30 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas To Setup A Fall-Inspired Home

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Giving you one more amazing reason to celebrate the festive season, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get your creativity on showcase and put that great artist or crafter to work, while sprucing up your entire space with beautiful decor ideas and utmost prettiness. After all, isn’t it equally important to welcome everyone with warmth around the house and a lovely Thanksgiving touch even for the dinner table as it is to treat them with a delicious meal, yummy turkeys and pies?

You can make incredible decorations from stuff you can easily find around the house, instead of going for expensive decor items from store. Blend some crafty supplies with lots of fall scenes, leaves, huge pumpkins and a bundle of colors to easily transform your home into a harvest-themed thing of beauty. Not only are such projects awesome in terms of their appearance, but also they are a cheerful reflection of the warmth you wish to deliver to your loved ones.

Below are 30 Marvelous DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas to set a gorgeous, rustic and elegant look for your home, getting creative with the mantel, unique centerpieces, stunning wreaths, adorable place cards, or utterly eye-catching showpieces.

30 DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas To Setup A Fall-Inspired Home

1. The Thankful Tree With Chalk

The Thankful Tree With Chalk

Allow a super stunning DIY tree to thank god on your behalf for all the ways he has blessed you in! A glass jar filled with a variety of nuts works as the vase for the different branches, wherein each of the branches flaunts a wooden chalkboard tag at the ends. The tags have got things you want to thank the god for written with chalk. Make the tags at home using wood slices and chalkboard paint, or go for store-bought ones to make the process a lot more quicker. Apart from the mentioned supplies, you will also need some sticks, scissors, and some burlap or ribbon. The burlap wrap add the final touches!

Decor Source : simplyvintagegirl

2. Mason Jar Fall Luminaries

  Mason Jar Fall Luminaries

A fall-inspired mason jar as glorious as this one can light up the whole space with a touch of art. Coated with a lovely shade of autumn, these orange-colored jars sport an un-painted maple leaf shape one one side that allows the bright glow of the votive candles placed inside to travel through the room. It’s created by cutting out a maple leaf of adhesive vinyl, applying it on the jar and coating the remaining jar with acrylic paint. Tie a twine or ribbon around the rim of the jar for a rustic touch and they are decor-ready. Placing these luminaries on the table won’t even call for any other intricately designed centerpiece.
Decor Source : createcraftlove

3. How To Make A Wine-cork Pumpkin

  How To Make A Wine-cork Pumpkin

How about crafting a charming mantel decoration by layering lots of wine corks in a fashion that makes the assembly look exactly like a huge pumpkin. The best thing is that the project is totally mess-free and takes no more than 30 minutes to get set. Start by coating both ends of 24 wine corks with diluted orange paint, leaving one of them painted on a single side. Arrange and glue them in rows of to work up a pumpkin-like structure, using the remaining cork as the stem. Green felt goes for the leaves, while a piece of twine resembles the vine. Isn’t it a super clever way to put those left-over wine corks to festive-perfect use?
Decor Source : mygourmetconnection

4. DIY Home Thanksgiving

  DIY Home Thanksgiving

As quick and easy to create as it’s beautiful to look at, this DIY table runner comes with a print that’s all about the spirit of Thanksgiving. And the burlap fabric with its rustic appeal makes it apt and appropriate for the fall decorations. Apart from the fabric table runner, you need a letter stencil, a sponge brush, rowenta iron, and some fabric paint to forge the project as explained in the below tutorial by I Spy DIY. The key is to simply hold the stencils over the fabric and go for a splash of black paint in the spaces. Once the piece is dry, a nice application of iron will help set the design much better.
Decor Source : ispydiy

5. Give Thanks Mantel

Give Thanks Mantel

It’s Thanksgiving, and that’s why warm neutral colors with variations of browns and a whole lot of textures are going to be the perfect addition to your mantel. Pretty pumpkins from the Dollar Store are spruced up with white spray paint, further spelling ‘Thanks’ with one pumpkin flaunting one letter each. A rough barn wood picture frame holds a burlap banner with ‘Give’ written on it, while a rusty scale sits beneath another huge white-coated gourd. The fall harvest celebrations come to life with that bunch of wheat tied in brown satin ribbon and placed in a cream pitcher, coupled with a dark brown wood frame.
Decor Source : adiamondinthestuff

6. DIY Thanksgiving Banner

  DIY Thanksgiving Banner

Adorn your mantel with the loving and warm message of Thanksgiving with a homemade banner that also provides for a subtle decoration to the home. The banner spells ‘Be Thankful’ and is crafted using 3 readily available supplies – rustic brown lunch bags, a black ribbon and a black marker. Once you make two holes on the top corners of the pieces of paper extracted from the lunch bags, you simply need to string them together with the ribbon and one of the simplest DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas is all set to hang. Oh yes, write each of the letters of the phrase on the pieces of paper with a nice marker.
Decor Source : athoughtfulplaceblog

7. The All New Silhouette Cameo Promo Code

The All New Silhouette Cameo Promo Code

Transform a bunch of mason jars into a fun tabletop thing of decor accented with vinyl letters that say ‘Give Thanks’ with utmost grace. Before working out the letters, the jars are painted in a milky shade of white which makes the alphabets pop out even better. The below guide by Little Miss Momma not only shares the steps of construction, but to make the process a lot more easier for you, it also shares with you an amazing Silhouette Cameo that comes with a bundle of tools and accessories that can assist your vinyl lettering projects. For an extra touch of beauty, place a bright orange-hued pumpkin between the two words.
Decor Source : littlemissmomma

8. How To Give Thanks Banner

How To Give Thanks Banner

Introduce a gratitude-filled welcome wreath to your front door that will greet the guests with a ‘Give Thanks’. And the much needed element of fall comes into play with loads of burlap used for the wreath. You are going to need a burlap wreath, a printer, superfine softwhite text, a ruler, a pair of scissors, a cutting mat, a craft knife, some foam squares that adhere the banner to the wreath, along with a printable banner and a detailed How To PDF offered by Paper Source. It’s an easy to pull off print, cut and paste affair, and that’s why you can get it done even in the last minute before the party.
Decor Source : papersource

9. Be Thankful Wood Sign

  Be Thankful Wood Sign

Can anything signify the essence of fall better than wooden pieces of decoration? But, it all reaches new heights of awesomeness when you club the one-of-a-kind canvas of pallet wood with some Thanksgiving blessings. And you do that by working up a ‘Be Thankful’ sign on the board, either freehand or cutting out a stencil using a silhouette with self-adhesive vinyl. A delicately cute burlap lace banner placed on top finishes off the look, going just perfect with the white-painted letters. It has got pennant-shaped pieces of burlap with a foreground of white lace strips, finally glued to a string of jute. Check out the guide by I Heart Nap Time and forge the wood sign by yourself.
Decor Source : iheartnaptime

10. Indian Corn Wreath DIY

  Indian Corn Wreath DIY

Quite delicious to look at, this foody wreath is going to look oh so cute on your front door with all its autumnal colors and textures. Loads of multi-colored Indian corn are the hero of this piece, having a straw wreath as the base. To build the magnificent wreath, you select mini corn in various shades and glue them to get a wreath-like shape with their tips lining up. The corn husk not only makes it look much larger, but also creates a unique farmhouse appeal for the door and adds to the texture. A few quick tips explained by Stone Gable Blog will help you make the DIY wreath last for years and years to come.
Decor Source : stonegableblog

11. Watercolor Paper Leaf Branch Mobile

Watercolor Paper Leaf Branch Mobile

Add a seasonal prettiness to your home with gorgeous watercolor leaves hanging on the wall with a natural tree branch. The leaves are cut out from regular sheets of paper, but with a twist. Before cutting the shapes, the paper is charmed up with bright hues of autumn using watercolor paints. Place the leaves in an embossing folder to bring out a wonderful texture to them, and in just a matter of 15 minutes, the leaves get all set, that too from the very scratch. A branch from the yard makes the leaves mobile, hanging them with strings tied to their stems. Why settle for the dull shades of brown when you can get everything loaded with colors?
Decor Source : happinessishomemade

12. Fall Candle Centerpiece

  Fall Candle Centerpiece

The earthy texture of vibrant red and orange leaves of fall is displayed in the best style ever when the leaves are gorgeously paired up with the magic of candle glow. Requiring you to gather no more than 3 simple items from the Dollar Store, this fall candle centerpiece comes to life super quickly. All you need to do is tie the leaves to huge white candles with the help of a burlap string, while placing a burlap ribbon wrapped around some of the candles as a backdrop for the leaves. To set the pieces on the table, grab a wooden tray and let it work wonders for the base of your centerpiece.
Decor Source : thatswhatchesaid

13. Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin

Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin

Ditch the idea of perishable gourds or those intricate pumpkin carvings for working out a stunning centerpiece this fall season. Instead, work up this unconventional pumpkin for the Thanksgiving, made entirely out of canning jar lids. The worn out textures and varying shades of the lid rings go in the favour of the piece, making it look beautifully junky and edgy – specially those tarnished gold and silver tones. You simply have to string a bunch of canning jar lids together, tying the string tightly. Not only is this going to charm up the dining table, but also make the house smell awesome, thanks to those cinnamon sticks stuck in the center, along with a couple of burlap leaves.
Decor Source : yellowblissroad

14. Make Book Pumpkin

Make Book Pumpkin

If you are looking for some DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas that even the kiddos can pull off on their own, this Book Pumpkin can come to your rescue. It’s all about recycling an old book with a some paint and a little creativity. Start with cutting the book into a pumpkin-like shape, and paint the outside edges of the pages. A stick works for the stem by gluing the book in a fan around the stick. You are going to need an old paperback book, some orange paint, a paint brush, water, a pair of scissors or a sharp edge cutter, stick, some rafia, marker, and some glue or paper clip to get started with the project. The raffia adds the final beauty!
Decor Source : kidsactivitiesblog

15. Easy No Sew Shirt Pumpkins

  Easy No Sew Shirt Pumpkins

Give an all new purpose to those old shirts in your wardrobe, transforming them into a cozy decorative arrangement for a great Thanksgiving get together – super adorable fabric pumpkins. The best part about the project is that you don’t need to put your sewing skills to test, and the totally no-sew pieces simply call for a few long-sleeved shirts, some jute twine, a few rubber bands, fiberfill for stuffing, Mod Podge, a pair of scissors, foam brush, a pencil and some burlap scrap. If you can get some folding, cutting, wrapping and gluing the cloth to work up a pumpkin shape, and use lots of twine for finishing off the structure.
Decor Source : confessionsofaplateaddict

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