25 Breathtakingly Beautiful Fall Centerpieces Screaming Autumn Out Loud!

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Crafting a season-perfect piece of beauty for the home decor, like a lovely table centerpiece makes everything so much more in sync with the surroundings, and integrates charm to any festive gathering. The best thing about fall is that it comes accompanied with such gorgeous hues and textures of nature, brought by adorable pumpkins, pinecones, berries, dried leaves, a whole spectrum of rustic plant stems, and of course, beautiful florals. And that’s what opens a whole world of possibilities to put together incredible fall centerpieces. Here are 25 Breathtakingly Beautiful Fall Centerpieces Screaming Autumn Out Loud!

16. Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

Travel back to your childhood when crafting interesting shapes out of paper was a part and parcel of school projects. Plus, it’s truly a child’s play to build a whole pumpkin entirely out of sheets of paper, using an incredible printable template shared in the below tutorial by Minted. Go for printed sheets or handmade designer papers to make the pumpkins work as the perfect accents to your table decorations for the fall get together. Apart from the template and paper, you are going to need a strong quick dry glue or hot glue, a pair of scissors, some binder clips, and a masking tape to get going with the project. For the stem of these DIY pumpkins, cut a rectangle from crepe paper and twist it to get a stem-like structure that you glue onto the top of the gourd. Check out the art of clever paper folding that brings the stunning pumpkins to life.

DIY Details : minted

17. DIY Fall Branches Centerpiece

DIY Fall Branches Centerpiece

Hues coordinating magically well with each other create an amazingly eye-pleasing visual interest in this ultra easy-to-do DIY fall centerpiece. Breathtaking dark brown and ivory branches, fall berry stems  and long stems of artificial leaves stand tall when placed into a lovely glass cylinder vase. Gourds and pumpkins in oranges, yellows, browns and reds pressed into the vase on all sides not only help in holding the long stems or branches in perfect place, but also make the overall piece look all about the richness of the season. For an added prettiness, you can also cut off some berries from the stems and place them inside the vase. The author throws in a few extra leaves on the branches that goes perfect for making it a bit dramatic and celebration-worthy. You may need some wire cutters, floral wire and floral tape to assemble the elements.

DIY Details : mybeautifuleveryday

18. Glue-Decorated Gourds Fall Centerpieces

Glue-Decorated Gourds Fall Centerpieces

Chic and craftsy form a showstopper of a table centerpiece when brought together in these glue-decorated gourds that are quite different from the traditional ways of decorating pumpkins. Also, the entire project goes to showcase that it doesn’t necessarily cost heaps of dollars to put up an adorable festive display. Once you have got a variety of gourds in different shapes and sizes, the key is to create abstract designs on their surface using a hot glue gun and some glue sticks, while saving the stems by covering them with a plastic wrap. Let the gourds dry for some time, and voila! You are all set to paint them in your choice of hues or even add a dose of glitter to work out a glamorous centerpiece for the table. Although, they are amazing enough when assembled alone, throwing in a few extra elements like berries, leaves or pinecones will only charm them more.

DIY Details : everydaydishes

19. Mason Jar Lanterns with Leaves

Mason Jar Lanterns with Leaves

Speaking of homemade lanterns, nothing can prove to be as easy to work with as mason jars, while looking incredibly beautiful when combined with a few decorative items. To immerse the jars in the spirit of autumn, this project calls you for attaching lots of real or faux orange and red leaves to the sides of the jars using layers of Mod Podge and a sponge brush. The final touches of beauty are brought by some raffia tied along the rim of the jars, and all you need to do next is to place tea light candles inside. Of Course, the lanterns are a wonderful table centerpiece, but another great idea to put them to use is to let them light the walkway for your front door, getting a glowing essence to the outsides of your space too. If not enough, you can always gift them to your guests and make Thanksgiving loaded with gestures of love.

DIY Details : pin.it

20. Spray Painted Pumpkin Fall Centerpieces

Spray Painted Pumpkin Fall Centerpieces

Screaming out ‘Luxury’ out loud, these pumpkins don’t really look like they were a basic Dollar Store find once, that have been transformed into such a splendorous work of art with just a handful of steps. One of the best things about this seasonal decoration is that it can brought to life even on a tight budget, yet enchant the room with sparkles. Simple plastic pumpkins, some leaf garlands, and pumpkin candy pails are all spray painted in a single color to get a uniform and unconventional appeal. All the credit for the gleam and shine here goes to a gold metallic spray paint. Looking undoubtedly picturesque when assembled on the table, the pumpkins get their dose of greenery with lots of plants or flowers placed inside. However, you need to follow a clever technique for the paint job, and Hip 2 Save explains the same to you it great detail.

DIY Details : hip2save

21. DIY Basics : Ombre Wine Bottles

DIY Basics : Ombre Wine Bottles

Just a splash of spray paint can cast a magical spell on a bunch of empty wine, beer or liquor bottles that are lying in that forgotten corner of the attic! In fact, it can blend some amazing colors of autumn together in a gradient pattern to create this ombre wine bottle centerpiece that’s spruced up with some pumpkins, leaves, a few twigs and candy corns in the same color scheme. You are going to need just a handful of supplies, including bottles with their labels removed, a cardboard for easy and mess-free painting, and of course, spray paint cans in orange, white, and yellow. Head to the below tutorial by Brit that takes you through getting it all done in just a matter of few minutes! Doesn’t it explain what the idea of “Best Out of Waste” is all about, that too by making the most of it all brightened up with a seasonal flair?

DIY Details : brit

22. Wood Block Pumpkins

Wood Block Pumpkins

Who said that pumpkins always have to be these huge round structures? Create your very own all-new appearance to pumpkins that transforms them into a rectangular thing of home decoration. And yes, this time they are all made out of wood! A piece of scrap wood, a jigsaw, brown stamping ink, some orange paint, a power sander, some gauge wire, hand cut leaves made out of green cardstock paper, a burlap ribbon, and some hot glue are the tools you need to put the project together. The stunning wooden blocks coated in orange paint are tied together with a lovely ribbon, along with a tag saying ‘Thankful’ that features cardstock paper as the base attached onto a wood skewer. The stems decorated with paper leaves are cut out of a wooden dowel. Check out the detailed steps of construction shared in the below guide by Ribbons and Glue.

DIY Details : ribbonsandglue

23. Easy DIY Tin Can Pumpkins

Easy DIY Tin Can Pumpkins

Let the usual pumpkin decorations take a back seat this season as transforming old tin cans into the gourds is the new meaning of edgy! And of course, it’s a great way to repurpose tin cans instead of making them find a spot in the landfills. You paint the cans in different shades that signify fall and make holes in the top, only large enough to place some twigs into the cans. You are going to love that rustic element donned by the cans that’s the result of a clever rubbing of sandpaper on their surface, followed by applying a nice antiquing medium. Once you hot glue the twigs in the holes, allow wires to form the tendrils by curling them using a pencil, lastly, glueing some natural leaves to the cans. Customizing the decorations further is a matter of your whims and choices, just like the author here tied strands of raffia around the cans.

DIY Details : mixedkreations

24. Pumpkin Candle Holders

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Ditch traditional candle stands, glasses or jars to hold festive candles! Instead, couple that glow with a one-of-a-kind something that comes first to the mind on the mere mention of autumn decorations – adorable pumpkin candle holders. Gather a sharp knife, your choice of flat bottom candles, a pencil, a spoon to empty the contents of the gourds, a hot glue gun, a bunch of thin twigs, and lastly, loads of artificial berries and leaves to get all set to forge the steps explained by All You. The candles extending a few inches above the pumpkins look absolutely glorious when you decorate the meeting edge of the two with a colorful union of leaves, twigs and berries that add utmost finesse to the piece. Place three or four different-sized pumpkin candle holders on the center table and the space will burst with the essence of Thanksgiving.

DIY Details : allyou

25. Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jars

Turn basic mason jars into one of the sweetest fall-perfect arrangements that’s another word for prepossessing when grouped with the beauty, texture and fragrance of autumn leaves, berries and fruits. All you need to collect for this project is a few mason jars, a nice paint in yellow, orange or red, and lastly, some leaf stencils or stickers. This inspiration coats the jars in a pleasant yellow shade, specifically Golden Maize in a satin finish, while the stickers when removed, create the leaf silhouette onto the jars. Once, you have set the jars in a huge rustic tray, having the mentioned decorative items go for the fillers, you can also insert little tea lights inside the jars, letting the glow do the talking when it’s all dark. The tray ensures you can carry the centerpiece with effortlessness and place it wherever you want to!

DIY Details : theidearoom

Whether you go for all natural pieces of decoration for your home, or simply let the idea of faux do its magic – the aforesaid ideas for DIY fall centerpieces are going to put a blanket of fall awesomeness over your space. And, will surely grab you some rounds of applause at the party!

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Breathtakingly Beautiful Fall Centerpieces

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