Bring A Gorgeous Thunderstorm To Your Space With This Amazing Cloud Lamp

Bianca CuteDIYprojects Blogger

There’s no doubt that the growing technological advancements have taken the whole world by a storm, letting us get a glimpse of a new piece of remarkable invention, gadgets and super cool, fun-filled devices almost every single day. One such breathtaking creation is this Cloud Lamp designed by Richard Clarkson, perfect to hang indoors and experience a thunderstorm sitting on your couch.

If you are wondering how, you would be amazed to know that this lamp flashes lightning of an actual storm and delivers the concerned sounds as well, but of course, you don’t see any rain or change in weather! The bluetooth speakers and personalized storm according to your movements are truly incredible.

Thunderstorm CLOUD LAMP

What’s great about this masterpiece is that anyone can try their hands on enhancing and developing the design for better. You just need to have the courage to take up the task and try working on the schematics that are open to all.

Talking about the cost of purchasing the super cool lamp, the wonderful edition you see in the video below is available at $3,360, whereas the non-interactive edition is available at a very affordable cost of $580. But, just by witnessing how amazing this invention looks in action, you would be convinced of the fact that this one is surely worth that investment.

Richard Clarkson Thunderstorm Lamp

To gain a better insight into how miraculous and incredibly realistic this cloud lamp with its interactive speakers looks when switched on, head to the below video by Richard Clarkson shared at Vimeo to showcase his amazing, innovative creation.

You will be thrilled to bring all that lightning and thunderstorm to your space and add a spectacular touch to a regular evening, just on the click of a button, or what about brightening up the Christmas Eve with this one-of-a-kind Cloud and making everyone skip a heart beat?

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