14 Rustic Barn Wood Projects Restoring the Oomph Factor Of Old Pieces of Wood!

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It’s not an overstatement to say that old and worn out wooden pallets or barn wood are home decor DIYer’s one true love! Building awesome pieces of furniture and decoration for your space, it totally takes the cake with that weathered texture and vintage appeal. And, putting old, otherwise not-so-usable pieces of wood not only gives an all new purpose to it, but also saves on the cost for the overall project. Here are 14 Rustic Barn Wood Projects Restoring the Oomph Factor Of Old Pieces of Wood!

8. Easy DIY Wood Signs

Easy DIY Wood Signs

Whether you craft a cool ‘bath and towel’ label for your bathroom, add a farmhouse wall decor to the kitchen, or simply build rustic accents for the home – a piece of pallet having texts or graphics transferred onto its surface won’t fail to impress one and all!

DIY Details : salvagedinspirations

9. DIY Barn Wood Shelves

DIY Barn Wood Shelves

Witness a rightly balanced use of iron integrated into the making of these rustic wood shelves! The reclaimed pieces of old barn wood assembled with plumping materials, including black pipes, iron caps, and floor flanges give the shelves a man-cave-worthy industrial appeal.

DIY Details : chatfieldcourt

10. Junk Decor

Junk Decor


Ranging from 3 gorgeous wall shelves made out of otherwise junky shadow boxes and some authentic barn boards to beautiful signs with stenciled letters – this guide has got you covered. Not to forget, a barn wood piece hung in the living room, sporting a lovely stenciled bible verse.

DIY Details : beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot

11. Rustic Barn Wood Projects : Hanger Rack

Rustic Barn Wood Projects : Hanger Rack

A rectangular piece of barn wood with all its cracks and imperfection embraced with unbeatable grace gets an all-new functionality with a few hooks screwed to itself. You can use it to manage all those scarves and towels, or simply hang a bunch of some kitchen accessories you want to keep handy.

DIY Details : serendipitousromance.tumblr.

12. DIY Wooden Lamps

DIY Wooden Lamps

Nothing less than casting a magical spell on your space, this extraordinarily beautiful set of lamps glows in the dark with bulbs installed within mason jars. Reclaimed barn wood holds the connection to the bulbs, having the jars attached to the wood with their rims.

DIY Details : livediyideas

13. Barnwood Flower Box

Barnwood Flower Box

Table centerpieces as stunning as this barnwood flower box, when accompanied with a few brightly glowing candles, don’t really call for any extra decor when getting your house ready for the festive season. You will need to get a saw, some nice wood glue and some clamps to assemble the cut boards into a box.

DIY Details : kellysmoonlight.blogspot

14. Barn Wood Coasters

 Barn Wood Coasters

A picture speaks a thousand words – and this inspiration by Simply Janelle Designs explains that putting these barn wood coasters together is so easy you don’t need any steps of construction to get it done. All it takes is to cut reclaimed wood into equal-sized pieces, and voila!

DIY Details : simplyjanelledesigns

From stunning artwork installations to earthy signs and labels for the walls, from super cool organizers to breathtaking shelves, barn wood can build it all. Forge the aforesaid ideas for rustic barn wood projects, or simply add your very own twists and turns to their construction to end up in an even more awe-inspiring piece of decor for your home!

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Rustic Barn Wood Projects

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