24 Awe-Inspiring DIY Letter Projects Pulling Off A Love-Worthy Decor For Your Space

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Whether its the initials of someone special or yourself, or simply a whole word – the kind of personalisation that a monogram can introduce to the interior of your home or workplace is totally unbeatable. And that’s what makes them apt and appropriate for gifting on different occasions, birthdays and anniversaries. Things become even more special when you build those letters at home, and these 24 DIY Letter Projects ranging from floral patterns to rustic textures get it all done with surprising ease.

13. DIY Washi Tape Letters

DIY Washi Tape Letters

Wrapping washi tape around wooden or cardboard letters comes with so much ease that it rather seems to be a fun thing to work with. And those different strips with varied patterns make it look downright winsome.

DIY Details : valeventgal

14. DIY Letter Bookends

DIY Letter Bookends

Not merely a decoration, these DIY letters are functional and work as gorgeous-looking bookends for your shelf. Made of paper mache, the letters can be covered with a scrapbook paper of your choice.

DIY Details : onegoodthingbyjillee

15. Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Collect yarn in a few shades of one color and wrap it around wooden letters in a way that brings out a stunning ombre of hues. Building a complete word? Adorn each of them with a different shade to create a larger ombre.

DIY Details : catchmyparty

16. Sequin Monogram Letter

Sequin Monogram Letter

Love a little dramatic touches to your space? These gold sequin monograms can take your breath away with their glitz and glam. The dazzling thing calls for wrapping elastic sequin cording around the paper mache letters.

DIY Details : catchmyparty

17. DIY Twig Letters

DIY Twig Letters

How close to the nature do these DIY twig letters look, bringing the charm of woods indoors. Built by glueing twigs collected from the forest to wooden letters, this one makes a rustically edgy statement to the home.

DIY Details : thehappyhousie

18. Love Scrabble Pieces

Love Scrabble Pieces

Absolutely whimsical, these giant scrabble pieces integrate a dictionary-like feel to the wall decor. What goes into the making of the Love tiles is scrap wood, saw, orbital sander, letter stencils, and black craft paint.

DIY Details : createandbabble

19. 3D Antiqued Foil Letter

3D Antiqued Foil Letter

That embossed effect adds dimension to the letters covered in aluminium foil, brightened up even more with a stunning faux antique finish with shoe polish and mod podge. The 3D look is all credits to some tacky glue designing.

DIY Details : whatchaworkinon

20. DIY Floral Letters

DIY Floral Letters

Screaming out ‘JOY’ loud with their overload of colors, these letters luxuriously bedecked with flowers end up in a truly eye-catching piece. It has been constructed using fake flowers, wooden letters and some glue.

DIY Details : nousdecor

21. DIY Leather Monogram

DIY Leather Monogram

This glorious faux leather monogram lined with a shiny brass nails trim can add a masculine element to the man’s cave or his office. You also need paper mache letters, pliers, staple gun and a few craft tools.

DIY Details : ehow

22. Love Letters

Love Letters

Pallet boards when attached on top of a wooden letter template, look stunning with a coat of walnut stain and those horizontal lines painted with a darker color. An extra trim used to outline the letters highlights everything even better.

DIY Details : krusesworkshop

23. Wine Cork Letters

Wine Cork Letters

Don’t toss those wine corks into the bin anymore! Instead put them to amazing use to craft a picturesque monogram, that can also work as a one-of-a-kind cork board, perfect for the kitchen, the office or the kid’s room.

DIY Details : thesuburbanmom

24. The Ripped Effect

The Ripped Effect

Few things offer a great liberty to work out carefree intended imperfections, yielding a unique home decor element for the space – just like these letters with a ripped effect brought with some paint and masking technique.

DIY Details : thewoodconnectionblog

If it didn’t seem so easy to build a homemade monogram looking at those lavish Pinterest shares, the above DIY Letter Projects come into great play in making it absolutely effortless to put some of the most gorgeously decorated alphabets all by yourself!

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