25+ Crafty Old Door Vintage Decorations To Boost The Charm Of Your Rustic House

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We all want to decorate our homes in classy and original ways, just to make sure that our house is the coolest one in the neighborhood! Grab some nails, a hammer and some paint, for here you will find no less than 25+ outstanding old door vintage ideas that you can try, if you want to reinvent the interior of your home while still staying within your budget!

25+ Crafty Old Door Vintage Decorations To Boost The Charm Of Your Rustic House

1. Reclaimed Door Coffee Table

Reclaimed Door Coffee Table

You do not need to be a small caffeine addict to get yourself a lovely, chic and affordable coffee table that will compliment the overall decor of your living room. Do you have any old barn door around your home, or perhaps just an old, cracked and chipped interior door that you are thinking about replacing anytime soon? If so, do not throw it away: you can easily reclaim and convert it into one of the most exquisite and inspired coffee table ideas that you can find on the Internet! All you need is a bit of imagination and courage – ultimately, not everybody would be so bold as to drink their morning coffee on a door!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – killerbdesigns

2. New Potting Bench

New Potting Bench

You can easily re-style your old door in countless different ways, and perhaps one of the most inspired idea would be to turn it into a potting bench that is super practical and functional. Besides this, the potting bench is very aesthetically appealing at the same time: it is entirely up to you do decide whether you want to opt for a flawless-looking, freshly-painted door, or if you would rather go for a “deteriorated” look that although may look poorly maintain, will actually give a very fresh vintage touch to your home that all your guests will envy!

Project Source – hymnsandverses

3. Sofa Made From Old Doors!

Sofa Made From Old Doors

This is an outstanding idea if your friends or family tend to crash at your place, every now and then, and you are tired of making them sleep on inflatable mattresses! You will be surprised to see what a stylish and very comfortable sofa you can make, with only several old doors that you would otherwise throw away. Check out this great tutorial and get to work right away – your friends will definitely appreciate having a brand new place to stretch and sleep on!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – designsponge

4. Door Headboard!

Door Headboard

Another great use for an old, classic and seemingly useless door that will undoubtedly change the way you see at your old items. You might want to think twice before rushing to replace your old doors next time – check out this tutorial and see just how easy it is to get yourself a new door headboard that will add to the comfort of your master bedroom.

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – infarrantlycreative

5. Turn Your Door Into A Multi-Purpose Photo Frame!

Turn Your Door Into A Multi-Purpose Photo Frame

Do you remember just how wonderful the classic photos used to be, before digital photography became the norm? There is nothing more refreshing than holding a photo with somebody dear to your heart in your hand, and if you want to opt for an exquisite and super original photo frame, then you should definitely take this door-based frame into account. All you need is an electrical saw that will help you create equal-sized squares inside the door – this is where you will insert your photos, later on. Check out the tutorial and be amazed!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – athomewithsweett

6. Vintage Door Turned Into A Cabinet!

Vintage Door Turned Into A Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are definitely super practical and useful, as they come in handy for storing all your cutlery and your cookware – however, replacing your old and malfunctioning cabinets with brand new ones can be a very expensive task. The good news is that you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a full kitchen makeover – just grab yourself a vintage door and carefully follow the steps presented in this tutorial!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – blueroofcabin

7. Turn One Old Door Into Two Backdrops!

Turn One Old Door Into Two Backdrops

Old, vintage doors are known to be incredibly versatile, and as long as the wood is not rotted and the paint is barely chipped, you can achieve great things with a good ol’ door! Here is a super crafty tutorial that will teach you how to turn an old door into to lovely backdrops that you can later use to decorate your home. Add a floral wreath to the backdrops, and your home will definitely be ready to welcome the spring in!

Project Source – downtoearthstyle

8. Repurposed Horse Stall Door

Repurposed Horse Stall Door

Horse stall doors are slightly different than the classic doors as we know them, as they have those grates that prevent the horse from biting you – however, it is precisely that grate that makes the horse stall door so special! With a bit of creativity, you can now repurpose your old horse stall door and turn it into a liquor cabinet. Store your alcohol in an easy and simple manner – and let this tutorial show you how to do just that!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – designsponge

9. Add An Old Door In One Of Your Living Room’s Corners!

Add An Old Door In One Of Your Living Room’s Corners

Sometimes, you do not need to worry about going to extreme lengths and modify a door entirely, in order to make it usable or functional – all you have to do is to paint and distress an old door, and then to simply place it randomly in one of the four corners of your room, preferably right behind your beloved armchair. It is all about the visual effect, and this idea works best if your home is decorated in a vintage style!

Project Source – designsponge

10. Using Reclaimed Doors For Cabinet Projects

Using Reclaimed Doors For Cabinet Projects

This is the second tutorial that you can use if you want to use your reclaimed and distressed vintage doors for something that is actually functional and practical, not just beautiful. With the right tools and with several hours to spare, you can now turn your old doors into beautiful cabinets where you can store your most valuable belongings.

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – ppebble

11. Add A Vintage Door To Your Bedroom – Right Behind The Bed!

Add A Vintage Door To Your Bedroom – Right Behind The Bed

This idea works great if your bedroom is decorated in a romantic style – and if the color is predominantly white! For whatever reason, white has always been associated with that Victorian era/vintage style: pure and very clean at the same time, white will never go out of fashion. Having said that, all you need to do is to grab an old door, to scratch the paint off of it a bit, and then to carefully place it behind your bed – it can easily double as a headboard!

Project Source – shopruche

12. Check Out This Stylish Way To Display Your Spoons!

Check Out This Stylish Way To Display Your Spoons

Displaying your cutlery and your plates can be more difficult than you thought, especially if you want to maintain that charming rustic ambient in your kitchen. Here is an outstanding idea that will help you make the best of your silverware – and the truth is that the way you display your collection of spoons actually accounts for more than half of the overall impact they have on the viewer!

Project Source – knickoftime

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