25 Must-Try Rustic Wall Decor Ideas Featuring The Most Amazing Intended Imperfections

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Using a few pieces of wood, a few simple natural elements, or even readily available stuff from around the house as the building blocks, you can give those regular plain walls of your home a totally rustic and chic makeover, that too using the most basic of construction tools and a little bit of creativity. And that earthy texture coupled up with a dash of worn out appeal makes these 25 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas a must-try if you love experimenting with your home decor!

17. Wall Picture Display

Wall Picture Display

Nothing can beat the charm of this Wall Picture Display if you have got an empty wall in the living room that you find absolutely perfect for flaunting a collection of your most special pictures. This one explains the idea of using weathered pieces of wood as a picturesque rustic wall decor by giving them an all new purpose and look. The different pieces of wood are placed at equal distances from each other on the wall in order to get a visually appealing appearance for the rustic goodness. Finally, a metallic cord is attached to the pieces, having pins placed throughout the cord so that you can hang your pictures on the piece of decor. Take a look at this inspiration from Heels In The Mud and get going to build your very own versions of the Display.

DIY Details : heelsinthemud

18. Rustic Gears Set

Rustic Gears Set

The craftsmen found their inspiration from gorgeously rustic parts from a tractor brought from a country store, further bringing the idea to life with this whimsical Rustic Gears Set that feature a monochrome theme and coordinating shapes. How these gears look no less than a complete sculptural prettiness when displayed on the wall is worth falling head over heels in love with them. Speaking of the material of construction, these are built out of cast aluminum with a distressed finish and come with a keyhole at the back so that they can be easily mounted on the wall. Costing just a deal of 200 dollars, the set includes three gears in gradually increasing sizes and can be brought from Pottery Barn.

DIY Details : potterybarn

19. Rustic Family Sign

Rustic Family Sign

Who said that you can’t blend in lots and lots of colors when planning to go for a natural-themed rustic interior decor elements for your home? This Rustic Family Sign is all you need to make a difference and combine a bright bundle of colors with lots of bright metallic pieces, some wooden arrows, wooden board frames, and a few pieces of large old corrugated metal to form the chief backdrop for the sign. For the letters, this one has got a set of vintage alphabets coming into play, stained in shades of red, white, blue and brown or just about any color that suits your whims and choices. The 6 feet wide and 3 feet tall sign although, will take up a good deal of space, but will be a stand-alone decoration that won’t call for much effort for the rest of the wall.

DIY Details : pin.it

20. Large Rustic Sconces : Shutters with Vases

Large Rustic Sconces : Shutters with Vases

A pastel toned set of old shutters gives a soothing and peaceful aura to this wall decor, bringing the floral element of nature into play. Sanded and distressed to introduce some rustic touch, these shutters are extremely durable and feature a large glass vase right in the middle that are more than perfect to be displayed throughout the year -thanks to their super versatile nature that allows them to be filled with a large spectrum of flowers or feathers, achieving a fresh look every single time. Made with hand-selected pine wood, these Large Rustic Scones available for purchase on this Etsy listing will brighten up the walls of your living room or bedroom nicely and is beautiful enough to stand alone or play the role of the focal point of the whole space.

DIY Details : etsy

21. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Incorporating a well-placed rustic wall decor item can bring out a gorgeously polished look to even the most simplest of arrangements for your living room furniture. In this case, this Rubber Door Mat Wall Art is not only casual but effortless in terms of its looks, but also versatile enough to fit in a spectrum of spots around the house. and fits wonderfully in a variety of locations in the home. Beginning from some outdoor black rubber door mats from the dollar store, all you need to do is paint them with a nice coat of Heirloom White, finally sanding the piece to get that unique texture and allowing it to dry, ending up in an age-old vintage feel to the finished piece of wall art. Head to the below guide by Salvage Dior to learn the steps even better.

DIY Details : salvagedior

22. Sophie Vintage Key Frame

Sophie Vintage Key Frame

Head to a vintage-themed boutique or an antique store to grab a wonderful set of key frames for yourself, combining them with a few weathered photo frames with the help of a natural jute fiber cord. On top, the Sophie Vintage Key Frames sport a stunning antique skeleton with different handles for the each key, selected from a unique key collection. To enhance the appeal of the frames, adorn them with a few old black and white pictures or artworks that compliment the look of the decor on a whole. Not only the interesting skeleton shapes are absolutely heartwarming, but also truly versatile that they will go with just about any living room you want them to couple with.

DIY Details : worldmarket

23. What To Do With Old Windows

What To Do With Old Windows

Those old windows when blended with a dose of imagination can be disguised into a chic and absolutely rustic decor that’s loaded with some of your best family photographs. In the middle of two old windows having their individual panes repurposed as pretty photo frames, sandwich awesome wooden letters screaming “Family” by adhering them to the walls with the help of command hooks. A special walnut stain would do wonders to bring out the natural texture for the letters, while the photos stick the the back of the window glass using a few clear picture corners. Surely, an ideal wall decor to work as the backdrop for the dining table or even the chief couch, this is a true showstopper.

DIY Details : cottageinstincts

24. DIY Pallet Plaques

DIY Pallet Plaques

Let the walls of your home transform into a reflection of your creativity by adorning them with your artworks, or simply showcase your precious memories by displaying a few family pictures on the walls with these DIY Pallet Plaques. Actually, these are an innovative kind of clipboards that have got a gorgeous rustic and worn out appeal to them. All you need is pieces of craft boards, some wood glue, a sander, some chalk paint or stain, a few bulldog clips, long screws, a saw, some jute rope or twine to make a hanger for your pallet, and a staple gun to make these alternatives to picture frames. That essence making the plaques look like a stationery item makes these popular among the kids too.

DIY Details : ohmy-creative

25. Make Your Own Rustic Wall Ruler

Make Your Own Rustic Wall Ruler

If you have got little kids around the house, keeping a track of their growth and that increasing height is surely not an uncommon practice for you. So, how about ditching the idea of paper rulers sticking on the wall and putting together a thing of rustic beauty to serve the purpose with utmost grace, just like this Rustic Wall Ruler. Constructed out of a lovely old barn door, this one has got a piece of wood sanded to get a little finish, followed by marking the essential lines and numbers using a permanent marker. That glossy shine is brought by sealing the wood with some wax, finally getting it all set to hang on the wall. Take a look at this tutorial by Home Talk to grab your hands on the process.

DIY Details : hometalk

Why go for placing your precious moments or those decoration elements on the walls in the same age-old fashions when you can transform them into an artwork of rustic prettiness by bringing one or more of the aforesaid Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to life, making a statement with your home?

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