60 Easy, Cool and Scary DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween 2018

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One of the most beloved Halloween traditions is the carving of pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns. These luminous decorations can be spooky or cheerful, taking their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Whether you want one round jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes and a jagged mouth or five jack-o-lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, pumpkin carving is a fun family activity that leads to the creation of an iconic piece of Halloween decor. Check out the best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween 2018!

46. Star-Spangled Halloween Pumpkin

Star-Spangled Pumpkin

Looking for artful Halloween decoration ideas? You can create a beautiful jack-o-lantern reminiscent of the night sky with a drill and different-sized bits. Once you’ve removed the top and hollowed out the pumpkin, you can start drilling, sketching out a design beforehand or simply doing it freestyle. Make sure not to have any two holes too close together, and vary the sizes for a more impressive effect. When you’re done, stick a string or two of LED lights inside; they shine even brighter when wrapped around a mason jar. It isn’t spooky, but it sure is pretty!

Project Source: goodhousekeeping

47. Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Many cool Halloween ideas involve dry ice, which is compressed carbon dioxide. It’s easy to come by in October, but it’s also very popular, so ask around and reserve your ice early. Don’t pick it up until as close to Halloween as possible, though. Always use a towel or gloves when handling this dangerous substance, and only use it in well-ventilated areas. You can apply it to all sorts of decorative situations, but the greatest effect comes when you pour water on it, especially hot water. However, the dry ice will last longer with cool water. Whether you want a foggy porch or a misty jack-o-lantern, experiment with different amounts of dry ice and give the neighbors the shivers!

Project Source: idealhomegarden

48. Googly-Eyed Pumpkins

Googly-Eyed Pumpkins

Among the many easy pumpkin carving ideas out there, one of the cutest is the zombie pumpkin. Zombies can be scary, but these little guys are adorable. Pick out pale white pumpkins and some plastic ping-pong ball-sized eyeballs. Use a carving saw to carve cone-shaped holes for the eyes, with the outside holes smaller than the inner ones. Make the holes a little bit smaller than the balls’ diameter. Wedge the eyeballs in. Then use the template to trace and carve a skinny, curvy zombie mouth. Who knew the undead could be so endearing?

Project Source: marthastewart

49. Black-Eyed Mummy

Black-Eyed Mummy

Mummies make very cool pumpkin carvings. This one is even easier than the mummy project further up on the list. Start with a white pumpkin. Cut thin slits where eyes, a nose and mouth would be. Add extra slits as desired to achieve the overlapping bandages effect. Make sure the eye slits are large enough to accommodate a marble. Place a toothpick in each eye slit, with each end pressed into the pumpkin, and glue a black marble in front of each toothpick. The result is pleasantly spooky without being grotesque.

Project Source: bhg

50. Spooky Tree Pumpkin

Spooky Tree Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving templates like the spooky tree can help you achieve magnificent effects even if you’re not an artist. For this pumpkin, just print off the template and trace it onto the pumpkin. Use a gouging tool to create the series of wavy lines resembling a tree trunk, as well as the words “KNOCK ON WOOD” in the middle. For the finishing touch, carve out holes for knots in the bark. Place it in front of an actual tree for an even cooler effect.

Project Source: bhg

51. Creepy Witch

Creepy Witch

Searching for scary pumpkin carving patterns? You can make a witch that will send a shiver down the spine. Select a round pumpkin with a large stem. Turn the pumpkin on its side so the stem sticks out as the nose. Draw a mouth curled into a sneer; cut out the bottom and scrape off the top, carving just enough to create the outlines of several teeth. Use the same scraping technique for the eyes, leaving only small circles of outer skin for the pupils. Stick a pushpin with a yellow head in each pupil for extra eerieness and top it all off with a gray wig and a black witch’s hat for a magically spooky sight.

Project Source: extremepumpkins

52. Smiling Cat

Smiling Cat

Cats are among the animals with the strongest Halloween associations. Some DIY Halloween decorations involving cats are scary, but others are cute. To make this smiling cat, simply print the stencil and transfer it to the pumpkin. Carve as you would a basic jack-o-lantern. Black felt ears and a leopard-print bow atop the head add whimsy, as do the three pipe cleaner whiskers on each side, stuck through a hole drilled in each cheek. What a happy kitty!

Project Source: bhg

53. Masked Pumpkins

Masked Pumpkins

To add a fun touch to your jack-o-lanterns, print off one of three mask templates, adjusting the size to fit your pumpkin. Cut out two copies on black felt and use a basting stitch to sew them together before gluing the finished product onto a basic store-bought face mask. Replace the elastic string on the mask with black string and put the mask on the pumpkin for an enjoyably quirky decoration.

Project Source: goodhousekeeping

54. No Jack, Just Lantern

No Jack, Just Lantern

Why not make your pumpkin look like an actual traditional lantern? Print off the stencil, adjusting the size according to your pumpkin. Tape it to the pumpkin after cutting a hole in the top and hollowing it out. Trace the outline with a Sharpie. Use an awl to punch a hole through each asterix, then carve out the panels according to the design. Using a thin brush, complete the design with black acrylic paint. Add a votive candle and you’ve got a luminous lantern to light trick-or-treaters’ way.

Project Source: countryliving

55. Ghostly Projections

Ghostly Projections

Most cool pumpkin carvings only use one side of the pumpkin, but why not make use of both sides? Print out the “BOO” and creepy jack-o-lantern templates, adjusting the sizes as needed. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and hollow it out, scraping the insides so the skin is about half an inch thick. Tape the templates to the pumpkin, one on each side, punching holes along the outlines with an awl. Use a thin linoleum scraper to finish the “BOO” and a miniature carving saw to finish the face. Put in a candle and place it near a wall so one side faces out and the other looms large on the wall. How eerie!

Project Source: marthastewart

56. Mouse Motel

Mouse Motel

Among the simplest Halloween decoration ideas is the mouse motel. Buy several plastic mice from a craft store. Cover a pumpkin with holes large enough to accommodate the mice, leaving ample space around each. Cut them out with a keyhole saw and, if desired, scrape them clean. Place one mouse in each hole for an instant infestation.

Project Source: marthastewart

57. Upside-Down Pumpkin Cleaning

Upside-Down Pumpkin Cleaning

The most common way to clean a pumpkin starts with cutting a hole in the top. However, it can work just as well if you cut a hole in the bottom. Just pry the piece loose, being careful to keep it intact as you will eventually put it back in. Clean out using an ice cream scoop, your hands, a scraper and a spoon for a smooth, clean finish. It works just as well, and the hole is less noticeable.

Project Source: bhg

58. Pumpkin Frame

Pumpkin Frame

Turn your favorite photos into seasonal decorations with a unique twist on the jack-o-lantern. Get a pumpkin with a fairly flat side and clean it out. Find a photo you love and print a 4×6″ copy on tracing paper. Feed it in with a regular piece of paper so it will print more smoothly. On the pumpkin’s flat side, cut out a 4×6″ hole. Place the photo in the frame, removing the back of the frame. Attach the frame with small nails. Toss in a flameless candle for a lovely illuminated photo.

Project Source: slrlounge

59. Snow Pumpkin

Snow Pumpkin

Pick three pumpkins – preferably white ones – to create an autumnal version of Olaf, the snowman from the movie “Frozen.” Hollow the pumpkins out, leaving the tops off the bottom two. Cut large holes in the front of the bottom two – one in the middle pumpkin, two in the bottom one. Drill tiny holes in the sides of the middle pumpkin and insert sticks for arms. Print off a template to trace Olaf’s face on the top pumpkin and carve it out. Add flameless candles to each pumpkin for a sweet snowman that can withstand the heat.

Project Source: family.disney

60. Goofy-Eyed Creatures

Goofy-Eyed Creatures

A funny-shaped white gourd works best for this family-friendly project, though you can use any kind of gourd you like. Get different shades of green felt and cut them out in ever-smaller circles. Glue them together with the largest circle on the bottom and the smallest on top. Put an even smaller white circle in the middle. Do this twice and glue each stack to the gourd, then draw in a creepy or silly mouth with permanent marker. Kids love making these wacky monsters!

Project Source: parents

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60 Easy, Cool and Scary DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween 2017

With so many great Halloween ideas above, you have enough material to make homemade decorations for many Octobers to come. Whether you are an advanced crafter or just a novice, look to this list for inspiration any time you are stuck for an idea. Many them are ideal for keeping kids busy and creative on a rainy day. With projects encompassing a wide range of styles, tones and skill sets, there truly is something for everyone here.

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