This Halloween, Transform Yourself Into The Epic Pennywise from The Movie It!

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Clowns have always been one of the most popular concepts when it comes to getting ready for Halloween. With the huge success of Stephen King's It, it's definitely going to be an awesome idea to bring the character of Pennywise to life, terrifying one and all with that killer smile, white-painted wrinkled face and horrific raised eyebrows.

This Halloween, Transform Yourself Into The Epic Pennywise from The Movie It

It’s not an overstatement to say that this year’s Halloween get together is going to be loaded with costumes and makeups inspired by Pennywise, witnessing numerous people with bright red noses and white faces. After all, the movie is the highest-grossing horror film of all time, taking over the box office with a blast. But, this version of the amazing clown is going to make you stand out from the crowd for sure.

YouTube sensation Lex from Madeyewlook lets her creative juices flowing and puts together a super thrilling look for Halloween, transforming herself into Pennywise with uncanny resemblance.

What all she uses to pull off the finished look is a few makeup brushes by MadeULook; some Graftobian pro paint in white, blood red, red and cream; eyeshadow in grey and black, MadeULook night owl eyeliner, a washable glue stick by Elmer’s, a creaseless concealer and some setting powder.

The first and foremost thing she does is to cover the eyebrows using Elmer’s glue stick and concealer, followed by coating the entire face and ears with white paint. Then she primes the eyelids, the bottom of the eyes, further surrounding the primer with a white eyeshadow. Different shades of grey and black eyeshadow is used to layer the eyes, achieving the initial intensity of the overall look with a few touches of red eyeshadow.

The eyes are worked up with black eyeliner, getting the sunken eyes effect with some contouring done in grey shadow, accompanied by adding a few wrinkles around the nose and a bit of careful sketching of the eyebrows that seem to look astonished all the time.

“IT” Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial

(Video and pictures via Madeyewlook)

A dark red nose and huge teeth done using cream-hued body paint, a few touches of brown as well as some black eyeshadow are the sureshot star element of this scary makeup. Some black body paint not only goes for separating each of the tooth from each other, but also fills the space between them to create the mouth of the character. Red and black body paint come into play yet again for the lips.

The final details include grey and black wrinkles on the face, as well as some highlights done in white. Scary-looking ruffles around the neck is painted with a light-brown eyebrow marker, doing the shading with brown, black and grey eyeshadows.

The last step is to pull off curvy red lines on the cheeks that follow the wide-smiling cheek lines with utmost spookiness, creating a little division of the red wrinkle on the eyebrows as well.

To get a deeper and visual insight into each of the steps you need to work up to look exactly like Pennywise, check out the the insane makeup and get all set to send some chills down the spines of your trick-or-treaters. Happy Halloween!

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