20 Halloween Decor Crochet Patterns Ranging from Pumpkins to Witch Hats!

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Handmade Halloween decorations that involve your love for crocheting and crafting sound interesting on the first mention itself. Specially, when most of them are not just decorative, but also purposeful at the same time. Give colors of yarn some spooky shapes with these 20 amazing Halloween decor crochet patterns.  

11. Little Witch Crochet Pattern

Little Witch Crochet Pattern

One of the cutest Halloween crochet patterns on this list, a little witch like this one can melt everyone’s heart in a matter of the blink of an eye. The cheery witch comes along with a few accessories that add so much more charm to it. Wearing that cute purple hat and carrying a broom with herself is simply marvellous. And you are going to need worsted weight yarn in multiple colors, a G hook, a stitch marker, some stuffing, a yarn needle, and some embroidery thread for creating tiny embellishments.

The tutorial shared by Sanity by Stitches takes you through the detailed crocheting with intricate steps, mainly crafting each of the individual elements, including the hat, the arms, the broom, the cauldron, the hair, the face and the body separately, further joining them together with appropriate stitches.

DIY Details : sanitybystitches.blogspot

12. Spider Web Table Mat

Spider Web Table Mat

Can a table decor be more apt for Halloween than a table mat itself that looks exactly like a fine-crafted spider web? The creepy spider mat made in a bright neon green can also form the perfect base for your table centerpieces assembled for Halloween. The pattern comes with yarn in spring green and charcoal, a crochet hook, and a yarn needle to let you begin with the project, following the simple instructions explained in the downloadable pattern.

Once you work up the final table mat, it’s a great idea to bring it to life by adding a purchased spider for to the mat for some extra touch of eeriness. For a centerpiece, you can always place a few candlesticks or glass jars with candles atop the mat and your table decor for the trick-or-treat would already be accomplished.

DIY Details : redheart

13. Marty the Crochet Monster Pillow

Marty the Crochet Monster Pillow

Halloween candies and treats are of course, the most awaited gifts for the kiddos the spooky festive season. However, coupling up the candy jars with a special handmade gift that the kids can cherish forever is an even better something. And this hand crocheted monster pillow does just that with absolute adorableness. You begin with crocheting six separate pieces and then single crocheting the pieces together to yield the final pillow shape. Oh yes, adding the cute facial features to the panels also falls in between!

What the project calls for includes an 8mm crochet hook, colored yarn, some yarn in black and white, a pair of scissors, a large eyed tapestry needle, and loads of polyfill stuffing. The separate pieces are the front, back, top, bottom, sides, teeth, eyes, mouth, horns and the pupils.

DIY Details : sigonimacaroni

14. Crocheted Candy Corn Bunting

Crocheted Candy Corn Bunting

What’s the first word that crosses the mind when someone mentions ‘Halloween Candy’? Undoubtedly, candy corn tops the list , and that’s why working up a candy corn inspired decor for Halloween is a must-try. This inspiration shared by Craftaholics Anonymous turns candy corn into a DIY bunting wherein you work up the individual candies with the art of crocheting. Making a triangle shape of double crochet is the key, doing three rows of each color – orange, yellow and white to create the stripes of the candy corn.

The crocheted pieces are further connected by single crocheting that’s done across the top of each candy corn and chaining in between. Apart from colored worsted weight yarn, you are going to need H crochet hook, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle. Doing the connecting part in orange or black yields the most amazing results!

DIY Details : craftaholicsanonymous

15. Boo-tiful Halloween Pillows

Boo-tiful Halloween Pillows

Speaking of the design, there’s nothing specific that these pillows sport that signifies Halloween – instead it’s simply the color scheme employed for the crochet pattern that centers around the usual decorative colors of the spooky festive season. To forge the project and work up Halloween pillows of your very own, what you need to gather is a crochet hook, a yarn needle, a pair of scissors, and worsted weight yarn in purple, orange, black, green, and white.

The pattern shared by Pixel Perfect Crochet goes for corner to corner stitch, yielding this winsome striped design to the handmade pillow. The guide also takes you through detailed graph and steps to work up the pillow, ending up in an eye-catchy union of different hues assembled together in a geometric-looking fashion.

DIY Details : pixelperfectcrochet

16. Pumpkin Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Pumpkin Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

You kitchen decor is going to be all charmed up with this autumn themed dishcloth that features an adorable pumpkin shape nestled in between the finely crocheted yarn squares. No more than 3 readily available supplies are all it takes to work this one up, specifically, a yarn needle, a pair of scissors, a tunisian hook and of course, some colored yarn. Of course, orange and bottle green are going to be the best choices when it’s about crafting pumpkins!

The below guide by Petals To Picots takes you through each and every crochet stitch you need to make to end up in the finished dishcloth that you can use in your kitchen or employ as a dining table accessory. Mainly knit stitch and reverse stitch are the keys that go into the making of these pretties.

DIY Details : petalstopicots

17. Treat Bag Halloween Crochet Pattern

Treat Bag Halloween Crochet Pattern

Planning to present your loved ones with Halloween gifts, making the day a lot more special for everyone? Treat them with delicious Halloween candy that tastes even sweeter with the fact that it came packed in a handmade bag that not only packs candy but also loads of love. These cute little bags are not only easy to pull off, but also super quick to get done, meant for packing about a handful of candy. Not to forget, the bags themselves look like a huge candy corn!

You are going to need white, orange, and yellow worsted weight cotton yarn, a 4mm G hook, a tapestry needle, a ribbon, and of course, some yummy Halloween candies that go into the bags. To close the bag when full, you weave a ribbon through the end stitches and voila!

DIY Details : petalstopicots

18. Crochet Halloween Black Cat Wreath

Crochet Halloween Black Cat Wreath

Integrating so many spooky elements in one single something yet keeping it all so minimal is not what every Halloween decor does. But this wreath that combines crochet and other craft elements does that unfailingly, while look oh so cute at the same time! A foam wreath form is the base for the bright orange crochet wreath, that has got it’s inner ring sporting a green felt background and wooden craft fence to create a mini Halloween scene. The other supplies include an H crochet hook, and a hot glue gun.

A huge black crochet cat stands inside the lovely wreath to add the much needed touch of spooky to the piece, while a wooden sign saying trick-or-treat adheres on one side. Another embellishment here is a hanging spider that’s further worked up with black pipe cleaners, black yarn, tiny googly eyes and some polyfill stuffing.

DIY Details : repeatcrafterme

19. Crochet Witch Hat

Crochet Witch Hat

A spookylicious Halloween decor that’s not just a showpiece but can also be a significant part of your festive disguise, this crochet witch hat is a thing of total splendour. Specially with that huge spider web that sticks to the hat. Place the hat in your yard surrounded by some dry branches and grass, creating the impression of a witch that just entered your space and disappeared, leaving her hat behind.

You are going to need worsted-weight yarn in black and purple for the hat, small amount of white for spider web, crochet hooks, yarn needle, and a stitch marker. Here’s a wonderful tutorial by She Knows that takes you through the detailed step-by-step instructions on how you can make your very own crocheted witch hat almost effortlessly.

DIY Details : sheknows

20. Pumpkin Face Throw

Pumpkin Face Throw

Club a dash of coziness and comfort into a Halloween inspired piece that isn’t just a plain decoration, but an amazing throw keeping you a lot more warm during the season. Having a 9X9 tic-tac-toe pattern as its foundation, this pumpkin face throw has got oh so cute pumpkin faces on the four corner blocks, while the other ones have got a winsome geometric pattern of Halloween-themed colors.

The middle block spells Boo with awesomeness, adding the final touches to the cozy throw that sports a texture as amazing as its design. Red Heart provides you with a great pattern to work up the throw at home using a pair of scissors, a yarn needle, a crochet hook, skein in black, pumpkin, grey heather, amethyst, and spring green.

DIY Details  : redheart

Whether it’s those adorable spider patterns or shapes celebrating cute ghosts, jack-o-lantern inspired hangings or candy corn treat pouches, a few clever stitches and twists in soft yarn can let you work up some marvelous Halloween decor crochet patterns this season!

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