12 Amazing DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas

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There are so many reasons to celebrate around a year. Special occasions need special arrangements. Why don’t you get innovative with these DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas this season? These are great and are easy to make using simple household tools that provides an artistic and rustic appearance to your rooms.

12 Amazing DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas

1.  Coffee Table Suitcase DIY

Coffee Table Suitcase DIY
Materials: Vintage suitcase, 4 Table legs, 8 Flat washers + 4 Wing nuts, Power drill, Paint + Paint brush, Measuring tool (yard stick, measuring tape, etc.) See directions and the  tutorial: here

2. DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table
These Pallet Coffee Tables are easy to make and are innovative at the same time. You will only need two pallets and some scarps of wood. You can sand the pallets to make them look new and glossy. 9 inch wood would form excellent legs and after completion, this table would add a new essence to your room. See the full tutorial: here

3. DIY Rustic Wall Rack

DIY Rustic Wall Rack
These racks are an innovative way to stack knives in your kitchen. Sand a plank of wood of desired length and carve out some holes on the back of the plank. Now attach some round ceramic magnets with glue that fits just right to the holes. Once finished, you can attach it on the desired wall and you innovative knife rack is ready to use. See the full tutorial: here

4. Pallet Wood Wine Rack

Pallet Wood Wine Rack
These are simple racks that are innovative and attracting. You can make yourself one with some sanded planks of wood. You can even carve out the lower end to stack wine glasses. These racks are on the most famous DIY rustic home decor ideas. These are fantastic as wall decors and often catch the attention of others. See the full tutorial: here

5. The Wall Ruler

The Wall Ruler
It can be stated as a beautiful and functional wall décor. A wood plank is needed to make this amazing décor. All you need to do is select the wall to put it on and decide how much above the ground you want to fix it. Once done, you can start marking it with the help of a yard stick and pencil or marker. See the full tutorial: here

6. Glass Bottle Wall Vase

Glass Bottle Wall Vase
What an excellent idea it is! This looks great on the walls. These look rustic but stunning with flowers in it. The sanded wood complements any wall perfectly and provides your walls with an artistic appearance. More importantly, you can craft one of these at home, all by yourself. See the full tutorial: here

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