Be Your Child’s Superhero Mum With These Great 30+ Kids Room Decor Ideas

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Kids have a very rich imagination, and that is a known fact. Most of the kids these days have at least one superhero that they look up to and they often want to have clothes and toys that depict their favorite, but what do you do when your child wants to redecorate his entire room? Instead of painting thousands of dollars for a professional cartoonist to paint the walls or for a carpenter to refurbish the room, here are 30 unique kids room decor ideas that will help you.

Be Your Child's Superhero Mum With These Great 30 Kids Room Decor Ideas

1. Branch Swing Shelves

Branch Swing Shelves

If you are passionate about gardening and you have several extra branches after the spring clean-up, then you can easily use them for this great DIY branch swing shelf tutorial.

Project Deatails – gardentherapy

2. Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon

Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon

Why invest in expensive chandeliers when you can make a very crafty, colorful and playful paper lantern hot air balloon from scratch?

Project Deatails – makelifelovely

3. Wood Block Nursery

Wood Block Nursery

This is a rather complex DIY tutorial, but if you fancy them then here you will be thoroughly guided through every step of making an exquisite DIY painted wood block nursery for your little princess.

Project Deatails –  aliceandlois

4. Door Toy Hanger

Door Toy Hanger

Are you tired of stumbling upon your child’s toys all over the room? Do you want to arrange them so that your child can find them easily and effortlessly? Then here is a great tutorial for you.

Project Deatails –  media-cache-ec0

5. DIY Big Boy Bedroom

DIY Big Boy Bedroom

Upgrading your boy’s bedroom does not have to be expensive or time-consuming, and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

Project Deatails –  stoverstories

A fun way to pick up toys (affiliate)

  A fun way to pick up toys

The Jumbo Toy Hammock  gets the mess up off the floor with 6 feet of strong, polyester hammock storage for bears, bunnies, and all their favorite toys. Your kids will love throwing their stuff into the HAMMOCK.

6. Playroom Decorating Ideas

Playroom Decorating Ideas

With a bit of imagination and a drop of inspiration, you can take your child’s room decor a mile further, and this tutorial will offer you a few useful hints.

Project Deatails –  smartschoolhouse

7. Letters Wall Art Decor

Letters Wall Art Decor

Wall art will always be popular amongst children, so why not store old letters in a practical, funky and original manner with this exquisite wall art decoration?

Project Deatails –  mydesiredhome

8. Easy Curtain Shelf

Easy Curtain Shelf

Does your kid have too many toys and you simply ran out of storage space? No problem! This easy curtain shelf tutorial will give you a great idea.

Project Deatails –  whiletheysnooze

9. Washi Tape Wall

Washi Tape Wall

If your child fancies strong colors and contrasts, then here is a great Washi tape wall tutorial that will help you refresh his room on a budget.

Project Deatails –  whiletheysnooze

10. Tween Table

Tween Table

Teenagers are certainly very difficult to please, and transitioning from childhood to teenagehood can be quite challenging. Here’s a tutorial that will help you make your girl an outstanding tween table that all her friends will envy. Project Deatails –  whiletheysnooze

Moon in My Room (Affiliate)

Moon in My Room

Enjoy the shining beauty of the moon right at home with Uncle Milton Moon In My Room. This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon.

11. Cloud Room

Cloud Room

Is your child passionate about nature and you want to upgrade his room in a cost-effective and efficient manner? Try this DIY cloud room tutorial then!

Project Deatails –  mermagblog

12. Cloud Shelves

Cloud Shelves

These cloud-shaped shelves are a great choice for children who love to read – take your kids’ room storage space to the next level with this DIY tutorial.

Project Deatails –  limmaland

13. Surreal DIY Cloud Backdrop

Surreal DIY Cloud Backdrop

As you may have already noticed, clouds are particularly fashionable these year! Here is a very user-friendly DIY cloud backdrop tutorial that you can use.

Project Deatails –  apracticalwedding

14. Rainbow Bed

Rainbow Bed

Everybody loves rainbows, and children are certainly no exception to the rule! Make your child’s bed even cuter with this super handy DIY rainbow bed tutorial.

Project Deatails –  ikeahackers

15. DIY Car Parking Lot

DIY Car Parking Lot

Toys can cost a small fortune these days, so why not take the time to make a couple homemade toys that your little boy will certainly appreciate? Trendy, Cheap And Inspired Kids Room Decor Ideas That Every Mom Can Use. Project Deatails –  pinterest

Disney Pixar Cars Piston Cup Champs Peel & Stick Wall Decal (affiliate)

Disney Pixar Cars Piston Cup Champs Peel & Stick Wall Decal

Transform your child’s bedroom into a Cars-themed hideaway with Disney Pixar Cars Stick Wall Decal. The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to decorate any room or flat surface.

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