This Quick Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup Is Not Worth Missing

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This Halloween, if you are not planning to put together or spend on some elaborate costumes, and rather looking out for still enjoying all the playfulness and excitement of the festival, you are free to thank that one little something called Halloween makeup. Wounds, cuts and stitches are quite an essential element of any gory look. Here is a Stitched Mouth Makeup inspiration that will make you wonder how you can transform yourself into a bone-chilling someone in a matter of few minutes !

Stitched Mouth Tutorial

This awesome sewn mouth is a truly impressive, mysterious and gory facial effects to sport, worthy enough of catching lots of eyes at the party. Give everyone out there an impressive that you are bound to keep your mouth shut as someone has stitched up your lips brutally – using a thread and needle to club them together. This one is surely going to elevate the gruesome realism to a new level level when it comes to your appearance and presence, thereby spicing up your day with a spook. Check out the  Video Tutorial below!

Not taking too long for you to do, this one is truly an amazingly easy-to-achieve Halloween makeup that can go more than perfect with those zombie or voodoo doll costumes you wish to don at the trick-or-treat. Use products already in your makeup bag to pull off this artistic and totally creepy looks. To bring the whole spooktacular look to life, all you need is a black thread, a spirit gum and remover, brown and red face paint, a pair of scissors and lastly, a big needle.

Stitched Mouth Tutorial

(Video and Pictures via Promise Phan )

Making things more like a child’s play for you, Promise Phan guides you through the complete Halloween makeup with this great quick 3-minute video tutorial where she describes and creates the Stitched Mouth with all the tips and techniques you need to forge the spooky look all by yourself!

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