Here’s a Fiercely Demonic Pulled Up Skin Makeup Tutorial For That Frightening Halloween Look

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Can a creatively frightening or spooky Halloween costume ever be complete without a makeup that has got the same potential to freak one and all? This trick-or-treat season, adapt a viciously demonic look with this pulled-up skin face that introduces that monster resting inside to the world!

Pulled Up Skin Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Nikkie from the sensational YouTube makeup channel NikkieTutorials is here to reveal those inner demons on the most apt day of the year – and she does that by exposing the demon that was hidden underneath her skin, all with a super scary possessed demon makeup that creates an illusion of that half-face skin being pulled up. And the end results definitely deserve to be called an ultra-special FX makeup that can trick just about everyone out there. But the best part is that although, it appears to be a complicated work of art, recreating a Halloween look exactly like Nikkie’s is very simple.

To achieve the scary ‘possessed by a horrific demon’ look, you are going to need some of the most basic makeup products. Nikkie goes for a Mehron Paradise 30 Pan Face Paint Palette, Sugarpill Eyeshadow “Love+”, Eyeshadow “Bulletproof”, Sugarpill Eyeshadow “Tako”, and a Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen “Deeper”.

Nikkie begins with applying some glue on on the eyebrow of one side of her face where she aims to create the demon. Brushing the eyebrow with a toothbrush until all the hair get neatly brushed upwards and are totally flat against her skin. A heavy application of some face powder works for making the eyebrow hair almost invisible.

To get a rough sketch of where the demon face will be, you use a brow pencil and map out the outline. Next, you need to cover the area within the outline with some red water activated paint, further setting it in place with a red eye shadow. To add appropriate depth and detail to the demon face, you put a black eye shadow to creative use, while using different makeup brushes to merge the shades and get a realistic blend of colors.

DEMON – Pulled Up Skin Halloween Makeup Tutorial

It’s amazing how well-defined does that temple look,while some white around the eye and a beautifully sculpted cheekbone that’s quite a reminiscent of the fine makeup details from Maleficent transform the look from simple to utmost detailed.

But, what actually brings out that pulled-up skin part is those wrinkles that are designed above the eye with absolute perfection. To get that done, Nikkie uses some brow shadows, and achieves a super true-to-life effect with lots of highlighting and blending of the hues to get smoothly blurred edges.

There’s no doubt that after going through this super-cool YouTube video tutorial that showcases creativity at its best, you would find it hard not to recreate the look for this year’s Halloween party. Specially when you learn how easy it is to forge the simple steps required to achieve the Pulled Up Skin makeover, and send some chills down everyone’s spine. Not to mention, this one’s not only about terrifying the little kiddos in the neighbourhood, but even the most bravest of hearts. Happy Halloween!

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