14 Rustic Barn Wood Projects Restoring the Oomph Factor Of Old Pieces of Wood!

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It's not an overstatement to say that old and worn out wooden pallets or barn wood are home decor DIYer's one true love! Building awesome pieces of furniture and decoration for your space, it totally takes the cake with that weathered texture and vintage appeal. And, putting old, otherwise not-so-usable pieces of wood not only gives an all new purpose to it, but also saves on the cost for the overall project. Here are 14 Rustic Barn Wood Projects Restoring the Oomph Factor Of Old Pieces of Wood!

Rustic Barn Wood Projects

1. DIY Farmhouse Message Board

DIY Farmhouse Message Board

Having pallets form its edges, this message board with a chicken wire backdrop lets you place little pictures, drawings or reminder notes on display, using decorative clips of your choice. Apart from the mentioned supplies, you will also need some wood glue or liquid nails to get going with the project.

DIY Details : seekinglavenderlane

2. DIY Scrap Wood Signs

DIY Scrap Wood Signs

Who wouldn’t adore cheerful scrap wood beachy signs that come in pastel hues and rustic textures? The word ‘Beach’ is crafted with the help of vinyl letters using Silhouette Cameo, while ‘City’ has been written by putting stenciling to great use. Tiny wood cut outs stuck to the sign add the final touches.

DIY Details : diypassion

3. Your Own Rustic Wall Ruler

Your Own Rustic Wall Ruler
Watch your little one grow while you keep a track of his or her increasing height – all with this super rustic wall ruler made all by yourself! A piece of wood extracted from an old barn door is sanded down, further marking the lines and numbers with a permanent marker. Make it last longer with a wax sealant.

DIY Details : paintedtherapy

4. DIY Pallet Wall Decoration

DIY Pallet Wall Decoration

Can it get any better than a roughened up wooden pallet for a bunch of vintage-style planters hung on the wall, working up as the focal point of your living room? Mixed and matched plants are installed in a variety of mason jars and soup cans attached to the board with the help of handy house clamps.

DIY Details : followthesprinkles

5. DIY: Necklace Holder

DIY: Necklace Holder

The absolute star element of this flat piece of driftwood turned into a gorgeous necklace holder for the wall is those antique-looking knobs that hang all your chains and necklaces with utmost style! Going for a different design for each of the knobs adds so much drama to the overall appeal of the piece.

DIY Details : visiblymoved.blogspot

6. Rustic Barn Wood Projects : DIY Wooden Arrows

Rustic Barn Wood Projects : DIY Wooden Arrows

These DIY wooden arrows are your solution to that much needed pop of color you want to bring to a plain neutral wall around the house! The different tones and the weathered look sported by the arrows that can all be put together in no more than an hour totally makes them stand out.

DIY Details : little-brick-house.blogspot

7. Salvaged Barn Wood Sign

Salvaged Barn Wood Sign

A little sanding comes into play to give this sign that worn out yet pleasant texture, while the word ‘Home’ stenciled on the board with the help of a silhouette is lovely enough to add a homespun essence to the whole space. Fleur de Lis painted in gold explains how even the most weathered of things can look rich all over again.

DIY Details : adventuresincreating.blogspot

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