Grab Some Paper Rolls and Transform Them Into Harry Potter Floating Candles for Halloween!

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Every Harry Potter fan or just about anyone who has watched the legendary series has surely been fascinated by those gorgeous and glowing candles that seemed to be simply floating in mid air. Of course, that’s magic and candles just don’t float in the air for real, unless you have got these incredible Harry Potter Floating Candles that have perhaps, just stepped out of the movie!

Harry Potter Floating Candles for Halloween

Celebrating your favorite characters and paying tributes to fiction, movies and your childhood stories by bringing them to life no more seems to be an unrealistic idea during the Halloween season. And, there’s surely no doubt in the fact that Harry Potter, the adorable wizard as well as little things from his novels and feature films rank themselves as the most popular choice for Halloween decor.

If the guests are about to arrive and you have got no time to put a lavish decoration together after whipping up party food and getting all set to charm everyone with the way you look, these Harry Potter Floating Candles are going to save the day. The super pretty homemade dummy candles don’t need you to collect lots of supplies or be a connoisseur at crafts. Actually, they are cardboard rolls adorned with a some creativity holding little tea lights on top.

DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles

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All you are going to need is some paper towel rolls, some white acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, some glue sticks, paper, tea light candles, a few strings, Velcro tabs, tape and push pins to recreate the DIY candles.

All you need to do is paint the paper rolls in white and create fake wax dripping down the candles using a hot glue gun. Inserting tea lights on the top and hanging the candles with a string is the key to create the effect from the movie, perfect to make the whole atmosphere a lot more spook-worthy.

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