20 Awe-Inspiring DIY House Number Ideas Displaying Your Address With Unbeatable Creativity!

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Whether you keep pulling off little tweaks to the interior decor or exterior appeal of your house, or simply go for a full-fledged renovation transforming every single element of the space - one thing that remains the same forever is nothing but your house number! So, doesn’t such an important aspect of your home deserve a lot more attention and a touch of style? To get that makeover started, here are 20 Awe-Inspiring DIY House Number Ideas Displaying Your Address With Unbeatable Creativity!

DIY House Number

1. DIY House Number Ideas

DIY House Number Sign

Minimalist metal letters from Home Depot attached to a wooden board with a little flower box at the bottom display your house number with utmost elegance. It’ll perfectly cover a big empty space on the side of the door.

DIY Details : shadesofblueinteriors

2. Modern Metal And Wood Numbers

Modern Metal And Wood Numbers

The backdrop of painted stir sticks fixed on a wooden board for added support makes things look truly rustic. On the other hand, the shining metal digits bring out an element of modern for this chic house number sign.

DIY Details : 4men1lady

3. DIY Grassy Number Display

DIY Grassy Number Display

How realistic does that grass behind the house numbers look? It’s actually faux grass held in place with a small homemade shadow box. The grass is glued to the box, further glue to the digits on top, ending up in complete vibrance.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

4. DIY Modern Address Plate

DIY Modern Address Plate

A rectangular piece of wood is lined throughout with lots of paint sticks and coated in a pretty dark walnut stain. The metal number are screwed to the board in a way that makes them float a little away from the backdrop.

DIY Details : thediyplaybook

5. Bronze Finish House Numbers

Bronze Finish House Numbers

Freshen up your porch with a set of stunning house numbers in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The backdrop for the letters is nothing but an upcycled cheese board from the kitchen, pulling off a dose of country appeal.

DIY Details : craftivitydesigns

6. Flower Tower House Numbers

Flower Tower House Numbers

Flower Tower House Numbers

Stack 2-3 planters on top of each other on your front porch, painting the house numbers on one of them with a contrasting shade. Go for subtle colors for the planters to make the best out of the natural greens and flowers.

DIY Details : flickr

7. Rustic Wood House Number Signs

Rustic Wood House Number Signs

No matter how colorful or vibrant your space is, a rustic house number sign like this one constructed out of simple paint sticks and a plywood board won’t fail to complement its beauty with those metal numbers and marine varnish.

DIY Details : familyfocusblog

8. Shutter with House Number

Shutter with House Number

What sets this super cool house number shutter apart is a lovely DecoArt Chalk Paint in Relic, adorned with a few intended imperfections brought by sanding the painted piece. Coat with cream wax and screw the numbers!

DIY Details : overthebigmoon

9. DIY Address Plaque

DIY Address Plaque

A rustic piece of scrap wood gets a totally quirky appearance when charmed up with a planter box and a solid coat of black covering it throughout. Flat or floating, the house number digits look wonderful with those colorful flowers.

DIY Details : myanythingandeverything

10. Repurposed Milk Can Sign

Repurposed Milk Can Sign

Transform an old milk can into an all new thing of home decor clubbed with great functionality with just a few steps. The bright white paint with house digits done in black form a classic combination of colors.

DIY Details : mod-home

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