20 Excellent Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

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It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune for creating a beautiful living space. You won’t believe, but these 20 DIY dollar store home decor ideas are simply fantastic. Make your inexpensive items and see how people will line up at your doors to just take a sneak-peak of your DIY ideas.

11. Mason Jar Prism Candle Light

  Mason Jar Prism Candle Light

For all such homeowners who need a new mood lighting, this simple Mason jar craft will create an awesome effect when lit. Round glass balls will give a completely new dimension to the light so you can enjoy bright light whenever these lamps are illuminated. See here for the tutorial: diyprojects

12. Wall Decor for Master Bedroom

  Wall Decor for Master Bedroom

Use color schemes according to your bedroom and decorate it like never before. You can decorate these hangings with your family photos and become the talk of the group this get-together party. These hangings will not go unnoticed once they are ready and installed to their positions. See here: phomz

13. Tray Chalkboard

  Tray Chalkboard

This is a fabulous creation to inspire you. You can use any old oval tray in your household and turn it into an awesome chalkboard. This can also be made from a square or circular tray as well. All you need is chalkboard paint, and you’re done. Find out how: cupcakesandcrinoline

14. Terrariums for Succulents

Terrariums for Succulents

If you love succulents and want to make a terrarium for them, get inspired with this DIY idea. Grab some dollar store ceramic bowls and few clear glasses and your project is done. A layer of sand and gravel are the least expensive items required for this craft. Check out: craftberrybush

15. Dollar Store Paint Dipped Frame

  Dollar Store Paint Dipped Frame

Paint portraits and dip them in a bucket of paint and your paint dipped frame is ready to flaunt. It is the most iconic paint dipped frame you would have ever had for your home decor especially for the money it is created. You can learn how to make it here: brooklynberrydesigns

16. Dip Dye Throw Pillows

  Dip Dye Throw Pillows

This new craft technique will take over you, and you will not want to stop it anytime sooner. You can use this technique to make some new throw pillows for your couch and completely brighten up your living room. See the instructions here: lovelyindeed

17. DIY Floral Monogram

  DIY Floral Monogram

If you’ve got a gorgeous floral fabric, we know what you can do with that. You can create a decorative monogram and cover it with this floral fabric. Carve out any letter close to your heart and put it on display in a mind-blowing way. Here is the tutorial with easy-to-follow steps: homeyohmy

18. EAT Letters For Home Decor

  EAT Letters For Home Decor

EAT or any other word for that matter could go on your wall and give it an unusually striking vibe. Come up with your favorite word according to the room you are going to put them in. These wooden letters look awesome. See how it is made here: sweetpickinsfurniture

19. Silverware Artwork

  Silverware Artwork

Do you have a stack of upholstery remnants? Or if you get any of these at thrift stores, get them and turn them into something worthwhile. Spray paint your silverware and create your very own artwork. It is easy and fun. Check out: spunkyjunky

20. String Art Patterns

  String Art Patterns

String art patterns are awesome room decoration ideas. They are pretty simple yet charming in their unique way. You can use colorful strings and turn them into anything that inspires you. Check this out: jewelrycoco

These dollar store home decor ideas will totally get you. Share these ideas with your friends or your craft buddies and see how much fun you will have making them. They are simple to make and won’t cost you a fortune. So, get ready to enhance the beauty of your living space without having to spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily.

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