30+ Easy Healthy Snacks That Power Up Weight Loss

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Given up on snacking to cut calories? Then, you should know that eating healthy snacks can- curb you hunger, increase your metabolism and keep you blood sugar in check. Besides, it can also provide the nutrients your body needs. So, needless to say the following healthy snacks – weight loss goes hand in hand.

30+ Easy Healthy Snacks That Power Up Weight Loss

1. Healthy Deviled Eggs

Healthy Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs have been a party favorite for many years. It is very easy to make and so it is a perfect recipe to try when you are feeling hungry and want to snack on something. But in recent times, people avoid having deviled eggs as they contain egg yolks and mayonnaise. These two ingredients are unhealthy and fattening and so instead of these two use a combination of Greek yogurt, hummus and xanthan gum to make a healthy version of Deviled eggs which will be perfect for snacks and even dinner parties.

Recipe Instructions: skinnymom

2. Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle

Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle

Hot summer afternoons call for some Popsicles. But ice-creams and popsicles are a big no-no if you want to lose or maintain you weight. With this Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle, you can enjoy a creamy popsicles without the guilt. To make this healthy snack, first roast together mixed berries of your choice with some honey and brown sugar. After that, add them in a bowl with some yogurt, honey and lemon juice to mix everything together. Put the mixture in Popsicle mold and freeze it for 4 hours before enjoying it.

Recipe Instructions:  cookieandkate

3. Spice Roasted Nuts

Spice Roasted Nuts

Many tend to avoid nuts as they contain a good amount of fat. But according to researches, it was discovered that incorporating nuts in your weight loss meal plan can effectively help you. So, to make this recipe add a small amount of butter and a spice of your choice with the nuts you like. Then all you have to do is roast this concoction. Some combinations of nuts and spices to try are Cayenne pepper and Almonds, Five spice and Peanuts, Curry Powder and Cashews and Cinnamon and Pecans.

Recipe Instructions: prevention

4. Mashed Avocado with Pineapple

Mashed Avocado with Pineapple

Are you familiar with the fact that healthy fats are good for you? Thus, Avocado makes a perfect ingredient to add in your daily meal. This interesting recipe combines avocado and pineapples to make a healthy and delicious spread that you can have with multi-grain bread toast or Ezekiel bread toast or whole wheat crackers. To make this spread, take a bowl and mash avocado in it. Then you have to add crushed pineapple cubes. Then add hot sauce and salt to taste and mix well and you are done.

Recipe Instructions: prevention

5. Carrot Muffins

Carrot Muffins

Who does not love carrot muffins as an afternoon treat with their tea or coffee? But, they are not a good option to have as snack. So, it will be better to make a healthy version of carrot muffins to satisfy your sweet tooth. To make this recipe, just follow the recipe of any carrot muffin but use healthy substitutes in place of the unhealthy ingredients. So, instead of butter you can use coconut or olive oil, almond flour instead of all purpose flour and xylitol or stevia in place of sugar.

Recipe Instructions: prevention

6. A guide to Oatmeal

A guide to Oatmeal

Consuming oatmeal will help you to lower your cholesterol, risks of high blood pressure and heart disease. But, with so many types of oatmeal available in the market which one is the best when it comes to weight loss? First let’s start with the most popular one, that is, instant oatmeal. It is high on the glycemic index which results in raised blood sugar. Steel-cut oatmeal; on the other hand is low in the glycemic index and so is rolled (old-fashioned) oats. But, choose rolled oats as they get cooked faster than steel-cut.

Recipe Instructions: skinnymom

7. Frozen yogurt covered blueberries

Frozen yogurt covered blueberries

This recipe is one of the best things to have this summer. It is a delicious, cold, low-calorie, rich in protein and fiber filled snack. But, the best part will have to be the fact that is very easy and fun to make. Pick non-fact Greek yogurt in any flavor of your choice and then dip each blueberry in the yogurt. Use a toothpick to pick up and dip the berries and place it on a tray covered with baking sheet for a less messy affair. Freeze for an hour before munching on them.

Recipe Instructions: familyfreshmeals

8. Peanut Buttery Apples with grapes

Peanut Buttery Apples with grapes

Many people crave sugary dishes when they are hungry and thus end up consuming something non-healthy. This recipe will be perfect to satisfy your sugar cravings. It is easy to make and is only 150 calories (per servings) and makes a great post workout snack. To make this add some yogurt and peanut butter and cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix well. Slice one small apple and spread the yogurt mixture on top of each slice. Now, you have to place grapes on each apple slice and that is it.

Recipe Instructions: popsugar

9. Broiled Pitas

Broiled Pitas

Do you want the crunch of chips or nachos without the calories? Then start by cutting the edges of pitas to make two individual parts with one pita bread. After this, all you have to do is cook the pitas in a broiler over a rack. Flip the pitas after 2 minutes or after the edges becomes golden brown. Then on top of each crisp pita add olive oil, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, crumbled feta and chopped mint leaves. Also sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds, salt and pepper. After that, munch on them without guilt.

Recipe Instructions: doitdelicious

10. Kale Chips

Kale Chips

If you still haven’t hopped on the Kale bandwagon then, what are you waiting for? The many benefits of Kale have made them a favorite of many health-conscious celebrities and food enthusiasts. Kale chips are found everywhere now and they are delicious and 100% guilt-free. They are actually very easy to make. So, if you are in mood for something then just simply covered fresh Kale leaves (without ribs) with a little bit of olive oil and bake in an oven for 25 minutes. Spice it up with some salt and paprika.

Recipe Instructions: moderndaymoms

11. Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Instead of fatty potato chips try having this delicious sweet potato chips. These chips are healthy and scrumptious, making it perfect for snacking. First, thinly slice sweet potatoes and then lay them on a baking tray. Do not forget to lay a baking sheet on the tray first. Then all you have to do is lightly spray the potatoes with cooking spray (canola) and sprinkle some sea salt if you want to. Bake for 15-20 minutes or till the edges curl up. They get soft quickly, so it will be best to have them immediately.

Recipe Instructions: bystephanielynn

12. Frozen Blueberries with Greek Yogurt

Frozen Blueberries with Greek Yogurt

Blueberries are rich in antioxidant and many other beneficial nutrients and thus you often choose to snack on some blueberries. But, having the same thing every time can bore your taste bud and you might end up having something unhealthy. Try this recipe and you will again fall in love with blueberries. In a bowl add Greek yogurt and add some honey to sweeten it. Then take a blueberry and cover it completely in the yogurt mixture and just freeze them. You can store them in a zip-lock bag in the freeze for a week.

Recipe Instructions: thefrugalfemale

13. Frozen Yogurt Dots

Frozen Yogurt Dots

If you crave for frozen treat often, then this recipe is for you. They are very easy to make. To make this all you need is a baking tray, a piping bag or a plastic zip lock bag if you do not have one and lastly the only ingredient- flavored Greek yogurt. Put the yogurt the bag and pour out little drop on the baking tray and then freeze the tray. It takes very little time for the yogurt to become solid. Use a spatula to transfer the frozen dots in a bowl.

Recipe Instructions: onegoodthingbyjillee

14. Fig with Smoked Salmon

Fig with Smoked Salmon

If you love to snack on something savory yet sweet, then this recipe will be a go-to snack for you. For this recipe you will need fig and you can use them as it is or grill/roast them if you like. Cut cross-wise on the top of each fig not all the way through but only about three-quarters. Now in the new formed space add a bit of cream cheese and a thin slice of smoked salmon. Before you enjoy them drizzle some honey, preferably with any kind of flavored honey.

Recipe Instructions: kitchenconfidante

15. Watermelon with Feta

Watermelon with Feta

Watermelons are a great fruit to have as a snack. Not only it will fill you up but it also helps to manage your weight. This is because; a wedge of watermelon contains only 86 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. This recipe, besides watermelon, requires feta cheese which is a type of naturally low-fat cheese. So, combine watermelon cubes and crumbled feta cheese to make a filling snacks which is about 150 calories per serving. To add to the flavor, you can sprinkle some chopped dill on top.

Recipe Instructions: onegoodthingbyjillee

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