30+ DIY Craft Projects Using Old Vintage Windows

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Just like the eyes are considered to be the mirrors of the soul, the windows are considered to reflect the quality, beauty and aesthetics of your house. You can tell a lot about a house by looking at its windows, and the truth is that old windows do not compliment your home - however, instead of throwing them away, you can easily refurbish or repurpose them in many different and creative ways. Here's how!

30+ DIY Craft Projects Using Old Vintage Windows

1. Turn Your Old Windows Into Lovely Keepsakes!

Turn Your Old Windows Into Lovely Keepsakes

You can use your old house windows in countless different ways – and this is only one of them! If you want to clean up your garage or to free up some space to store other goods, then do not throw your window frames away: instead, you can turn them into outstanding photo displays. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to do that with basic tools and materials: the frame and glass of the former window will serve as the frame of the new photo, which you can easily hang in your living room for extra appeal. Besides, the whole trick is super cost-effective as well!

Project Details: cottageinstincts

2. A Chic Wreath Decoration!

A Chic Wreath Decoration

Old house windows are very versatile and volatile, and you can easily turn them into a shabby chic decoration that features a basic wreath right in the middle. The best thing about this decoration is that it does not require any major investment: just make sure the paint is scratched in a natural manner, and that the glass is intact. All you have to do is to thoroughly clean your frame and place it on a rack in your room – add the wreath to it and a couple of other rustic or vintage decorations (if any), and you are good to go!

Project Credit and Tutorial: ouradventuresinhomeimprovement

3. Lovely Window Table!

Lovely Window Table

This is an outstanding idea for coffee fans who want to recycle all of their goodies, and who always think twice before throwing anything away! Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to turn your old house window into an outstanding window table: all you have to do is to attach the old window to your table and that’s it. What makes this coffee table truly stand out from all the rest is the fact that you can easily place all sorts of decorations under the window, for visual appeal. You can place stones, beads, shells, flowers – anything that appeals to you!

Project Credit and Tutorial: martysmusings

4. A Fancy Window Chalkboard!

A Fancy Window Chalkboard

Another great use for your old house windows is turning them into a great chalkboard – anybody can make good use of this handy trick, but it is particularly useful for families with children, as each small window frame can serve as their schedule. A basic window has six or eight smaller frames, divided by the larger wooden frame – all you have to do is to remove the old glass and to add a basic chalkboard to that frame. You can easily hang it in the living room or in the kitchen where you can write the daily menu.

Project Details: theshabbycreekcottage

5. Cheap And Practical Jewellery Organizer!

Cheap And Practical Jewellery Organizer

This is another great idea that anybody can use without any trouble – if you have a hard time storing all your statement earrings, necklaces or bracelets, then look no further than this repurposed window-turned-jewellery organizer! Clean, neat and super easy to use, the frame of your old and shabby windows can easily serve as a “hanger” for all of your jewellery. Add a few nails to it and you are good to go – check out this tutorial to find out more about this exquisite idea!

Project Details: kamigray

6. Turn Your Old House Windows Into Rustic Christmas Decorations!

Turn Your Old House Windows Into Rustic Christmas Decorations

Who would have thought that you can achieve so much with an old window, a few strings and some old spoons? Although Christmas is months away, you can never be too prepared for it – and the last thing you want to do is to let Christmas take you by surprise! Here is a super simple and creative tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to repurpose and refurbish your old house windows by simply removing the glass and adding a few strings designed to hold the spoons and other wooden cutlery (it is up to you to choose) in place.

Project Details: funkyjunkinteriors

7. Super Chic Picture Frames!

Super Chic Picture Frames

This is another great idea that you can use, if you are committed to making the best of your old home windows – before throwing them away or using them as firewood, you should definitely check out this tutorial, for it will definitely make you change your mind! All you need for these chic picture frames is some string, the classic frames (you must remove the glass first) and some good old conventional pictures that you will carefully hang in-between the strings! Voila, you just got yourself one of the best and most affordable photo displays!

Project Details: funkyjunkinteriors

8. Basic But Appealing Bathroom Mirrors!

Basic But Appealing Bathroom Mirrors

If your bathroom is decorated in a traditional rustic manner and you want to stick to that, then you should definitely pay attention to this great footboard towel rack – for it is more than just your average rack! Basically, you can easily turn your old and seemingly useless windows into great bathroom windows that you can hang right on top of your sink – the most suitable type of frame for this project is the one with three squares, as opposed to the one with six squares which can be a bit too “fragmented” to serve as a bathroom mirror.

Project Details: findinghomeonline

9. Lovely Autumn Wreath Made From Grapevine And Burlap!

Lovely Autumn Wreath Made From Grapevine And Burlap

Who said wreaths are only for Christmas? You can easily find a wreath idea for every season, be it winter, summer, spring or autumn – speaking of autumn, if you are the type who loves to prepare ahead of time and who never lets autumn take her by surprise, then you will definitely love this great autumn wreath made from burlap and grapevine! Easy to make, chic, decorative and virtually free, this lovely fall decoration can be easily hanged either by the window or by the front door, for the ultimate effect.

Project Details: aprettylifeinthesuburbs

10. DIY Antique Window Headboard!

DIY Antique Window Headboard

Headboards can be very expensive nowadays – all you have to do is to go to your local furniture and see the hefty price tags! The good news is that there are several alternatives to that, and you do not need to choose the most expensive headboard that will empty your bank accounts beyond the point of recovery. Here is how you can turn your old home windows into a simple but visually appealing headboard – at first sight, people will not even be able to tell that you have refurbished your old windows, and this is precisely what makes these headboards so sought-after these days!

Project Details: lizmarieblog

11. Use Your Window Frames To Decorate Your Farmhouse Porch!

Use Your Window Frames To Decorate Your Farmhouse Porch

If you live on a farm or if you love that rustic, shabby-chic decoration style, then look no further than this outstanding idea to decorate your farmhouse porch! You do not need to invest a dime in additional decorations – as a matter of fact, you do not even need to give your old frames a paint job or anything, that is the beauty of it! All you have to do is to dust and clean your old frames and hang them as decorations on your front porch: you can also add a couple of scented candles, for extra effect.

Project Details: farmhouseporch

12. Build A Baby Greenhouse With Your Old House’s Windows!

Build A Baby Greenhouse With Your Old House’s Windows

This is by far the most adorable and practical tutorial of all! Just look at this lovely baby greenhouse and you will certainly want to make one of your own, from scratch. All you need for this basic project is four windows and some cardboard or some wooden sheets that will help you create two “floors” within your baby greenhouse. If you are fond of plants and your think your flowers and baby seeds do not get the heat and sun they so much need in order to thrive, then this cute little baby greenhouse is the solution to your gardening problem!

Project Details: designdreamsbyanne

13. Windows Of Opportunity!

Windows Of Opportunity

As mentioned above, you can use your old house’s windows in tens of ways: you can use them as display racks for some lovely mason jars with small notes or other decorations inside of them, you can simply place them on top of your fireplace and let them work your magic on your traditionally decorated living room, or you can turn them into timeless photo frames that will never become old-fashioned. Regardless of your choice, you can easily make the best of these window frames, without investing too much time or energy in them, and this tutorial will certainly testify to that!

Project Details: the1829farmhouse

14. Superb Window Table!

Superb Window Table

If you are looking for a crafty DIY project, then you have certainly come to the right place – this is one of the best projects to try at home, when you have some extra time at your disposal. Window tables can be adjusted in numerous different ways: you can, for instance, add old pictures of London, Paris, Milan and all the other fancy cities if you are a fashionista (and you are not afraid to let that show!), or you can add some pictures of your family and all those dear to your heart. Here is a step by step tutorial that will explain you the anatomy of a window table, from beginning until the end – you simply cannot go wrong with this one!

Project Details: unskinnyboppy

15. DIY Window Cabinet!

DIY Window Cabinet

Nowadays, people seem to focus too much on the aesthetic or decorative side of the old panes, when the truth is that there is a practical and functional side to them as well – and this tutorial will definitely give you an insight into it! Having said that, you can easily and effortlessly use the old panes to create a bathroom or a kitchen window cabinet – you can store your plates, cutlery, medicine, herbs, spices and virtually any other items in here. Check it out and see how practical your old house’s windows can turn out to be, sometimes!

Project Credit and Tutorial: craftsmandrive

16. Old Frame-Turned-Hallway Mirror!

Old Frame-Turned-Hallway Mirror

This is a super useful trick that you can use if you want to make the best of your old frames – regardless of whether the windows of your old home feature three large square of 12 smaller ones (usually, the older windows are more fragmented than the newer ones), you can easily take out all the glass and replace it with mirrors. You can hang your lovely new mirror across your front entry hallway, just to fix your hair one more time before you go to work! Practical, chic and stylish, this is certainly one of the best ways to repurpose an old frame.

Project Details: cozycottagecute

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