These 30 Halloween Cocktail Recipes Are Synonymous to True Spookiness

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Everyone loves to treat themselves as well as the friends and family with a delightful glass of cheers to celebrate the mood of an occasion as amazing as Halloween. And why not? After all, the day strikes only once a year and calls for a thing of flavor to honor their taste buds. Halloween candy is surely a must, but doesn't it make sense to treat the kiddos with candy, while offering the adults with a yummy cocktail that compliments their candy treats at its best? It's simply splendid how you can craft a huge list of out-of-the-world amalgamations when it comes to pulling off great cocktails, each having their unique look, taste and essence. And, adding a few special ingredients to a regular liqueur, be it beer, vodka, wine or whiskey, you can put together an all new concoction that goes perfectly well with the spirit of Halloween - flaunting a strange eeriness, a little spook or simply a reflection of a fantasy creature. Whether you love martinis, pretty little shots, or a great punch, these 30 Halloween cocktail recipes that are another name for true spookiness have got you covered.

These 30 Halloween Cocktail Recipes Are Synonymous to True Spookiness

1. Magic Cotton Candy Martini

  Magic Cotton Candy Martini

Pretty much the ultimate candy-themed cocktail for the trick-or-treat, this drink animates in a way that’s no less than magic. And isn’t Halloween all about things like fantasy and magic? Those pastel shades of cotton candy in pink, blue, yellow and green look absolutely eye-pleasing when put in a martini glass. But the magic comes to play when you pour a mixture of grape juice, vodka and some ice over the candy. In a blink of an eye, the cotton candy dissolves and leaves the sugar behind, thereby making the drink a little extra sweet. This recipe shared by The Cookie Rookie allows you to customize the cocktail into a kid-friendly version, wherein you ditch the vodka and stick to grape juice alone.

Source : thecookierookie

2. Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

A blend of vodka and chocolate sounds quite an unusual yet fascination concept. So much, that we just can’t wait to give this recipe for chocolate malted martini a shot. You are going to need some vodka, some chocolate syrup, a little chocolate malt powder, some half and half, and chocolate bitters to whip up the yummilicious drink in no time. The key is to combine the mentioned ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice, further shaking it vigorously and straining the concoction into a glass. That’s all, and the martini is totally sip-ready in just a matter of five minutes. Surely, it can make the Halloween night for your guests a chocolicious experience with its unforgettable flavour and rich appearance.

Source : realsimple

3. Vampire Punch

Vampire Punch

Welcome the classic vampire punch to the Halloween gathering, celebrating the drink that’s oh so fruity and rightly balanced when it comes to adding the hard-drink part. The kind of fruits that go into the making of the cocktail make sure that you witness sweet and tang in every single sip. Not to mention, the drink has only seven ingredients, and is a super easy deal to concoct. What it calls for is to cook a mix of some sugar and water to make a smooth syrup-like solution, followed by combining some Campari, gin, orange juice, and the syrup in a pitcher or punch bowl. When the concoction is chilled, it’s time to add some club soda, pomegranate seeds, and orange sliced into the drink and serve over some ice cubes.

Source : realsimple

4. Pumpkin Martini

  Pumpkin Martini

Nothing can be as dominant as the flavour of pumpkin when it’s about putting together just about any kind of treats or drinks for the fall festive season. And that’s why, here’s yet another concoction that bring pumpkin into a Halloween cocktail. To explain the process in crisp, you mix sugar and a little pumpkin pie spice together and dip the rim of a chilled martini glass in water, further dipping it in the sugar to nicely coat its edge. Next, it’s all about In a martini shaker filled with ice, combining some vodka, half and half, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a little pumpkin pie spice in a martini shaker pre-loaded with ice. Once you shake the mix, strain it into the martini glass with decorated edge and serve immediately!

Source : realsimple

5. Blood Sand

  Blood Sand

A deep red hue flaunted by this cocktail makes it quite a spooky kickstarter to cherish the night ahead. The fruity flavours of the drink are complemented by a careful amalgamation of some scotch, Cherry Heering, and sweet vermouth added into fresh orange juice. The credits for the amazing appearance of the drink go to the final garnishing done with a bright maraschino cherry on top. Blood and Sand is brought to life in just about a single yet super simple step shared in the below recipe by Real Simple. When served for a trick-or-treat get-together, it wouldn’t fail to delight your guests to the core.

Source : realsimple

6. El Diablo

El Diablo

Why settle for a regular shot of tequila when you can twist it into something this awesome? It’s surprising how this beautiful-looking cocktail takes no more than 2-3 minutes to get sip-ready yet makes the most amazing conversation booster for the get together. Looking so bright with those ice cubes filling the lovely old-fashioned glass, the drink is a union of tequila with the goodness of creme de cassis, getting a delish tang with some lime juice and ginger beer. The garnishing here is 2 lime wedges, and voila! The below recipe shared by Real Simple demonstrates how easy it is to make the wonder-loaded drink at home and steal all that attention of the spook-seekers.

Source : realsimple

7. Black Sun

Black Sun

The name itself suggests that this drink is about integration a dash of black to an otherwise shining-bright thing. As spectacular to drink as it’s soothing for the eyes, Black Sun signifies the dark element of Halloween just perfect. Beginning with filling a large collins or highball glass with lots of ice cubes, you add some dark rum and Cointreau to the mixture, further making it all bubbly and glorious with some nice soda. This one goes for Coca-Cola but the choice of soda totally depends on your whims and tastes. Stir the drink gently and go for a garnishing of orange weed. Take a look at detailed steps you need to follow to forge the simple recipe at home by heading to the below link by Real Simple.

Source : realsimple

8. Black Velvet

  Black Velvet

Flaunting the looks of a super black glorious night that has got its own touches of sparkle, this incredible cocktail is all about 2 basic ingredients. You are going to need some stout beer such as Guinness, along with dry sparkling wine, wherein both of them are combined in equal proportions. The large champagne flute works as the icing on the cake here, making everything look so much more luxurious. All it takes to assemble the concoction is to pour stout into the glass, slowly topping it with sparkling wine and stirring gently. And it’s so easy to prepare it that you don’t need to wait for Halloween to treat yourself with a glassful of Black Velvet.

Source : realsimple

9. Dark Spooky Cocktail

Dark Spooky Cocktail

The undoubted hero of this cocktail is that bat-shaped decoration added to the glass with a swizzle stick or a wooden skewer. The spooky red edible bat is actually a gummy candy that makes sure that the cocktail sticks to the spirit of Halloween with its adorable eeriness. And it really couldn’t be any easier to make this 3-ingredient concoction than the steps explained in the below recipe by Real Simple. You will need some ginger beer, some fresh lime juice and lime wedge, and some dark rum. The final drink sports a subtle ombre of colors that blend into each other with sheer grace, contrasting the otherwise spooky nature of the cocktail just so well.

Source : realsimple

10. Bloody Maria Cocktail

  Bloody Maria Cocktail

Quenching thirst with the bundle of delicious elements it’s made of, this drink becomes Halloween-worthy not only with its bright red color, but also with the dash of spice and tang that comes just like the kick of the day. You begin with combining some tomato juice, tequila, some fresh lime juice, some chipotle hot sauce or regular hot sauce, Worcestershire, and celery salt in a liquid measuring cup or medium bowl. Further, serve the drink over lots of ice, advancing towards the decoration. Grab a lime wedge, some pimento-stuffed olives, and cornichon, and then thread them all through a toothpick to use as a garnish. Head to the below guide by Real Simple to gain a better insight into this splendorous trick-or-treat preparation.

Source : realsimple

11. Seasonal Sip Caramel Apple Cocktail

  Seasonal Sip Caramel Apple Cocktail

A wonderful coming together of some apple juice, some caramel vodka, butterscotch liqueur, lots of ice, some caramel sauce, and turbinado sugar, this seasonal sip caramel apple cocktail looks super glorious when served in a pretty cocktail glass with a few apple slices bringing out the lovely garnishing. The rim of the glass is beautifully dipped in delicious caramel sauce and a coat of turbinado sugar. The drink here is prepared by mixing all the ingredients together and shaking until jet cold, further straining the cocktail into the glass and getting the garnishing done. For a warm version to the drink, you can add caramel vodka and butterscotch liqueur in the glass, followed by pouring some hot apple juice over the drink.

Source : hgtv

12. Halloween Morgue-A-Rita Cocktail

  Halloween Morgue-A-Rita Cocktail

Sending some chills down the spines of the guests at the party, this cocktail with that pastel green sugary goo dripping down the edges of the glass has rightly been called Halloween morgue-a-rita. Actually, it’s a mixture of light corn syrup and green food dye that gets the glass’s edge dipped into it. The bottom of each of the glass is loaded with a super rich blood red maraschino syrup that makes the drink standout with a lovely pop of color. What else does it call for includes some light corn syrup, green food coloring, fresh lime juice, some club soda, some tequila, triple sec, and some cherries. As you sip the drink and reach the bottom, you are going to be surprised with a cute cherry resting inside.

Source : hgtv

13. Halloween Cocktail Mr. Hyde Potion

  Halloween Cocktail Mr. Hyde Potion

How about stirring up a magical potion with smoke bursting out of the glass that creates a totally haunting essence throughout the room when served? Not just another mix of different hard-drinks – this one gets a herbaceous touch to the drink, while going for a flavour that has got the perfect balance of sweet and tang. To get started with whipping up the potion at home , grab some vodka, some parfait amour liqueur, blackberry liqueur, tarragon simple syrup, some fresh lemon juice, and lavender syrup, along with the easy-to-follow steps showcased in the below recipe by HGTV. The smokey effect is all thanks to little bits of dry ice added to the glass, decorating with a lavender-blackberry skewer to make it look even more splendorous.

Source : hgtv

14. Halloween Spirits Bloody Orange Cocktail

Halloween Spirits Bloody Orange Cocktail

Looking oh so bloody and dreadful with a syringe oozing bright red blood dipped in a golden-orange hued drink, this drink is for those who want to craft something savage for the cocktails. No matter how horrific Halloween spirit bloody orange cocktail looks, it tastes super refreshing with a strong tang of orange and juicy pop of berries that comes from the raspberry puree contained in the syringes. How the puree blends and floats in the cocktail creates a truly creepy sight, capable of wowing the guests for sure. The cocktail is a brilliant mix of some vodka, Licor43, and lots of Orangina or 1:3 orange juice to club soda. Check out how to prepare the raspberry puree and the finished cocktail in the below guide by HGTV, finally serving it with an orange wedge decorating the glass.

Source : hgtv

15. Witch’s Hat Cocktail

Witch's Hat Cocktail

Easy to make, and awesome to taste – this cocktail has been termed as Witch’s Hat because of the fact that it’s served in a martini glass that gets it a perfect hat-like shape, while being oh so dark and mysterious in color. The sweet and fruity-licious flavour with a little dash of tart on the other hand, establishes quite a contrast with the appearance of the cocktail. The rim of the glass adds a lot more kick to every sip as its dipped in crushed chocolate wafer crumbs that are adhered to the glass using some light corn syrup diluted with a few drops of water. To prepare the drink, you need to place vodka, Chambord, and cherry juice in a cocktail shaker pre-filled with ice, shaking it and straining the mix into the martini glass.

Source : hgtv

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