20 Stunning Wall Decoration Ideas Making Those Blank Walls Totally Art-Loaded

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Building the foundations of your home, walls play an integral role in defining the interiors and bringing out the whole ambiance of a room. And that’s why keeping them all mundane and empty is not a great idea, instead turn them into a thing of unconventional style with creative wall decor. Here are 20 Stunning Wall Decoration Ideas Making Those Blank Walls Totally Art-Loaded!


Stunning Wall Decoration Ideas

1. Wall Art From Old CDs

Wall Art From Old CDs

The whole concept of compact disks is somewhere lost and that’s why it’s time to repurpose them into this interesting wall art featuring beautiful designs on each of the disks. You need acrylic paint, paintbrush, pencil and screwdriver.

DIY Details : icreativeideas

2. Stencilling Wall Art Using Lace

Stencilling Wall Art Using Lace

Add a hint of delicate beauty to a white-coated piece of hardboard by stencilling an intricate yet delicate lace-inspired pattern on the same with the help of a Charlotte Allover Stencil and some paint. Use gold for glorious accents!

DIY Details : cuttingedgestencils

3. Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Popsicle sticks have always made a mark when it’s about building homemade decor items. But this shelf built by stacking hexagonal assemblies of the sticks and staining the finished piece combines decor with great functionality.

DIY Details : makeanddocrew

4. DIY Mint and Silver Tassel Garland

DIY Mint and Silver Tassel Garland

Ornamentalize a dark-themed wall with a garland flaunting lots of holiday-worthy tassels in a color scheme of soothing mint and bright silver. To recreate your own tissue paper garlands, you also need some twine, glue gun and scissors.

DIY Details : penniesforafortune

5.  Paper Flower Medallion

Paper Flower Medallion

Picture-perfect to look at, this paper flower medallion demonstrates how the pages of an old book can be transformed into a breathtaking work of craft. All it takes is folding them into cones and assembling together in a clever fashion.

DIY Details : theenchantedpetal

6. DIY Burlap Monogram

DIY Burlap Monogram

Rustic and earthy are A wooden plaque covered by pastel scrapbook paper forms the base for a supercool monogram, adorned with a burlap ribbon bow on top. And yes, the plaque itself sits on a rustic burlap canvas.

DIY Details : loveoffamilyandhome

7. DIY Spray Paint Flower Art

DIY Spray Paint Flower Art

Incorporating real flowers into a spray-painting job on a canvas board keeps things similar yet retain interesting variations between the frames. The stenciled flower shapes compliment the combination of white and bright backdrops with utmost grace.

DIY Details : simplyrealmoms

8. DIY Floral Letter

DIY Floral Letter

It perhaps, can’t get any better than flowers for creating stunning artsy arrangements – and these pink, white and cream flowers building the initials of a special one or yourself do just that. House in an antique frame and hang!

DIY Details : themrsandmommabird

9. DIY Abstract Art

DIY Abstract Art

Introduce absolute quirkiness to your space with an abstract painting sporting shades of vibrance, all randomly thrown on the canvas, while gold foil flakes make it even more luxurious. It’s abstract – you don’t need to strive for perfection!

DIY Details : lollyjane

10. Build a Huge Chalkboard

Build a Huge Chalkboard

A huge chalkboard hanging on the wall can disguise as your quick note-taking platform, making sure you never miss any key thing to do anymore! The secret is a sheet of MDF coated with chalkboard paint.

DIY Details : overthebigmoon

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