100+ Gluten Free Dessert Recipes For a Healthy and Balanced Diet

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Gluten intolerance is an increasingly common problem nowadays, and it affects millions of people worldwide. If you are amongst them, then you can rest assured - you can still enjoy a wealth of delicious recipes without having to sacrifice their taste, and here you will find more than 100 different gluten free dessert recipes to prove that!

100+ Gluten Free Dessert Recipes For a Healthy and Balanced Diet

1. Coconut And Apple Crisp

Coconut And Apple Crisp If you are a fan of apple and coconut flavored desserts, then look no further! Here is a very easy and straightforward recipe that you can enjoy even if you are on a very tight schedule and you seldom have the time to cook. Recipe source – deliciousbydre

2. Gluten Free Banana Protein Pancakes

Gluten Free Banana Protein Pancakes Just because you are gluten intolerant, this does not mean you cannot enjoy a delicious pancake with some chocolate every now and then, and this recipe will prove you just that! Here is how you can quickly make your own gluten free banana protein pancakes. Recipe source – deliciousbydre

3. Raspberry And Coconut Macaroons

Raspberry And Coconut Macaroons Macaroons are certainly very en vogue nowadays, but they can also be quite pricey. Here is how you can save some money while making your own raspberry and coconut macaroons – not to mention that they are perfect for those with gluten sensitivity! Recipe source – smittenkitchen

4. Black Forest Pavlova And Espresso Cream

Black Forest Pavlova And Espresso Cream This is a true delight, and it is the perfect choice for special occasions. although this Black Forest Pavlova with Espresso Cream recipe may seem like a time-consuming project, you will be amazed to see just how quickly you can prepare it! Recipe source – tanyazouev

5. Gluten Free Oatmeal And Raisin Bar

Gluten Free Oatmeal And Raisin Bar No matter if you are on a diet and you try to shed the extra weight or you want a delicious treat that supports your fitness efforts, this great recipe for making your own gluten free oatmeal and raisin bars will certainly come in handy! Recipe source – bestfriendsforfrosting

6. Nutella Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Nutella Chocolate Sandwich Cookies This is the ultimate dessert for women with a sweet tooth, but who cannot enjoy the mainstream Nutella chocolate sandwich cookies. Here is a tailored recipe that is specifically designed for those who are intolerant to gluten. Recipe source – glutenfreecanteen

7. Gluten Free Mascarpone

Gluten Free Mascarpone Everybody loves a good traditional Mascarpone, as this is certainly one of the most popular Italian desserts – however, if you are gluten intolerant, then here is a recipe “with a twist” that will allow you to enjoy the delicious Mascarpone, without the side effects! Recipe source – swatibansalrao

8. White Chocolate And Cinnamon Bars

White Chocolate And Cinnamon Bars Another great recipe for gluten intolerant women is the white chocolate, banana and coconut bars topped with delicious and intensely flavored cinnamon. Give it a try, and you will certainly want to try this recipe again in the future! Recipe source – blog.freepeople

9. Peanut Butter And Chocolate Cookies

Peanut Butter And Chocolate Cookies We all know the traditional recipe for chocolate and peanut butter cookies, but unfortunately not everybody can indulge in this dessert – for the sensitive folks, there is always the gluten-free alternative! Recipe source – lacreativitedelafille

10. Soft Sugar Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies Here is an outstanding recipe for intensely coloured, pink sugar-based cookies that will certainly satisfy your cravings. Having low blood sugar levels today? Then you might want to give this gluten free recipe a try! Recipe source – flippindelicious

11. Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies

Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies Do you love gingerbread cookies, but your gluten intolerance always gets in the way? If so, then look no further than this amazing recipe that will help you make your own gluten-free gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies, in an instant! Recipe source – flippindelicious

12. Gluten Free Shortbread

Gluten Free Shortbread A simple and very chef-friendly recipe for women who not only have a sweet tooth, but who also love to cook a delicious dessert every now and then! Recipe source – flippindelicious

13. Gingerbread Pie

Gingerbread Pie If you are a fan of gingerbread sweets, then in addition to the gingerbread cookies you can also give this gingerbread pie recipe a try – it is safe for gluten intolerant people! Recipe source – flippindelicious

14. Flourless Brownies

Flourless Brownies Are you a big fan of brownies and hot milk, yet you simply cannot enjoy flour-based goodies? The good news is that you do not have to! Here is a great alternative to the traditional flour-based chocolate and peanut butter brownies as we know them. Recipe source – tinaschic

15. Flourless Brownies, Part Two!

Flourless Brownies, Part Two Yet another great and very easy to follow recipe for those who love brownies and who want to give the flourless alternative a try – you will love the final result and you will never envy those who are not sensitive to gluten for being able to enjoy the classic ones again! Recipe source – ohlardy

16. Coconut Lemon Bar

Coconut Lemon Bar This is a great recipe for those who love a good, sweet snack whenever they have a break at work or at the gym. Practical, lightweight and easy to carry around with you, these coconut lemon bars are great to have around when your blood sugar plummets! Recipe source – thesweet-toothlife

17. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies One of the most common misconceptions these days is that if you try a vegan or gluten-free dessert, it will lose its taste and appeal. This vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe will certainly prove you different! Recipe source – thesweet-toothlife

18. Soft Chewy Gingersnaps

Soft Chewy Gingersnaps Don’t you just love those good old gingersnaps that slowly melt in your mouth? Here is a great recipe that will teach you how to make your own, in the privacy of your kitchen. Recipe source – thesweet-toothlife

19. Coconut Whipped Cream

Coconut Whipped Cream This gluten free coconut whipped cream is undoubtedly a great addition to just about every cake or dessert, as it is very versatile and it adds a touch of flavor without making the final product seem “heavy” or hard to digest. Give it a try and see for yourself! Recipe source – nuttykitchen

20. Lemon Cheesecake Mousse

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse This is a great recipe for making lemon cheesecake mousse, as it does not involve any baking time and it is very time-effective. Everybody can try this recipe, even amateur bakers who only cook once or twice a year – it is just that simple! Recipe source – overtimecook

21. Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Is your birthday coming soon, yet you simply cannot enjoy the traditional chocolate cakes as they make them at the local bakery? No problem! Here is a recipe with a bit of a twist, specifically designed for those who are sensitive to gluten. Recipe source – flippindelicious

22. Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate Lasagna Don’t worry, this dessert recipe does not combine chocolate with lasagna as we know them – instead, this is a lasagna-shaped gluten free chocolate cake that everybody can make, quickly and with minimal effort. Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

23. Pistachio Shortbread

Pistachio Shortbread Pistachio is not only one of the most delicious ingredients, but also one of the healthiest ones. Why not make the best of it by embedding it in a simple and tasty shortbread dessert? Here is how you can do just that! Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

24. Nutella Brownie

Nutella Brownie What’s better than Nutella? That’s right, a Nutella-filled brownie! If you suffer from gluten intolerance, then you must know that your condition does not necessarily need to interfere with your diet. Here is an outstanding gluten free recipe for making the ultimate Nutella brownie! Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

25. Zucchini Bars

Zucchini Bars This is undoubtedly one of the healthiest and easiest dessert recipes you will get lay your eyes on, and for a good reason! Here is a great gluten free recipe for making your own zucchini bars, faster and easier than you think. Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious Overcome Your Gluten Intolerance With These Delicious Gluten Free Dessert Recipes!

26. Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten Free Brownies As you may have noticed already, brownies are particularly popular these days amongst those who have a sweet tooth, and gluten sensitive people are certainly no exception to the rule! Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

27. Gluten Free Peach Trifle

Gluten Free Peach Trifle Take your friends and family by surprise with this super easy and outstanding gluten free peach trifle recipe, and they will certainly come back for more! Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

28. Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake When it comes to chocolate cakes, it must be said that there are countless variations to the classic gluten free recipe, and this one is one of the best recipes you can find. Fast, cost-effective and quite fun at the same time! Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

29. Banana Snack Cake

Banana Snack Cake If you love banana cakes yet your gluten intolerance has always gotten in your way, do not despair! Here is a great recipe that will help you make the ultimate banana-based snack cake, without having to worry about your gluten intolerance anymore. Recipe source – glutenfreedessertsmadedelicious

30. Strawberry Cream Truffles

Strawberry Cream Truffles Cream truffles are a great way to welcome your guests, not to mention that they can literally be prepared within minutes! Here is the gluten-free alternative to cream truffles, one that is equally delicious. Recipe source – mywholefoodlife

31. Baked Snickerdoodle

Baked Snickerdoodle If you have a bit more time at your disposal and you want to spend it wisely, then here is a delicious and very easy recipe on how to make baked snickerdoodle with simple ingredients that you can find in your pantry. Recipe source – amyshealthybaking

32. Cheesy Vegan Quinoa Cookies

Cheesy Vegan Quinoa Cookies Just because you are vegan or gluten intolerant, this does not mean you cannot enjoy some truly delicious cheesy quinoa cookies! Here is a great recipe that is not just delicious, but very nutritious and healthy as well. Recipe source – mywholefoodlife

33. Chex Scotcheroos

Chex Scotcheroos This is certainly not your regular dessert, but then again, it does not have to be! Take your loved one by surprise with this innovative Chex Scotcheroos recipe and he will certainly appreciate it. You might want to save the recipe, as you will definitely need it again in the future! Recipe source – yammiesglutenfreedom

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