25 Must-Try Rustic Wall Decor Ideas Featuring The Most Amazing Intended Imperfections

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Using a few pieces of wood, a few simple natural elements, or even readily available stuff from around the house as the building blocks, you can give those regular plain walls of your home a totally rustic and chic makeover, that too using the most basic of construction tools and a little bit of creativity. And that earthy texture coupled up with a dash of worn out appeal makes these 25 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas a must-try if you love experimenting with your home decor!

8. Gallery Wall with Handmade Pallet Clock

Gallery Wall with Handmade Pallet Clock

Great amount of close attention and thought are reflected by this gallery wall decoration which has got a huge handmade pallet clock as its showstopper. The fine detailing of the picture frames adorned with graphical posters, the decor arrows sporting a few inspirational phrases, and the lettered initials are not only amazing in themselves, but also absolutely identical to that of the pallet clock. And that’s why this wall brings out the decor on a grouped level, instead of having everything sport a separate look. The shades of brown blending with each other on the clock are accompanied by dark tones displayed on the hour and minute hand that come in a vintage kind of a design. Head to the below Pinterest share to get a deeper insight into the idea.

DIY Details : pin.it

9. Scrabble Letters Gallery Wall

Scrabble Letters Gallery Wall

Scrabble is one such game that’s not only loved by the kids, but the grown-ups as well, but did you ever imagine you can get a wonderful and super rustic decor done with those amazing scrabble tiles? In fact, you can build a whole gallery wall that sports a few favorite family pictures of yours or some graphics in individual wooden frames, having an interesting crossword in the middle that’s actually nothing but extra huge tiles of scrabble constructed from wooden pieces. How the prints have been introduced on the wood with utmost perfection makes the wall art truly breathtaking, while certain additional items like a wooden love sign and a few arrows can bring out the final touches.

DIY Details : pin.it

10. Rustic Wall Fall Decor

Rustic Wall Fall Decor

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fall’? Of course, lots of dried leaves with just a tint of greenery, light and pleasant shades of pastel colors, whites and greys as the major contributors and surely, a lot of warmth to make it all truly welcoming. Here’s how you can combine everything that makes the perfect recipe for a lovely fall decor together – this incredible Hobby Lobby decoration piece that’s so easy to be built at home too. All you need is to paint a few old shutter in solid coats of white and place them at a strategical location on an empty living room wall. Further, you need to collect a nice word from the store which is ‘gather’ in this one and attach it to the middle of the shutters. Add some planters on the side and you are good to go !

DIY Details : instagram

11. Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Vase Trio

Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Vase Trio

Have you got a bundle of wine bottles lying in the junk and you are planning to discard them, perhaps, this inspiration by Saved By Love Creations is all you need to ditch the idea and give the bottles an all new purpose that’s not only functional, but also equally gorgeous to look at. Pieces of reclaimed wood and recycled bottles when put together with an inexpensive copper hardware, end up in this rustic wall vase set that’s totally eco-friendly at the same time. All you need to get it all done is just a few dollars to get the essential hardware and a deal of no more than an hour, and voila ! You will get the most perfect and cost-friendly wall decor for your home. Plus, this one is a great idea for gifting to your loved ones for the festive season.

DIY Details : savedbylovecreations

12. Rustic Burlap Cross Wood Sign Wall Decor

Rustic Burlap Cross Wood Sign Wall Decor

Having a dark-stained piece of wood as the backdrop, and a light pastel colored another piece of wood in the foreground, this incredible thing of wonder has got a gorgeous burlap ribbon tied to itself, sporting a unique chevron pattern for the design. The color combination, specifically dark-grey and creamy white makes it not only soothing, but of course, rustic as well. The final touches of splendor are brought by a light brown ribbon that tops the cross made by the burlap piece with a pretty bow-shape. If you aren’t able to resist getting your hands on this Rustic Burlap Cross Wood Sign Wall Decor, you can purchase it on Etsy at the following listing, that too for a surprising deal of no more than 25 dollars.

DIY Details : etsy

13. Reclaimed Wood Heart Art

Reclaimed Wood Heart Art

The moment your guests catch the very first glimpse of this Reclaimed Wood Heart Art, this thing of rustic decor that blend the idea of nature with a little dose of love, a huge glow will pop up in their eyes and the space would fill up with a few rounds of applause for your creativity. The wooden heart in the middle adorned with lots of colors has got a wonderful glow to itself, while for the texture, the credit goes to a little weathering and that slightly whitewashed frame which features a color that compliments the yellow, red, and turquoise used for the heart just perfect. The new-age appeal and the rustic textures make this piece charming and of course, love-worthy. Once you have got this, you really don’t need to go for any other decor element to make a statement.

DIY Details : beyondthepicket-fence

14. DIY Rustic Wall Plaque

DIY Rustic Wall Plaque

The old and worn out element sported by these DIY Rustic Wall Plaques make them a delightful piece that can add a one of a kind look to your space. And yes, this one goes magically well for an empty wall space and it’s totally up to you when it comes to figuring out the dimensions of the piece keeping the size and space constraints of the room in mind. All you need to do to convert the most regular spots of the walls into a fascinating center of attention is to put one such plaque together and top it up with your initials done in galvanized steel. The overall texture of the wood sporting darker shades will compliment a light and bright room like a cherry on the cake, and going for a few simple and creative touches like this one makes it effortless to spruce up your home.

DIY Details : livedan330

15. Wooden Compass

Wooden Compass

Why go for an expensive store-bought wall hanging for your space when you can get going to build one all by yourself, that too in just a fraction of the cost you would otherwise spent to purchase one. And the concept for this homemade wall hanging is equally wonderful, looking just like a wooden compass that has got two arrows and “N, S, E, W” displayed around them. Some dark stain when rubbed onto the pieces of wood make them look not only amazing, but quite versatile when it comes to complimenting most living room themes. Finally the letters were rubbed in some sawdust, followed by a little hammering and wrenching to bang on the letters a little. For an added rustic appeal, nail some old nails in them, and voila ! The Compass is all set for the walls.

DIY Details : colorsandcraft

16. Old Windows, Fresh Style

Old Windows, Fresh Style

A few things look oh so perfect with their intended imperfections, and these Old Windows transformed into a brand new item of rustic wall decor explains the statement even better. Loads of dents created over time, those lovely little parts sporting chippyness here and there, as well as those warped wood frames sported by the old windows make it all truly out-of-the-box and edgy. What takes the beauty of the decoration to all new heights of fascination is a homemade wreath hanging in the middle of the piece which is as unique as the window frames, and the reason behind the same is lots of book pages coming into play to form the whole wreath that hangs on the frame with a tulle or ribbon matching the color theme of the window.

DIY Details : lovelycraftyhome

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