40+ Breathtaking DIY Vintage Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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All women dream of their wedding day, and for some of us that day comes faster than for others. However, one thing is for sure: some of us want a sophisticated wedding with hundreds of guests, a wedding worthy of a true fairytale, whereas other couples would rather opt for a smaller and more discrete wedding, with only the close friends and relatives. If you want a simple yet beautiful and memorable wedding, then you should consider an outdoor venue: not only is this a great way to connect with the nature and exchange vows out, in the middle of the woods, but it is also an outstanding choice for couples who are on a tight budget, yet who still want to enjoy an unforgettable event. With that in mind, here you will find more than 40 outstanding outdoor wedding ideas to browse through – you will undoubtedly find one that exceeds your expectations and won’t leave you bankrupt, either! Have a look!

23. Repurposed Shovel!

Repurposed Shovel Do you have an old shovel or pitchfork that no longer works, and you feel like re-using it instead of simply throwing away? If so, then this tutorial will be perfect for you – why not turn your old pitchfork or shovel into a sign post that will direct your guests towards your rustic outdoor wedding? Practical, original and super creative at the same time, this sign post can easily be decorated with watering cans filled with flowers. That’s right – grab a few old watering cans and turn them into temporary flower pots. Pick the most beautiful perennials and you are good to go! Check out this tutorial on more useful tips and hints on how to turn an old shovel into an amazing sign post, and make the best of it! Source: pinterest

24. DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms!

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms Who said that cheerleaders are the only ones who are entitled to use the pom poms? Pom Poms can turn out to be one of the best and most colorful decorations you will ever come across, so why not use them for your wedding? If you do not want to buy readily available pom poms or if you simply do not have any sports store near you, then the good news is that you can make your own, without too much effort and without spending too much money on materials either. Speaking of materials, all you need for these rustic and unconventional pom poms is some tissue paper – preferably colored one. Carefully glue the strips of colored tissue paper together, for the best result! Project Source and Tutorial: boho-weddings

25. Make The Best Of Your Old Mail Box!

Make The Best Of Your Old Mail Box When you are madly in love with your significant other, you can never tell them too often how much you love them, given the fact that the feeling is mutual. This is only one of the many beauties of falling deeply and madly in love! Here is a great way to tell your better half how much you love him or her – all you need is an old mail box and several letters where you can express all your gratitude and appreciation for your future spouse. Clean up the mail box, add a fresh new layer of black paint to it and feel free to even personalize it with a sweet message on the side, exactly as instructed in this tutorial. Your spouse will definitely appreciate it – and so will the other guests to the party! Source: colincowieweddings

26. Repurpose Your Old Boat!

Repurpose Your Old Boat If you have a nice house by the lake and an old boat at your disposal, then you can easily use it as a great decoration for your wedding – and this tutorial will show you how to do just that! In a nutshell, you will need loads and loads of ice cubes, but this gigantic drink cooler will certainly pay off if you plan an outdoorsy wedding and if you have several tens of guests. We all know just how difficult it is to keep everybody’s drinks cool, and why rent several small sized individual coolers when you can take your boat to the next level and turn it into a temporary beer cooler? Here is how you can do it! Source: pinterest

27. Paper Flower Crown!

Paper Flower Crown Flower crowns are certainly beautiful and very appealing, and they compliment the looks and attire of every bride that chooses to have her wedding outdoors. However, some of us truly want to protect the surrounding environment – and we all know the saying that “if you love a flower, do not pick it up, for you will kill it”. The good news is that there is always an alternative to the classic floral crown – you can try a paper flower crown that will have the exact same impact. Although it will not smell as good as the natural flowers, at least it will give you the freedom to adjust it and color it anyway you want to. Here is a tutorial that will show you how easy it is to make your own bridal paper flower crown, even if you do not master the ancient art of Origami! Project Source and Tutorial: honestlywtf

28. Basic Hanging Jar Lanterns

Basic Hanging Jar Lanterns Remember the grapevine lights mentioned earlier? Well, if you do not have any grapevine near your home or if you simply do not want to invest too much time and effort into the lighting, then you can always count on the good old mason jars, for they are always there to save the evening! Here is a very detailed and super explanatory tutorial that will show you how to make your own DIY hanging jar lanterns, using nothing but basic and cheap ingredients! Having said that, for this tutorial you will need several good, clean jars, a few pieces of solid string, several floating candles and some paint, if you want to add a personal touch to the jars. That’s it – enjoy the amazing lighting effect! Project Source and Tutorial: brit

29. DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Chalkboard Sign When it comes to weddings, it is important to remember that you must try and make your guests as comfortable as possible – although it is true that the newly weds are the ones that deserve full attention, the guests should not be neglected either, and a lovely and heartfelt chalkboard sign can truly speak for itself! If you do not know how to welcome your guests, yet you would like a sign or a message that will go straight to their hearts, then look no further than this chalkboard sign that allows you to express yourself in the best way possible. Check it out and see for yourself! Source: soshayblog

30. DIY Flower Chandelier

DIY Flower Chandelier This is by far the most breath-taking decoration for a rustic outdoor wedding, but consider yourself warned – this chandelier does take a lot of time and effort, and you cannot afford to get sloppy! If you want a truly sophisticated and beautiful outdoor wedding that all of your guests will be talking about for the next few months, then this DIY flower chandelier will definitely make sure that happens! The best thing about this chandelier (apart from the fact that it is super cheap!) is that you can either stick to one type of flowers (such as roses or tulips, if you prefer them) or you can combine two or more different types and colors, for an outstanding visual effect. Check out this tutorial to find out more on how to choose the flowers, how to carefully group them and how to tie them together. Source: honestlywtf

31. Tin Punched Candles

Tin Punched Candles These tin punched candles are not your average candles as you may know them – on the contrary, they are extremely durable and you can use them for countless other occasions. All you need is several old tins (tomato sauce tins or any other food tins, provided that they are clean), give them a fresh coating of paint and then use something to create tiny perforations on the side. You can choose to either randomly perforate the tins, or you can create various letters or even symbols on them, such as hearts or angels. The choice is entirely yours – make sure to add a small, cute floating candle inside of the tin once you are done preparing it, and light it up. Voila, you just got yourself several awesome tin punched votive candles that you can use to decorate your outdoor wedding! Source: abeautifulmess

32. DIY Striped Chairs

DIY Striped Chairs If you do not aim for a specific wedding theme in particular, then you can play with the colors, designs and patterns all you want! The chair decorations can certainly make or break your entire wedding – you may be tempted to think that your guests do not notice that small ribbon on the back of your chair, but they do. Guests have a very keen eye for detail, especially when it comes to outdoor rustic weddings, and you must not neglect any detail. Here is an awesome DIY tutorial that will teach you how to make beautiful striped chairs that will draw the attention of all your guests – besides, you do not need to spend too much money on the materials, either! Source: honestlywtf

33. Pallet Escort Card Display

Pallet Escort Card Display It is the nightmare of every bride to realize that she just seated two guests that absolutely hate each other, one next to another! This is why it is always better to stay on the safe side with one of these super practical and shabby chic pallet escort card display – all you need for this practical panel (that also doubles as a great rustic decoration, as a side note!) is one old pallet (one that you will paint in white) and several notes where you will write the names and the preferred seats of your guests. This way, your guests can pick their own seats and combine them anyway they want to, just to prevent any unpleasant situations. With this DIY pallet escort card display, everybody is happy – it is a win-win! Source: stylemepretty

34. DIY Pom Poms

DIY Pom Poms Do you have any particular wedding activity in mind, one with which you plan to take all your guests by surprise? Or perhaps you just love those cute little colorful pom poms and you think about hanging a couple of them by the tree, in your back yard or even on your front porch? If so, then you should know that instead of buying your pom poms, you can make them from scratch. You have no idea how? No problem – we got you covered! Here is a very detailed tutorial that will teach you how to make your own pom poms all by yourself, without too much effort. No skills or specific knowledge is required – just a lot of determination and a positive mood should be enough to get you started! Source: honestlywtf

35. DIY Pallet Bar

DIY Pallet Bar Creating an outdoor bar can be very time-consuming and expensive, especially if you do not already have one and you only need one temporarily, for your wedding reception. In that case, it would be pointless to buy a ready-made bar – but that does not mean you cannot make your own, customized outdoor bar! Grab several pallets, paint them in a beautiful brown color and then carefully stack them together as instructed in this tutorial. Once you are done, add a couple of chic and rustic decorations to the corners of the bar, and you can start storing the liquor inside of it – the first guests will start to show up before you even realize it! Source: brazosvalleybride

36. Ribbon Backdrop!

Ribbon Backdrop It often happens that the backdrop serves as the centerpiece of every rustic outdoor wedding – and that is understandable, as everybody likes to have their photo taken with the groom and the bride in front of the backdrop. This is precisely why you cannot afford to go wrong when choosing or making that backdrop: in the end, you only get one shot at having amazing wedding photos, so you must make sure every detail is flawless! With that in mind, here is a comprehensive and super detailed DIY project that will teach you how to make a cool ribbon backdrop that all your guests will definitely appreciate. Just imagine how happy they will be to take selfies in front of it! Source: brazosvalleybride

37. DIY Painted Vases

DIY Painted Vases If you are one of the brides that wants to make sure everything goes flawlessly on her wedding day, then you certainly want to pay extra attention to how you decorate your outdoor wedding venue. Painted vases will never go out of fashion – as a matter of fact, all handmade items will be popular for decades to come, as long as they are tasteful and carefully crafted, and provided that you have selected the most inspired color combination. That being said, here is a DIY tutorial that will teach you how to make your own painted vases, without too much effort. Just make sure you have the right size brushes at your disposal, and some waterproof colors and you can get started right away. Besides the fact that these wedding vases are pure awesomeness, you can keep using them long after your wedding party is over. Project Source and Tutorial: rusticweddingchic

38. Awesome Flip Flop Favors!

Awesome Flip Flop Favors When it comes to weddings, one thing is for sure: an outdoor wedding certainly does not have the same dress code as an indoor wedding, as both the guests and the newly weds tend to be more relaxed – however, this does not mean that guests won’t be wearing high heels or other shoes that can get uncomfortable after a few hours, thus preventing them from dancing or moving around. This is why this amazing flip flop storage idea is a great choice for every outdoor wedding party: basically, all you need is a wooden wheelbarrow or any other similar storage unit where you can put some brand new flip flops that your guests can take whenever they feel like ditching the heels and dancing! You do not need to buy fancy or expensive flip flops – the basic yet comfortable ones should do the trick! Source: pinterest

39. Awesome Swing Decorations!

Awesome Swing Decorations No outdoor wedding party decoration would be complete without several old, repurposed ladders. For this amazing swing decoration, you will need exactly five ladders that you will need to carefully position in the form of a swing: of course this will not be a functional swing, therefore make sure to warn your guests not to use it, but it will definitely serve as a great centerpiece! Aside from placing these ladders together, you can also use various flower pots or even handmade decorations to place along your newly made swing, for an extra visual effect. Just let your imagination run wild, and make sure to get some inspiration from this cool tutorial – you will not regret it! Source: pinterest

40. Stylish Lemonade Display!

Stylish Lemonade Display If you plan on throwing an outdoor wedding party, then the chances are that there will be a few children invited to the party as well, this is why it is important to make sure that you always have some cold lemonade in store! However, the way you display and serve the lemonade accounts for more than half of the total impression you will leave on your guests – no matter how tasty your lemonade is, your guests will be left with a bad impression if you will be serving it using a large spoon or something similar. If you want to impress your guests all the way through, then you should have a look at this super chic and stylish lemonade display! Source: pinterest

41. Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas When talking about weddings and chalkboards, the latter can be used in countless different ways: you can use chalkboards as signs to direct your guests towards the party, you can use them to let them know about the available drinks and so forth. If you are running low on inspiration yet again, but you want to make sure that your guests are having the time of their life, then here you will find no less than 27 different charming ideas on how to make the best of your chalkboard, at your wedding! Source: moncheribridals

42. Awesome Outdoor S’Mores Bar!

Awesome Outdoor S’Mores Bar You would never go wrong with a S’Mores bar, even if you tried! However, if you have never created such a bar before yet you really want one for your outdoor rustic wedding, then here is a how-to guide that will show you how it Is done. That is correct: the guide will show you in pictures how to create a fully functional S’Mores bar that all of your guests will be very fond of! Check it out and do not be afraid to add a personal touch to your bar – in the end, everybody likes a small display of creativity and courage, every now and then! Source: pinterest

43. Awesome Ideas For Tent-Style Weddings

Awesome Ideas For Tent-Style Weddings Tents have been used to host outdoor weddings for decades, especially in the areas with a very unstable climate – the last thing you want is to realize that it will start raining on your parade, literally! Your wedding is by far the most important event in your life, and you deserve what is best for you. Having said that, if you plan for a tent-style wedding and you lack inspiration on how to decorate it, then this awesome blog post will provide you with no less than ten different great tips that will help you get the hang of it in an instant! Source: intimateweddings

44. Elegant Countryside Floral Arrangements

Elegant Countryside Floral Arrangements If you do not aim for a pompous wedding and you want a cute, discrete countryside wedding instead, then the chances are that you want your floral arrangements to reflect the same thing. Here is a very elegant countryside floral arrangement that requires minimal preparation: all you need is several small flower pots and one of those cute, little and practical flower ladders that professional gardeners use to store and display their plants during the summer. This tutorial perfectly nails this type of floral decoration, so make sure to check it out and try to replicate it, if it appeals to you! Source: pinterest

45. Awesome Rustic Ice Cream Stand

Awesome Rustic Ice Cream Stand Once again, this is a great addition to your wedding if there will be children invited as well! Apart from the lemonade display mentioned above, a great rustic ice cream stand such as the one depicted in this awesome tutorial will certainly appeal to all of your guests – not just the children! Besides, the best thing about it is that you do not need to buy or even rent a sophisticated ice cream machine, all you need to do is to grab some edible cones and to let the guests create their own ice cream! Source: pinterest To conclude, these 40+ outdoor wedding ideas are great for every rustic/barn/back yard wedding. Some people like to keep it as simple as possible, and for those of you out there who do not feel like throwing a gigantic party to let everybody in town know you two have tied the knot, these discrete and modest decorations and ideas are definitely a great choice! Click for more decoration ideas!

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