Look Just Like You Have Stepped Out of a Magical Ocean with These Makeup Mermaid Gills!

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One of the most beautiful concepts from children’s books and movies, as well as a fantasy that keeps all of us wonder of their existence with the mere mention of the word Mermaid, those insanely gorgeous creatures with pretty fish tails have established themselves as a beloved option for working out Halloween costumes and makeups. Here’s something that will compliment the look even better – stunning yet spooky Mermaid Gills!

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If you are planning to wear a mermaid or underwater-themed costume for the trick-or-treating, a stunning and lifelike thing like 3D Mermaid Gills would come as an element of splendor to make you look even more amazing. Let’s make not only your eyes look bright, sparkling and fairy-like when you don your costume, but also bring out a peculiar texture to your skin by painting these gills that are nothing but a creative application of some makeup products.

All you need to pull off these stunning mermaid gills is some Graftobian Modeling Wax, a non-sharp makeup spatula, a makeup remover or Vaseline, some cream makeup, a Graftobian blood paste, and lastly, a paper clip.

How to Make Mermaid Gills for Halloween

(Video and pictures via Madeyewlook

A bright green and aqua backdrop comes into play behind the embossed gills in varying sizes. To add some gruesomeness to the pretty things and make them apt for the mood of the occasion, you will have a marvelous effect of blood oozing out from the slits of the gills.

In the amazingly innovative below YouTube video tutorial, makeup sensation Madeyewlook showcases us how to recreate super stunning Mermaid Gills in the simplest ways ever through step-by-step instructions and visual demonstration. Couple up your overall look, your aqua hair and glittering costumes with these makeup gills and witness everyone at the party fall in love with your creativity, while asking about how you did that at the same time!

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