40+ Breathtaking DIY Vintage Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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All women dream of their wedding day, and for some of us that day comes faster than for others. However, one thing is for sure: some of us want a sophisticated wedding with hundreds of guests, a wedding worthy of a true fairytale, whereas other couples would rather opt for a smaller and more discrete wedding, with only the close friends and relatives. If you want a simple yet beautiful and memorable wedding, then you should consider an outdoor venue: not only is this a great way to connect with the nature and exchange vows out, in the middle of the woods, but it is also an outstanding choice for couples who are on a tight budget, yet who still want to enjoy an unforgettable event. With that in mind, here you will find more than 40 outstanding outdoor wedding ideas to browse through – you will undoubtedly find one that exceeds your expectations and won’t leave you bankrupt, either! Have a look!

40+ Breathtaking DIY Vintage Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

1. Use A Classic Planter Box As A Cooler For Your Drinks

Use A Classic Planter Box As A Cooler For Your Drinks

If you want to cater your own food instead of using the services of a company that specializes in food and beverage distribution, then you will have to come up with an alternative to their equipment – in this case, a planter box can turn out to be an outstanding eco-friendly cooler for your drinks. This planter-box-turned-cooler is particularly useful during the hot summer days: aside from the fact that it will keep your Cola, beer and wine bottles icy-cold, it also has a pleasant and rustic side that makes it very appealing, and perfectly suitable for an outdoor wedding. All you have to do is to thoroughly clean a long wooden planter box, to fill it up with some ice and then simply place the drinks on top of it – as easy as that. Your guests will undoubtedly give you extra points for creativity and ingenuity!

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2. Wheelbarrow Cooler!

Wheelbarrow Cooler

If the wooden planter box idea does not appeal to you or if you simply do not have such a box at your disposal, then do not despair – there is always a solution to everything! In this case, you can even use a wheelbarrow that doubles as a cooler. That’s right, a classic wheelbarrow that you would otherwise use to move dirt and debris from your back yard can come in handy for your wedding reception: just make sure to remove all the dirt from it and to fill it up with ice cubes. This wheelbarrow cooler is great for shabby-chic themed weddings as well as for rustic receptions that take place in the middle of the nature, ideally in a rural area.

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3. Turn Your Mason Jars Into Juice Containers!

Turn Your Mason Jars Into Juice Containers

Mason jars are perhaps the most versatile items you can find in your kitchen, or in your pantry for that matter. Not only can you turn them into night time candles or lanterns, or fill them up with colored sand and use them as decorations, but you can also turn them into chic, vintage juice containers for your outdoor wedding reception. How cool is that?! All you need is three or four large, two-liter mason jars where you can store your lemonade or your natural shake or smoothie, during the day. However, make sure to add plenty of ice to those jars as well, as natural juices tend to oxidize particularly fast in the presence of heat. These jars are both aesthetically pleasant and great for decorating your outdoor wedding venue, so you should definitely put them on your list.

Source: eeuphoriaa.tumblr

4. Enjoy A Backyard Movie!

Enjoy A Backyard Movie

There are two types of weddings people tend to organize nowadays: the classic weddings, where everybody drinks and parties all the way until morning, and the rather unconventional wedding parties (which are more likely to be get-togethers) where they spend quality time together and they sometimes even watch a movie in their back yard, if the weather allows them! If you aim for a pleasant and hassle-free wedding where everybody is having fun, but where you can still bond and connect with all those dear to your heart, then this wedding activity idea will certainly appeal to you. All you need for an awesome outdoor movie night is a movie projector coupled with a generously sized panel, a few large Turkish pillows as well as several blankets, just in case it tends to get chilly during the evening. Make sure to get enough for everybody, though!

Source: thejunkdrunk

5. Turn Your Old Wine Bottles Into Chic Wedding Floral Arrangements!

Turn Your Old Wine Bottles Into Chic Wedding Floral Arrangements

We all know that professional wedding floral arrangements tend to be extremely expensive nowadays, and ultimately, it would be pointless to opt for a professional bouquet if you want to keep the entire event as simple and as straightforward as possible. Rest assured, though, for there are many other things you can use instead – with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can save money on professional floral arrangements and still feel like a true princess on your wedding day! Do you have a few old wine bottles in your pantry, the kind of bottles that you kept postponing throwing away? If so, then the day is saved: all you have to do is to give them a good cleaning and then to use them as floral decorations/arrangements. You can even add a couple of brightly colored ribbons or even some satin or some silk around the necks of the bottles, to make them look more elegant.

Source: shelterness

6. Let Grapevine Lighting Balls Brighten Up Your Evening!

Let Grapevine Lighting Balls Brighten Up Your Evening

If you aim for an outdoor wedding, then the chances are that you want to handle all the decorations by yourself – and if you are passionate about DIY projects, then this one is the best for you. Have you planned your wedding to take place towards the end of the summer or the beginning of autumn, right after you harvest the grapes and turn them into delicious wine? If so, then make sure not to throw away the grapevine that is left – instead, try to carefully roll it in the form of a large ball and add small lighting bulbs to them, exactly as described in this step by step tutorial. Once you are done creating your grapevine lighting ball, make sure to hang them in your backyard tree, for all your guests to enjoy. This is both a practical and functional decoration idea that you will love!

Project Source and Tutorial: lynneknowlton

7. Make Your Own Hanging Mason Jar Flower Vase!

Make Your Own Hanging Mason Jar Flower Vase

If the wine bottle floral arrangement mentioned above is not exactly your cup of tea, then you should definitely check out this mason jar flower vase idea! Aside from the fact that it looks beautiful (and mason jars are incredibly easy to tailor and customize as well), you can even hang up this decoration – you can choose to hang it from your backyard tree, or you can opt for a standalone wrought iron decoration. Also, if you have more than just a few mason jars at your disposal, you can fill them all with fresh, beautifully scented flowers and carefully place them along the aisle (if you aim for a traditional wedding that “comes with the whole package”). Check out this amazing tutorial for more inspiration!

Project Source and Tutorial: 17apart

8. DIY Spring Flower Crown

DIY Spring Flower Crown

Are you a proud child of Mother Nature and you want to let that show? If so, then this DIY spring flower crown tutorial has been specifically created for brides like you! If you have planned an outdoor wedding that takes place right in the middle of the nature, then you will have to make sure that your dress and accessories fully match the décor – ultimately, it would be very out-of-picture to wear diamonds if you have planned a rather simple and modest wedding. This spring flower crown is one of the best options you have: it is large enough to make you stand out from the crowd and feel truly important on this marvelous day of your live, yet it is gentle and discrete enough to make sure that it matches Mother Nature’s natural “decorations”. Besides, you will be amazed to see that you can make your own DIY spring flower crown from scratch in less than half an hour!

Project Source and Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

9. Lovely And Natural Chair Decorations For Your Wedding!

Lovely And Natural Chair Decorations For Your Wedding

Organizing an outdoor wedding is at least as demanding and stressful as organizing a classic, fancy wedding, as you need to take care of a variety of aspects – the chair décor being only one of them! Aside for managing the catering services and the entertainment, the chair decorations are equally important, and it is crucial to make sure that they match the general style and theme of your outdoor wedding. If you want to keep your wedding as basic and as simple as possible, then you can never go wrong with this amazing shabby-chic multicolored ribbon that you can easily and effortlessly wrap around your chair. All you have to do is to pick several differently colored strains and to carefully wrap them together, exactly as instructed in the following tutorial – you can easily do this all by yourself!

Project Source and Tutorial: weddingchicks

10. DIY Ombre Backdrop

DIY Ombre Backdrop

Finding a backdrop that is suitable for an outdoor wedding is easier said than done, as you must find one that truly matches your wedding’s theme – with that in mind, this DIY ombre fabric backdrop is a great choice, especially for taking pictures outside. Aside from being very versatile and rather easy to install, this DIY ombre fabric backdrop is also very easy to make from scratch, as all you need is several pieces of fabric that you gradually dip in color and then arrange them in such a manner that they create a “flowing impression” that goes from the brightest one to the lightest color. Here is a tutorial that will teach you how it is done!

Project Source Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

11. Floating Candles!

Floating Candles

As mentioned above, mason jars can have tens, if not hundreds of different uses that you should certainly take into account before organizing your next big event – and one of the most notable uses of the mason jars is that you can easily and effortlessly turn them into floating candles that will serve as the centerpieces of your wedding. You will be amazed to see just how much you can achieve with several clean mason jars and a few classic floating candles – this wedding decoration is a particularly outstanding choice for the evening, when the candles will create a breath-taking effect. No matter if you plan on throwing your wedding party in your back yard, or if you organize it by a river, these floating candles will definitely leave all of your guests stunned – and willing to see more!

Source: emmalinebride

12. DIY Patio Lights

DIY Patio Lights

Creating the decorations for your outdoor wedding is certainly not an easy task, especially if you have decided not to get any external help and to do it all by yourself – however, if you do not know where to start from, then you should definitely consider these DIY patio lights, that are both decorative and super practical at the same time. Aside from the visual effect that they create, these patio lights will also guide your guests on the right bath during the evening – especially if you have a stone walkway or something similar, which can be particularly dangerous to walk on, at night. Cost-effective, practical and quite friendly with the flora and fauna in your back yard, these amazing homemade patio lights will brighten up both your patio and your soul! Check out this tutorial and see how you can make them from scratch.

Project Source and Tutorial: craftybutt

13. DIY Rope Words For Your Wedding Day

DIY Rope Words For Your Wedding Day

Newly weds choose to express themselves in countless different ways, and the most creative ones are trying to ditch the classic written vows and to stick to something less formal, but with a deeper impact on their better half – if you recognize yourself in this description, then you will definitely like these amazing DIY rope words for your wedding day. Do you have an inspirational message or a quote that you would like to display on your wedding day, to remind you of something in particular? Or perhaps you just want to express your love, gratitude and appreciation for your significant other in a rather original manner? If so, then all you have to do is to check out this amazing and super creative tutorial and to stick to the instructions here, and you will definitely be surprised by the result – and so will all of your guests!

Project Source and Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

14. Lovely Rustic Wedding Ceremony Sign!

Lovely Rustic Wedding Ceremony Sign

If there is one thing that is more difficult and more time-consuming than handling all the decorations, entertainment and catering services for your outdoor party this summer, that is getting the party started and making everybody feel as happy and comfortable as possible! Here is an absolutely adorable rustic wedding ceremony sign that will help your guests feel at home and relax – there is nothing more refreshing for them than telling them there is no seating plan, and that they are welcome regardless of how they are! This is a very inclusive, warming and lovely welcome message that will definitely add a touch of value and comfort to every outdoor wedding, so make sure to put it on your outdoor decorations list!

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15. Another Great Outdoor Wedding Sign!

Another Great Outdoor Wedding Sign

We are all more than familiar with the classic “They lived happily ever after” saying, that is oh-so-common at the end of fairytales – for some of us, it even comes true! If you are out of ideas yet you are looking for some amazing and truly original decorations for your outdoor wedding, then you should certainly take this awesome wedding sign into account. Why? The answer is simple: besides the fact that it will lift up the morale of the newly weds and all the other guests, it is also very cost-effective and easy to make: all you need is several pieces of wood stuck together and then painted with some white paint. Besides, you do not even need to stick to the classic “happily ever after” cliché if you do not want to – you can replace that quote with any other inspirational message that appeals to you, as the possibilities are endless!

Source: weddingwhims

16. Wine Barrel Wedding Décor

Wine Barrel Wedding Décor

Wine barrels are great – especially when they are filled with wine all the way to the top! However, if you only have an empty wine barrel on your hands, then do not despair –there is still hope, as these barrels are super versatile and they can be easily repurposed in tens of different ways. Here are several different wine barrel wedding decorations that you should take into account for your next outdoor wedding – no matter if you want to use your wine barrels as floral arrangements or even to group two or more barrels together and use them as liquor stands where you can safely store your beer, wine and hard liquor, this tutorial will definitely serve as your inspiration. Check it out and see for yourself!

Source: weddingsbylilly

17. Fancy Chalkboard Writing

The Genius Trick For Fancy Chalkboard Writing

There are few things as fancy and as awesome as a chalkboard writing – especially when it comes to outdoor parties and major events such as weddings. Not only can you use the chalkboard to send inspirational messages and quotes, but you can also use it to write your daily menu or whatever you will be serving to your guests! Besides this, another amazing use for the chalkboard for your outdoor wedding this summer is allowing all your guests to write their own thoughts and messages for the newly weds – how awesome would that be?! One thing is for sure, though: if you fancy the classic Monotype Corsiva font that is extremely popular nowadays, yet you always have a hard time replicating it, this tutorial will certainly come in handy for you!

Source: facebook

18. Amazing Barn Wedding On A Budget!

Amazing Barn Wedding On A Budget

What makes this particular tutorial radically different from all of the other tutorials and projects mentioned above is that while the other tutorials focused on one piece of decoration at a time, this is actually your complete, all-round guide to creating your own decorations for your outdoor wedding, all by yourself! If you are running low on inspiration and you also have a very tight budget at your disposal, then this awesome barn-style outdoor wedding decoration will save the day! Not only will you learn how easy it is to use old silver buckets as flower pots, but you will also learn how to effortlessly and cheaply decorate your tables and your chairs, so that all of your guests will feel comfortable!

Source: sherricassaradesigns

19. Ombre Candles!

Ombre Candles

It often happens that brides choose to outsource their wedding decorations – and for a good reason, because when you are a bride you have so much on your mind that you simply cannot handle everything, all by yourself! However, if you are determined to handle everything yourself, then you will need to check out this amazing tutorial on how to make DIY ombre candles from scratch. The ombre style is extremely popular these days, especially amongst fashionistas and those who want to keep up with the trends – however, who said that the ombre style must be limited solely to clothing or to the beauty industry? Here is how you can make some beautiful and intensely colored DIY ombre candles from zero!

Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt

20. Come Up With Some Amazing Wedding Programs For Your Guests!

Come Up With Some Amazing Wedding Programs For Your Guests

Generally speaking, outdoor weddings tend to be simple and hassle-free, but this is certainly not an universal rule. Each wedding is unique in its own way, and some of them are more complex and sophisticated than others – if you plan on throwing a truly sophisticated wedding yourself, then you will, most likely, need to come up with wedding programs for your guests, so that they will be able to keep track with the entire event. However, writing down your wedding program is not enough – you need to make sure that the program is beautifully crafted and display as well, for the maximum effect! Here is a tutorial that will help you take care of all these aspects, without any stress.

Source: intimateweddings

21. Awesome Rustic Seating!

Awesome Rustic Seating

If you plan to throw a rustic outdoor wedding this summer, then it is imperative to make sure that the tables and the seating perfectly match the overall theme of your party – and there is certainly no better way to do that than by using some old pallets! Pallets are great to have around, as they are very durable, compact, lightweight and fairly easy to manipulate, not to mention that you can easily turn them into outstanding pieces of furniture for outdoor use. In this case, you can easily stack a few different pallets one on top of each other and then simply use them as rustic seating for your outdoor wedding. Here is a tutorial that will not only teach you how it is done, but it will also show you!

Source: pinterest

22. Cool Wedding Invites!

Cool Wedding Invites

A simple rustic outdoor wedding asks for simple invites and stationaries, because ultimately it would make no sense to send overly pompous invites to your guests, if you plan on seating them outside, close to the barn! However, just because the rustic wedding invites are supposed to be simple and basic, this does not mean they cannot be beautiful – they can be beautiful and very appealing, but it is entirely up to you to choose the most suitable design and writing font for that. If you are running low on “creative juice” and you are out of ideas, then this tutorial will offer you an insight into some of the most amazing wedding invites that you can lay your eyes on – pick the one that suits you the most and have it printed right away!

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