Get Crafty And Creative With These Exquisite Easter Decorations!

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If you are the type of woman who loves holidays, then rejoice! The Easter decorations play a pivotal role when it comes to spreading that “holiday spirit” around, and the best thing about these decorations is that you can easily make them yourself.

There is nothing more beautiful than bonding with your child or husband and making some lovely bunny or egg-themed decorations that you can hang around the house later. Besides this, some of the following decorations are great to keep in the long run, as they will certainly remind you of the precious time you have spent with those close to you. Here you will find some outstanding decoration ideas that you should definitely put to good use!

17. Stenciled Burlap Table Runner!

Stenciled Burlap Table Runner

With all these Easter garlands and wreaths, you can easily forget about decorating your kitchen or living room table, when the truth is that the table runners are equally important! Here is a lovely tutorial that you can try if you want to get a durable stenciled burlap table runner – you do not need to have any knitting or sewing skills to make the best of this runner! All you need to do is to thoroughly follow the tutorial and to add a personal touch to your overall decor.

Besides the classic bunny print, which has already become a cliche for Easter, you can also add a personal message to this stenciled burlap table runner, or you can personalize it with your family name! Not only would it be an outstanding decoration to use for your home, but it would also double as an outstanding homemade gift that you can give to your parents, friends or neighbors!

Project Source and Tutorial – uncommondesignsonline

18. Jelly Bean Topiary

Jelly Bean Topiary

This cute and adorable romance-themed jelly bean topiary is yet another great choice for this year’s Easter, especially if you have a few small pots at your disposal and you want to make the best of them. All you need is a popsicle stick, some jelly beans and some patterned bands that you can use to add extra style to the overall topiary. Once you are done, you can place the jelly bean topiary along the edge of your windows, you can put them on your living room table or even in the kitchen – just let your imagination guide you from that point on!

Project Source and Tutorial – craftysisters-nc

19. Cute Easter Mason Jar Crafts!

Cute Easter Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars have tens of different applications, and for a good reason as they are very volatile and multi-purpose. However, have you ever thought about turning your old mason jars into adorable, brightly colored bunny-themed decorations for this year’s Easter? If not, then now’s the right time to do it! Have a look at this lovely step by step tutorial and you will get a deeper insight into this amazing craft that will help you spice up your home for Easter, on a budget!

Project Source and Tutorial – number-2-pencil

20. Lovely Pinata Eggs For Your Easter

Lovely Pinata Eggs For Your Easter

These Pinata eggs are not only durable and brightly colored, but they are also perfect if you have cats or any other pets – they will keep playing with them, and you do not have to worry about them making a mess! If you have some extra colored paper to spare and some string, then you should certainly check out this tutorial as it will undoubtedly redefine the way you see Easter decorations. Crafty, creative and very original at the same time, these Pinata eggs can be easily hanged around your windows or even from your ceiling lights, in the living room.

Project Credit and Tutorial – asubtlerevelry

21. DIY Easter Cross Wreath

DIY Easter Cross Wreath

This Easter cross wreath is certainly the best way to celebrate the Holy Easter holiday – besides this, you can easily make it within minutes. All you need for this crafty decoration is one or two natural flowers (do not worry about them – they will last long enough to brighten up your Easter) and some twigs that you will tie together so that they will form a cross. Place the natural flowers right on the middle of the cross and then hang this beautiful wreath on your front door.

Project Source and Tutorial – cheeriosandlattes

22. Peeps On A Stick!

Peeps On A Stick

You cannot go wrong this Easter with the Peeps on a Stick, for two good reasons. Firstly, these decorations are absolutely adorable: brightly colored, easy to make and really easy to place around your home. Secondly, the peeps on a stick are actually edible, therefore you can safely eat them once they have dried out – this will definitely appeal to your kid, as children are notorious for their candy cravings! Moreover, since you will be making the peeps from scratch in your own kitchen, it is up to you to decide just how much sugar you will add to the entire composition, which is great for those who are on a strict diet!

Project Source and Tutorial – yourhomebasedmom

23. Husband Easter Egg Basket

Husband Easter Egg Basket

If you want to show the love and appreciation you have for your husband or boyfriend deep inside your heart, then you are certainly in the right place! Here is how you can make a truly adorable Easter egg basket that will serve as one of the cutest personalized gifts your significant other has ever received. The basket is pretty basic, as it will mainly contain beer, but the secret lies in the way you decorate the entire basket. Your husband will definitely appreciate that you took the time to crop those adorable bunny ears and to make the basket look as personal and customized as possible. Give it a try and you will certainly not regret it!

Project Source and Tutorial – blog.evite

24. Make A Layered Cake-Filled Vase!

Make A Layered Cake-Filled Vase

We all know the classic rainbow cake that bursts with color and flavor, and while it is true that cakes like that are absolutely delicious, they can also serve as great Easter decorations if you know how to make the best of them! Here is how you can make a lovely layered candy filled vase, with flowers in it. Get ready for the ultimate color combination that will definitely take your Easter decoration to the next level!

Project Source and Tutorial – getcreativejuice

25. Easter Subway Art Sign

Easter Subway Art Sign

This is a lovely Easter idea if you are looking for a durable, cheap and hassle-free decoration that you can hang outside your home. All you need is a rough piece of wood that you will then paint in your favorite color (preferably, it should be as bright as possible – in the end, it is Easter) and then start writing the magic words on it – Easter is on its way! You can place this lovely decoration just outside your house, preferably near the door, as it will perfectly match your Easter wrath if you have one!

Project Source and Tutorial – tatertotsandjello

26. Point Of View Easter Project

Point Of View Easter Project

Be warned! This is a great and super crafty project, but it takes a lot of time, passion and dedication. The best thing about this creative point of view Easter project is the fact that it is very eco-friendly, as you do not use any materials that can damage the surrounding environment. As a matter of fact, you will be using moss to decorate the project – it simply does not get more natural than that! Check out this great project, and you will definitely fall in love in an instant.

Project Source and Tutorial – notjustahousewife

27. DIY Rabbits On A String!

DIY Rabbits On A String

This decoration is somewhat similar to the Easter garlands described above, but it is still different – the rabbits are hanging vertically, not horizontally as it happens with the garlands. This is one of the most creative and time-effective decorations that you can try for this Easter, and it basically requires no investment whatsoever. Just check it out and try it yourself!

Project Source and Tutorial – titatoni.blogspot

28. Lovely Egg Decorations

Lovely Egg Decorations

This is another outstanding decoration that you can try for Easter. In a nutshell, you will be creating some crafty eggs that look as if they were recently hatched, and the best thing about these eggs is that they can easily serve as pots in which you can plant moss, grass or various flowers. Do not worry – they will not drip! Here is a step by step tutorial that will guide you through every part of the process, and make sure you will never go wrong with this lovely decoration!

Project Source and Tutorial – caisak

29. Burlap Bunnies

Burlap Bunnies

If you love Easter bunny decorations, then here is a great one for you! These adorable miniature Easter burlap bunnies are very lightweight and compact, you can make them within minutes and you can randomly place them around the house. What makes them stand out from the other bunny decors is the unique dotted pattern that will easily match the overall decor of your living room, bedroom and so forth!

Project Source and Tutorial – landeeseelandeedo

30. Spring Easter Egg Sign Decor!

Spring Easter Egg Sign Decor

If you are committed to welcoming spring into your home the right way, then here is the perfect decoration for that. This is basically a huge egg decor that you can make at home, and hang if anywhere you want – let your creativity take over and then just enjoy the final result. You will certainly be surprised!

Project Source and Tutorial – lollyjane

31. Easter Egg Inspired Vases

Easter Egg Inspired Vases

Everybody loves flowers – not only because they smell so nice and they spread their perfume throughout your entire home, but also because they are so beautifully color and they exude optimism and positivity through every single petal! Have a look at this great tutorial that will help you get your vases “ready for Easter”.

Project Source and Tutorial – tatertotsandjello

32. Easter Book Page Bunting

Easter Book Page Bunting

Here is the perfect Easter decoration for you, if you love reading and you want to make sure that everybody knows it! If you are a bookworm, then rejoice – this Easter book page bunting will never become old-fashioned, and you can personalize it in countless different ways!

Project Source and Tutorial – simpleasthatblog

33. How to make a Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers

How to make a Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers

“They make a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion or holiday just by swapping out the flowers and the color jelly beans!”

Instructions: getcreativejuice

34. DIY Floral Table Decoration

DIY Floral Table Decoration

Clever idea to use wide bowls to create great floral arrangements.

35. DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

What an adorably pretty homemade vase does this bunny face make, specially when it’s meant for Easter? The secret lies in a repurposed jar that has got its label peeled off and thoroughly cleared off the gum by scrubbing a DIY paste of baking soda and just a splash of vinegar onto the jar with the help of a toothbrush. Once you are done with getting rid of the goo, all you need to do is coat the jar with some chalk paint and draw the lovely bunny features, loading the vase with flowers of your choice.

DIY Details : weekendcraft

36. Crochet Easter Eggs

Crochet Easter Eggs

Those bundles of Easter eggs adorned with intricate art of crocheting are undoubtedly, going to look stunning hanging them on the branches of a vase that can disguise as a stunning centerpiece for the gathering. What you need is some thread, crochet needles, and a ribbon to create the pattern using chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and triple crochet. Although this one calls for a good deal of patience and time, but what you achieve at the end is totally worth all that effort !

DIY Details : lvlyblog

37. Easter Candle Holder

Easter Candle Holder

If bright candy colors and that mesmerizing golden glow of candles is totally your thing, then this Easter Candle Holder won’t fail to get your heart melting in the very first glimpse of itself. And yes, these are surprisingly cheap as well as easy to make putting a few plastic eggsplastic egg ornaments with heartwarming colors and patterns, a few small round pieces of wood, some dowel rods, glue, a drill, a few rill bits, and some spray paint to creative use. Head to the simple steps of construction in the below tutorial by The CSI Project.

DIY Details : thecsiproject

38. DIY Easter Decor Carrots made with Newspaper and Tape

DIY Easter Decor Carrots made with Newspaper and Tape

Here’s a unique take on the idea of Easter carrots wherein those sweet bunny treats have been built entirely out of newspaper and lots of tape, finally wrapped in red and orange threads. Whether you couple these fake yet super realistic carrots that can last for a lifetime with a nice table centerpiece, or simply use them as a decoration element for a homemade Easter cake, they are surely going to win all hearts. The best part is that you can even get the kids indulged in some festive crafting with these super easy beauties!

DIY Details : creeklinehouse

39. Bunny Pom Pom Garland

Bunny Pom Pom Garland

Cute bunny crafts don’t call for more than a fraction of a second for getting the whole ambiance around the house into the Easter spirit. Sporting those absolutely endearing little ears peeking out of cute white pom poms, this Bunny Pom Pom Garland ties a bunch of furry creatures right to your mantel or the front door. All you need to get started with the project is some white yarn, a pom pom maker, a pair of scissors, some white craft foam, lots of white packaged pom poms, a hot glue gun, and some baker’s twine.

DIY Details : createcraftlove

To sum it all up, these are 30+ chic, easy, imaginative and cheap Easter decorations that you can try with your child, your husband or even alone! You can now compliment those freshly dyed Easter eggs with a lovely table runner, a couple of burlap bunny decorations, some garlands, a few wreaths or a generously sized welcome sign that you can place just outside of your home. The choice is entirely yours! Read about more Easy Easter ideas!

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