40+ Awesome and Cheap DIY Ways To Recycle Mason Jars

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and you can easily make it even more beautiful with these amazing and truly magical mason jar ideas.

Awesome and Cheap DIY Ways To Recycle Mason Jars

1. The DIY Mason Candle Jar

The DIY Mason Candle Jar

There is no better way to make your home friendlier and more welcoming this Christmas than with the personalized DIY mason candle jars. With a bit of creativity, some pattern tape and several colors for painting the jar, you can now create your own small candle support, in the privacy of your own home!

Instruction: kellimurray

2. The Prism Mason Jar Light

The Prism Mason Jar Light

This type of mason jar light is unique and creative in every single way, as it will reflect the light in several different colors. The prism mason jar light is perfect for discrete mood lighting – all you need is some ribbon or twine, some round glass decorative elements, brushes and a mason jar to unleash your creativity on.

Instruction: diyready

3. Welcome To The Tea Party!

Welcome To The Tea Party

Given the fact that they can be hermetically sealed, mason jars can be used for storing your favorite tea bags. Crafty and beautiful, these jars will efficiently preserve the flavor of the tea bags and they will also add a touch of color and creativity to your pantry at the same time.

Instruction: thegunnysack

4. Turn Your Mason Jar Into An Advent Calendar

Turn Your Mason Jar Into An Advent Calendar

This is yet another great use for mason jars right before the advent countdown begins. Write down several things that you have learned this year, wrap them up beautifully and put them in the jar – next year, you can take them out one by one. It is said that those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them – the mason jar advent calendar will make sure that this will never be your case!

Instruction: itsorganised

5. Take Your Kids By Surprise With The DIY Playdough Mix


Kids love playing with dough, and although this can be a messy job for us the adults, it is something they really love doing. Having said that, the DIY playdough mix-in-a-jar is a great way to keep the little ones engaged and interested this Christmas!

Instruction: thefrugalgirls

6. The Chalkboard Mason Jar Centerpiece

The Chalkboard Mason Jar Centerpiece

You can get very creative with only some tape and stencils – simply cut out any shape you like (although Christmas trees and Santa Claus are particularly appreciated this time of the year) and stick them onto the jar. Add a ribbon to it and put a candle inside, and you are good to go!

Instruction: heartlovealways

7. Mason Jar Hanging Lights


As you may have noticed already, mason jars are a particularly good choice for creating DIY candles and hanging lights that you can easily hang around the house, or even above the Christmas dinner table! With a bit of creativity and several stylish jars, you can make the best of this unique idea.

Instruction: listotic

8. Turn Your Mason Jar Into A Small Terrarium

Turn Your Mason Jar Into A Small Terrarium

If you are passionate about growing herbs and other plants and just watching them evolve, or if your child has a science project at school where he has to study insects, then you can easily turn a mason jar into a beautiful and space-effective terrarium.

Instruction: listotic

9. Mason Jar Floating Centerpiece

Mason Jar Floating Centerpiece

Have you ever noticed just how beautiful those small round floating candles are? If you are a candle collector, then you will certainly love this craft idea: fill a mason jar with water and add a small candle on top. Take off the lid to make sure that the candle received enough oxygen.

Instruction: listotic

10. Use The Jars To Store Your Spices!

Use The Jars To Store Your Spices

Another great DIY idea for mason jars that you no longer use is to turn them into under-shelf storage for your spices or for craft supplies – whenever you need anything, you just put your hand inside and grab it. Beautiful and quite stylish at the same time!

Instruction: listotic

11. Mason Candle Jars

Mason Candle Jars

We have heard countless times about small candles inserted inside the jar, but how about creating your own mason jar-shaped candle that you can use at home? All you need is a heat-resistant jar, some candle wax (preferable colored and scented) and a touch of imagination.

Instruction: huffingtonpost

12. Mason Jar Coffee Koozie

Mason Jar Coffee Koozie

There is nothing more bothersome than getting your hands burned when enjoying your favorite morning coffee, but fortunately this will no longer be the case with the Mason Jar coffee koozie here! Practical, beautiful and very comfortable, the coffee koozie will certainly appeal to all your friends.

Instruction: brit

13. Dress Up Your Mason Jars With Some Stylish Socks

Dress Up Your Mason Jars With Some Stylish Socks

If you used to throw away your mason jars and your socks so far, then you should stop: just think about what a beautiful and crafty flower vase you can do, only by dressing up your mason jars with stylish socks. This life hack will certainly help you save a lot of time and money!

Instruction: mondocherry

14. DIY Fabric Wrapped Vase

DIY Fabric Wrapped Vase

The DIY fabric wrapped flower vase is similar to the two other vases described above, the sole difference is that in this case, the mason jar has to be carefully wrapped in a fabric of your choosing. You can choose the desired color or texture, the result will always be magnificent.

Instruction: mrkate

15. Gleeful Jam Jars

Gleeful Jam Jars

We all love jam, but how about dressing up our jam jars and make them look even more beautiful and appealing? With several pieces of knitted fabric, you can easily do just that. And your grandmother will undoubtedly appreciate the effort!

Instruction: dottieangel

16. Free DIY Advent Calendar


This is yet another crafty and creative idea to keep track of time, just like the other DIY advent calendar described above, the sole difference is that in this case, you will mark down the days on the lids of your mason jars!

Instruction: studiodiy

17. Mason Jar Key Hook


With the mason jar key hook, you will never have to worry about where you have put your keys again! Not only can the jar be used for storing keys, but also for flowers and other colorful things that will certainly brighten up your entire hallway in an instant.

Instruction: shanty-2-chic

18. DIY Jar Pencil Holder

DIY Jar Pencil Holder

If you like to draw a lot yet you always forget where you put your crayons, then the DIY Jar pencil holder will certainly come in handy. Colorful and beautiful, this can also be given as a great gift to somebody you care about!

Instruction: handmadecharlotte

19. Mason Jar Globes

Mason Jar Globes

Christmas is coming, and if you are passionate about crafts then you should know that mason jars can beautifully double as jar globes – place some twigs or some faux flowers or garlands inside the jaw, exactly as instructed here.

Instruction: make-haus

20. Powder Sugar Shaker

Powder Sugar Shaker

If you need a handy powder sugar shaker, then you do not need to go and buy one – instead, you can easily make one yourself with items you would normally find in your pantry, such as a mason jar. Very practical, handy and convenient at the same time!

Instruction: theburlapbag

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