20 Gorgeous Rustic Living Room Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart With Warmth

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Unlike most people presume, you really don’t need to ditch the idea of luxury and comfort when you plan to go for a rustic-style interior for your living room. Installing lots and lots of wood, gorgeous stone walls, a stunning fireplace and subtle colors that make the heart melt with warmth are of course, the chief elements of a rustic decor. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about creative blending of high-end furnishings and decor with a touch of nature that makes your space look oh so special. To showcase the same even better, here are 20 Rustic Living Room Ideas that can make a breathtaking statement when incorporated into your home.

11. Bless the Food Before Us Wood Sign

Bless the Food Before Us Wood Sign

If you are planning to adore your living room space with an element of rustic charm, whether it’s a gorgeous mantel or a wooden table with roughly done staining, this handmade sign is going to be the most apt and appropriate accompaniment for the same. What it sports is a cute phrase, specifically “Bless the food before us, the family beside us, and the love between us” to work as a reminder of the love the whole family shares – all beautifully written on a large, ultra-pretty neutral framed piece of high quality wood. A dark walnut finish for the frame introduces the perfect rustic look, while the sign has been adorably white-washed with utmost finesse. You can grab one for yourself heading to the below Etsy listing and get those lovely hand written, black chalk painted letters make your living room look much more charming.

DIY Details : etsy

12. DIY Wood Shelves

DIY Wood Shelves

No matter what’s the theme of your living room, you can always bring out a special Wow factor to the space with this versatile set of spectacular DIY Wooden Shelves that is not only rustic, but also equally elegant and chic at the same time. Capable of going with just about any kind of furnishing, these floating shelves are surprisingly effortless to put together all by yourself and can enhance the charm of any corner in the room, or even the absolute middle of the wall. Coats of Minwax Provincial used for the staining make shelves look even more rustic and four of them hanging about 14 inches apart from each other work out enough room to get the decorations done with a variety of showpieces, photo frames, vases, lamps and of course, a few homemade crafts that reflect your personality like nothing else can.

DIY Details : makingitinthemitten

13. Bright Whites!

Bright Whites

As the title suggests, bright whites and different hues of this utterly soothing color are what make this rustic living room standout. Additionally, a few touches of browns make everything all the way more warm and appealing – whether it’s the coffee table with a rough wooden finish sitting in the middle, the boxes and baskets housing a variety of vases and plants, gorgeous ceramic pots resting right in front of the mantel, or that large chalkboard hanging on the wall on a unique frame that has been made out of old doors coated in white paint with a few intended imperfections. The sofa matching the color scheme of the center table is oh so warm and of course, cozy with a whole group of cushions covered in a spectrum of fabrics in plain as well as graphic patterns. A white wreath, an empty wooden frame and a large centerpiece add the final touches.

DIY Details : instagram

14. Blankets, Coffee and Candles

Blankets, Coffee and Candles

Keep it purely and exclusively limited to gorgeous wood when it comes to the coffee table sitting right in the middle of a multi-seater sofa, and you will end up with a classic rustic look to your living room on a whole. Place a nice rug beneath the table in a way that it makes the wooden flooring get its cherry on the cake. Speaking of the couch, top it up with as many pillows and cushions you can, making sure they reflect a unique earthy texture to them while you go for a variety of cover fabrics and shades of light browns and white. Adding a cozy and furry blanket on the same is all you need to make everything even more warm and magical, just like those glowing set of huge candles placed inside a glass box making the whole room touch new levels of soothing brightness. Adding a golden vase is surely going to make a pretty statement!

DIY Details : pinterest

15. More Old Wood Shutters

More Old Wood Shutters

In today’s era when everyone is going for all metal, iron and intricately designed frames for their windows, how about going a little unconventional and of course, rustic? In fact, even if you don’t want to alter the windows, go for these old wooden shutters all about the idea of naturally elegant as a simple wall decor behind that sofa of your living room. The shutters in the below Instagram were brought from that garbage heap, but you can always get them from the wooden furniture store or simply a thrift shop and make the space reflect a farm style decor that’s unbeatabl-y shabby chic. For the chandelier, this huge thing of beauty with large crystals hanging from the metallic structure can go just well with both large as well as small spaces. Lastly, load the couch with a bunch of cushions, making sure you keep things monochrome.

DIY Details : instagram

16. Blend Together The Idea of Rustic and Refined

Blend Together The Idea of Rustic and Refined

Seamlessly blending the idea of rustic and refined in one single living space, this inspiration chooses more rich fabrics and equally expensive items for the furniture to achieve that unbeatable comfort and luxury. The coffee table features intricate designing on the sides, while the top is a highly polished surface that goes magically well with the large golden vases housing subtle shades of flora that contrasts the colors of the surroundings. How is sofa has been covered in a light-tones, extra cozy fabric is simply amazing, while the variety of fabrics for the bundle of pillows adds a lot more prettiness to the room at a larger level. Installing a few picture frames on the walls and a few plants in the corners is all you need to complete the decor, introducing a few fresh fragrances and colors to that gorgeous rustic-ness.

DIY Details : http://pin.it/YNeCPoJ

17. Rustic yet Cozy Living Space

Rustic yet Cozy Living Space

Sophistication and simplicity are the key factors that blend together to make this living room a complete stunner with a one-of-a-kind clean yet cozy essence. The first thing to begin with a rustic design for this one is to go for an all-white, grey or neutral canvas for the walls – while incorporating the same color combinations into the prints, the picture frames, the fabrics as well as the sofa or chairs. For the center table, a repurposed cabinet or a dresser can go amazingly well when it comes to ending up in a truly functional and out of the box piece of furniture. That mixing and matching of cushion fabrics and rugs, along with that fresh green centerpiece makes sure the whole ambiance looks elegant and natural. Final touches are all credits to lots of lighting with pretty candle stands, lamps and a massive chandelier on the ceiling.

DIY Details : pin.it

18. Candles and Centerpieces Make All The Difference

Candles and Centerpieces Make All The Difference

Are you all set to get a never-experienced-before gleam in the eyes with these glowing centerpieces that transform a simple living room into a true statement? A rustic basket works magically well as the table tray storing four mini candlesticks, which are taken to all new heights of fascination by installing extra huge candles in them. In fact, you can also give a new purpose to some wine glasses by turning them into homemade candles. If all that glow wasn’t enchanting enough, this center table has got so much more to it, that too with a glorious metallic touch. Actually, it houses two large-sized metal pots with a unique bright silver shine that are more than perfect for being repurposed as table vases and being stuffed with roses, lavenders or any pastel colored flowers that will add a contrast to the white pillows all over.

DIY Details : worthminer

19. Install an Oversized Snuggler Chair

Install an Oversized Snuggler Chair

Simply awesome is what your heart will scream the moment you take a look at that over-sized snuggler chair that has been coupled up with an exceptionally furry blanket that compliments the chair’s white color with its warm tone. What makes this living room totally rustic is the chief wall covered in wooden panels throughout, while the couches resting in the room are kept all about minimalism. How can you leave behind a few candles when it comes to making it a lot more rustic? Candlesticks stand with utmost grace on the coffee table that quite resembles a locked treasure chest. Even the side table forms the base for even more candles and lamps, while being adorned with a simple little tree growing in a rustic basket. This idea by Worth Miner is not only beautiful, but also truly awe-inspiring!

DIY Details : worthminer

20. Throw in Some Extra Pillows

Throw in Some Extra Pillows

The extra comforting and super homey essence of this gorgeously rustic living room is all credits to those plenty of pillows smothered all over the sofa. On top of that, the lovely combination of warm, cozy and soft tones of white and grey flaunted by the pillow fabrics establishes a peaceful atmosphere throughout the space while keeping it absolutely welcoming. The cherry on the cake here is a dark-hued cushion covered in black upholstery, as well as a few of them sporting a glittery fabric that adds a touch of glamour to the otherwise subtle color scheme. That low-height coffee table looking like a bunch of wooden pallets looks oh so marvelous when decorated with a metallic centerpiece housing a variety of candlesticks as well as candles in jars. Throw in a warm rug at the bottom of the table, and voila!

DIY Details : worthminer

Whether you want to transform your living room into a space that reflects the magic of natural woods and subtle glows, wish to make it a bit extra cozy with tons of pillows and warm stone walls, or simply looking out for combining your interior with a chic and out-of-the-box decor, the aforesaid Rustic Living Room Ideas won’t fail to hit all the right notes!

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