Here’s a Whole Bundle of DIY Halloween Life Hacks Making the Party Oh So Spookier!

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Haven’t got much time to install grand lanterns or work out intricate pumpkin decor, and looking out for a last-minute preparation for the Halloween celebrations? You don’t need to worry anymore ! Here you have got some of the most easiest and quickest DIY Halloween Life Hacks coming to your rescue.

Here's a Whole Bundle of DIY Halloween Life Hacks Making the Party Oh So Spookier!

A great decor going well with the theme tops the list of things when it comes to making a Halloween celebration at home awesome. In this incredible YouTube videoHayley Williams showcases the easily-available supplies and super quick steps you need to follow to give a complete trick-or-treat makeover to your space.

Place mini dishes or buckets around the house and have a creepy and floating in them on top of the water. It’s nothing but powder-less vinyl gloves that have been filled with water. In fact, make the guests get goosebumps combined with a touch of creepy right when you serve them their welcome drink. While they reach for a sip of the concoction, they are going to be spine-chilled with a huge spider floating in their glass – thanks to spider ice cubes crafted by putting colorful plastic spiders into the tray before keeping the cubes for freezing.

DIY Halloween Life Hacks you NEED to know!

(Video and pictures via Hayley Williams)

And won’t candles lit around the house look so much more scary when they are covered with drops of blood dripping down from the top?

She even makes the whole process of pumpkin carving easy by taking you through a clever technique of cutting and cleaning out those huge gourds.

Lastly, when everyone gathers for the treats, surprise them with a unique candy bowl that’s nothing but a painted pumpkin. Also place one-of-a-kind napkin holders that are spooky yet cute – a pair of fangs that seems to hold the folded napkin in its embrace!

Hayley shows a lot more awe-inspiring DIY Halloween hacks to make the party memorable – glowing hands, sparkling drinks perfect to amaze the kiddos, and candy-filled gloves, as if all the above wasn’t astounding enough!

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