60+ DIY Projects That Will Redefine The Way You See Pallet Furniture

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Pallet furniture is incredibly volatile, and no matter if you need a new coffee table for your patio or if you want to come up with a set of unconventional lawn chairs, you can always count on this environmentally-friendly and cost-effective type of furniture. With that in mind, here you will find no less than 40 different tutorials and DIY guides that will help you turn dull pallets into works of art!

60+ DIY Projects That Will Redefine The Way You See Pallet Furniture

1. Pallet Shelving

Pallet Shelving

Deforestation is a serious problem these days, so why invest in new furniture (thus contributing to the supply and demand scheme) that will determine furniture companies to cut even more trees, when you can easily turn a regular pallet into a breath-taking shelf for your books? This tutorial will guide you through the process – and you will find it not only creative, but quite entertaining, too!

Project Details – amandacarverdesigns

2. Make A Reading Nook Out Of Two Wooden Pallets

Make A Reading Nook Out Of Two Wooden Pallets

If you are a reading enthusiast, then you will certainly appreciate this crafty tutorial on how to create a great and original reading nook out of two wooden pallets. Comfortable, friendly, cozy and very welcoming at the same time, this reading nook will quickly become your little piece of Heaven!

Project Details – kojo-designs

3. Swinging Pallets Chair For The Great Outdoors

Swinging Pallets Chair For The Great Outdoors

Are you the type of person who loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible? Then this tutorial on how to come up with your own tailored swinging outdoors chair will certainly appeal to you. Besides this, it will also help you save several tens of dollars on a hammock, and it is equally comfortable.

Project Details – recyclart

4. Pallet-Based Sofa

Pallet-Based Sofa

This is certainly not your conventional type of sofa, but then again, that is its purpose! Artists and designers will certainly find this creative DIY tutorial to be super useful if they want to get a comfortable and innovative sofa for their bedroom or living room, without overspending.

Project Details – cuartoderecha

5. Outdoor DIY Table

Outdoor DIY Table

There are countless outdoor coffee and dinner tables for those who have an outdoor kitchen and who love to have their friends coming over for a barbeque during summer, but why invest in an Ikea table when you can easily create your own, from scratch? All you need is a couple of pallets and a can of fresh paint of your choice, in order to get started.

Project Details – joyeverafter

6. Cute Show Drawer For Kid

Cute Show Drawer For Kid

Who said that pallets are only good for chairs and coffee tables? Here is an outstanding tutorial on how to make a super cute and funky shoe drawer for your kids. Are you tired of cleaning the dirt and removing the mud stains from the show drawer whenever your kids come home? Then this unconventional pallet-based drawer will save you the hassles!

Project Details – shelterness

7. Pallet-Based Conference Room

Pallet-Based Conference Room

Using pallets instead of a big U-shaped conference desk is certainly not the most professional choice, but it is undoubtedly a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative! Besides this, your business partners or your employees will definitely give you some extra points for your creativity, therefore it is certainly worth trying.

Project Details – monkeyzen

8. Industrial Pallet Sectional Couch

Industrial Pallet Sectional Couch

Furnishing your patio or outdoor deck can easily cost you several thousand dollars if you want to impress your guests, but the good news is that you can come up with a 100% recycled industrial pallet-based sectional couch that will do the trick. Besides this, nobody has to know what is hiding underneath the big, comfy pillows.

Project Details – makezine

9. Pallet Plate Rack

Pallet Plate Rack

This is a great idea for a small cottage or even for a small vacation home or a cabin in the woods. If you fancy the rustic or traditional decorating style, then here is a very nice and original tutorial on how to easily make your own pallet plate rack, on a budget.

Project Details – apartmenttherapy

10. A Pallet Reading Bed

A Pallet Reading Bed

Do you sometimes feel like grabbing a book and lying on a bed, trying to escape reality even if it is just for a few minutes? Here is a wonderful DIY tutorial that will help you build a great and super comfortable pallet-based reading bed for the nursery room.

Project Details – ashleyannphotography

11. A Wood Pallet Room Divider

A Wood Pallet Room Divider

The wood pallet room divider DYI tutorial is definitely a great choice for those who share their bedroom with a roommate, and who want to get some extra privacy. Besides this, the room divider can also double as a great mood board where you post images, ideas or even some inspirational quotes that will get you going through the day! It’s a win-win!

Project Details – myfriendstaci

12. Toddler Pallet Bed

Toddler Pallet Bed

If you are the crafty type of mom who is constantly on the lookout for new and attractive DIY projectsli, then you will quickly come to love this great and in-depth tutorial that will help you make your own toddler pallet bed, and save several hundred dollars by doing so.

Project Details – loridanelle

13. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Caffeine fans, rejoice! Here is a super user-friendly tutorial that will carefully guide you through the entire process of making your very own pallet-based coffee table, with reclaimed legs. Who knew that making a tailored coffee table would be so easy and entertaining?

Project Details – 99pallets

14. Pallet-Based Wood Entry Bench

Pallet-Based Wood Entry Bench

This is yet another tutorial that will help you come up with a personalized wood entry bench that will also double as a great coat hanger. In spite of the fact that this wooden entry bench is more suitable for a cabin, a log house or even a cottage, you can easily use it to decorate the hallway of a more modern apartment – your guests will definitely appreciate the creative contrast.

Project Details – etsy

15. Pallet TV Stand

Pallet TV Stand

This great pallet-based TV stand can be used either temporarily, until you find the TV stand that best matches the decor of your living room, or permanently if you are feeling courageous and you love the contrast between the sophistication of your LCD and the simplicity of the pallet.

Project Details – funkyjunkinteriors

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