functional alarm clock that has all been crafted putting pumpkin carving to a great use. To build the clock at home, you will need a handheld hacksaw, small wood carving tools, a utility knife, an electrical tape, a drill or drill bits, a lamp cord, a Candelabra fixture, a bulb, threaded lamp nipples with nuts, a black gate handle, and some black spray paint

DIY Details : builtbykids

20. A Spooky Forest Pumpkin Carving

A Spooky Forest Pumpkin Carving

Those fine details are so gorgeous that this spooky forest pumpkin can actually make you feel like you have stepped into the deep woods with dead, tall trees totally devoid of greenery – and that’s what makes it spine-chilling. And an added element of a golden glow brings out the idea of a burning forest in the most perfect ways ever. Inspiring is the word that will strike your mind the moment you take a look at this carving, and if you have got a little patience by your side, it’s going to be one heck of a mind blowing design to try.

DIY Details : hgtv

21. Happy Halloween Pokemon Style

Happy Halloween Pokemon Style

I’am quite sure you wouldn’t be able to name a kid who doesn’t simply adore those cute little creatures from the Pokemon series. Wouldn’t it be great to integrate them into this season’s Halloween, that too through the most charming and glowing works of art – Pokemon Style Pumpkin Carvings. However, this one calls for quite a good deal of time and a fine hand at arts to get it all done, but the end results are totally worth the effort, specially if you are looking forward to making the kids smile.

DIY Details : iwastesomuchtime

22. Ship in a Halloween Pumpkin


  Ship in a Halloween Pumpkin

You might be surprised at the wide variety of cool pumpkin carvings that have been created. Some stray quite far from the traditional jack-o-lantern, making use of the pumpkin in other ways. For example, you could create a magnificent ship by turning a tall pumpkin on its side and cutting a large hole in what is now the top. Save the part of the pumpkin shell that created this hole; it will be cut up to create sails. Place two long, thin rods such as chopsticks inside the pumpkin and mount the sail pieces on them. Connect them with a shorter stick using hot glue and carve tiny holes in the lower pumpkin for windows in the brig. Add more decorations as desired.

Project Source: flickr

23. Long-Lasting Jack-o-Lanterns

Long-Lasting Jack-o-Lanterns

One frustrating thing about pumpkin carvings is that they tend not to last very long. Happily, you can stretch that jack-o-lantern’s life out much longer with a little extra effort. Soak the pumpkin in water for an hour or two, adding a teaspoon of bleach to each gallon. You could also brush on a mixture of a quart of water, a teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Rub petroleum jelly on the outside and vegetable oil on the inside. Additionally, keeping the pumpkin dry and out of sunlight, as well as using an electric candle instead of a real one, will help you enjoy your jack-o-lantern longer.

Project Source: myfrugaladventures

24. Chasing Fireflies Pumpkin Carving Idea

Chasing Fireflies

Fireflies are generally associated with the summer, but you can extend their magic well into autumn by capturing them on the canvas of a pumpkin. You can customize the design as desired, but start with an outline of a jar. Scrape the skin off instead of carving, leaving bits of skin exposed to add definition and shading. Next to the jar, scrape out blades of grass, thin and curving like a wild-growing country lawn. Finally, add the fireflies – larger ones as scraped puffy “v” shapes with holes drilled at the angle, smaller ones just as holes. Be sure to put a couple holes in the jar. Instant nostalgic transportation!

Project Source: hgtvgardens

25. Celtic Mask

Celtic Mask

While most people think of hollowed out pumpkins when it comes to Halloween, there are many cool pumpkin carving faces you can create without emptying out the pumpkin and lighting it from the inside. One artistic idea is to model your design after a Celtic mask. Sketch it out with lots thin, wavy lines and dots swirling around the eyes, nose and skeletal mouth, which are scraped out instead of being fully carved. Using the scraping technique throughout gives intriguing contrast to this eerie design.

Project Source: hgtvgardens

26. Pumpkin Pegs

Pumpkin Pegs

Want to add something a little unusual to your Halloween decor? Pumpkin pegs are long-lasting and wonderfully spooky. They come in five different packs of alternating pegs: bats and skulls, ghosts and “boo”s, jack-o-lanterns and “trick or treat”s, witches and cats and spiders and cobwebs. Simply slice the pumpkin in half and hollow it out, then use the pegs to prop the two pieces together. The silhouette effect is very cool, and these pegs can be rinsed and reused year after year.

Project Source: plaidonline

27. Snail Jack-o-Lantern

Snail Jack-o-Lantern

One of the cutest homemade Halloween decorations out there is the snail made from a round pumpkin, a squash, two wooden skewers and two ping-pong balls.

Project Source: alphamom

28. Buy Local Pumpkins

Buy Local Pumpkins

Picking out a perfect pumpkin can be a daunting task, but you can make it easier on yourself by deciding to shop local. These pumpkins are much fresher, so the quality you get is worth any extra price you might pay. You still need to inspect them carefully, though, as pumpkins with major blemishes and soft spots aren’t likely to last to Halloween, especially if you get them early in the month. Buy local and buy late, and your jack-o-lantern will be there to greet visitors on Halloween.

Project Source: theprudentpatron

29. Pumpkin Emojis

Pumpkin Emojis

If you’re addicted to chatting, you can pay fun tribute to those lovable emojis by capturing them in pumpkin form. For each emoji, you’ll need a pumpkin. Cut out the top and hollow it out, then draw a circle on the front of the pumpkin, as well as a fun emoji-style face. Decide what parts of the face you want to cut out and which ones you want to paint. You’ll need the paint colors of your choice, as well as yellow paint for the face itself. Get creative, then once you’ve painted it in as desired and given it time to dry, outline the face and each facial feature with a black Sharpie. These fun pumpkins are sure to get a reaction!

Project Source: bespoke-bride

30. Mummy Pumpkin Carving

Mummy Pumpkin

One of the more unusual pumpkin carving patterns out there is the mummy. You’ll need a white gourd or white pumpkin to pull this off. Carve out the top and hollow the pumpkin out. Carve all the way around the pumpkin an inch or two below the top. Repeat this going down the pumpkin until you’re two inches from the bottom. Then, mix up the middle pieces and attach them to each other with toothpicks. This creates an eerie layered look. Carve eyes and mouth as desired for this monstrous jack-o-lantern.

Project Source: womansday

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