15 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas Transforming Your Space From Simple to Classic

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A stunning and soothing bathroom space flaunting a nice fragrance, a pretty color theme and a lovely decor is a thing of comfort in itself, getting you all refreshed all over again. What if you could integrate the idea of a gorgeous-looking bathroom with an element of antiquity or vintage? A little wooden piece of storage, a cozy homemade rug or a creatively crafted shower curtain, these 15 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas are going to transform your space from simple to classic just like magic!

Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas Transforming Your Space From Simple to Classic

1. Thrift Store Towel Hanger Revamp

Thrift Store Towel Hanger Revamp

Bought for a super little deal of no more than 50 cents, a simple door knob from the thrift store can be transformed into an utterly adorable towel hanger. Perfect to place on the bathroom wall for a chic element to the space, this one looks so eye catchy with that bright crystal knob on top with a solid white backdrop for the base. A little screwing and fixing is all it takes to install it on the wall and pull off the revamp.

DIY Details : thehouseofsmiths

2. DIY Rosette Fabric Rug

DIY Rosette Fabric Rug

The perfect craft that can bring a touch of elegance and loads of coziness to your bathroom is a gorgeous rug. And, that’s exactly what this DIY Rosette Fabric Rug does with its oh so subtle appearance and super soft texture. All you need is a carpet pad remnant, knit fabric, fabric glue, hot glue gun, needle, thread, scissors and duct tape to work out those pretty floral things with a little sewing, folding and glueing, finally assembling them together to form the complete rug.

DIY Details : designdazzle

3. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

DIY Home Decor being talked about and mason jars be left behind? Of course not! So, here’s a whole bundle of lovely storage accessories for your bathroom – all been crafted out of different sized mason jars. Although, you can customize them whichever way you like, but a solid coat of white can make things much more sophisticated and minimal. And yes, how one of the jars has been transformed into a soap dispenser with a converter kit is simply awe-inspiring.

DIY Details : masonjarcraftslove

4. Mirror – Chalk Paint Tutorial

Mirror - Chalk Paint Tutorial

Give an all new makeover to an old mirror, making it reflect the idea of vintage at its best. The credit here goes to some chalk paint used to coat the frame of the mirror and that rustic appeal it has got to it. What you need to pull off the project is some chalk paint and some clear, dark wax. Simply place a piece of paper in between the frame and the mirror, followed by coating it thoroughly with the paint. Add some finishing touches by coating it with wax and sanding the prettiness.

DIY Details : sincerelysarad

5. Little Wooden Crate

Little Wooden Crate

The author calls this Little Wooden Crate truly shabby chic yet functional – thanks to those adorable mason jars sitting inside the painted crate, holding all your Q-tips and cotton balls that were otherwise lying unmanaged in your bathroom drawer or the shelf. Grab one or two old mason jars, some paint and of course, a little old wooden box to get started. What steals the show is that soothing mint colored tone the crate flaunts, that would go just perfect with just about any theme or space decor.

DIY Details : keeponrowland

6. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Who would imagine that something as out-of-the-box as an antique window could turn out to be building blocks for a gorgeous DIY Bathroom cabinet. The perfect size and the great vertical space utilization of the cabinet makes it apt and appropriate for a small bathroom, bringing out some extra storage space for all your personal care stuff. To compliment the rustic look of the cabinet, it’s best to install some clear glass jars inside for working out a well-organized storage.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

7. Ruffled Shower Curtain

Ruffled Shower Curtain

You are going to fall in love with the unbeatable softness and pleasant color of these shower curtains that have been made out of some bleached drop cloths. However, the star element of these beauties is the ruffles made out of a linen-looking, thin cotton fabric. And yes, this gorgeous Ruffled Shower Curtain alone can give your bathroom a brand new look, and make your shower moments much more cozier than ever.

DIY Details : sewafineseam

8. Suitcase Vanity and Towel Holder

Suitcase Vanity and Towel Holder

If you struggle with a tiny bathroom and have no room for keeping the small items on hand, this thrifted vanity suitcase attached to the wall can come to your rescue – serving as a towel holder and small cabinet at the same time. The needed supplies for the craft include a vanity suitcase, some fabric or lace to decoupage, a decoupage medium, hooks, screws, screw nuts, Hammer-Drive Hollow Wall Anchors, some long wood screws and washers, scissors, an X-Acto knife, hand drill, and a hammer.

DIY Details : designsponge

9. Picket Fence Towel Bar

Picket Fence Towel Bar

Do you often forget to carry your towel along while going for a shower? Why not install a chic and super trendy towel bar right next to the shower and eliminate the hassle forever. Plus, this towel bar constructed out of a piece of picket fence is truly budget-friendly, surprising enough for its stunning appearance brought out with a dash of white paint, those lovely iron hooks and a dowel rod. A box kept at the bottom for a quick towel storage goes magically well with the bar installed above.

DIY Details : chaoticallycreative

10. Rustic Driftwood Towel Holder

Rustic Driftwood Towel Holder

Setting an amazing example for the concept of Best Out of Waste, this towel holder is all about up-cycling a piece of old wood that was lying amidst the crap. It’s actually an old little boat door that had washed up and has been converted into an elegant towel holder. The imperfections and chippy look flaunted by the sea-foam green and white paint on the door work as the true showstealer, while it has been made fully functional with an open weave basket and a few towel hooks.

DIY Details : tableandhearth

11. Making Toiletries part of your Bathroom Decor

Making Toiletries part of your Bathroom Decor

As the name suggests, this project is here to inspire you to ditch the idea of a cabinet to keep all your toiletries and bathroom supplies hidden. Instead, it showcases how you can turn those soap bars, the bundle of towels, those Q-tips, some wash clothes and hand towels all a part of your bathroom decor, while keeping them within easy reach at the same time. An old factory bread loaf pan for nitty-gritty items, glass jar for soaps, and little baskets for towels!

DIY Details : hometalk

12. DIY Window Cabinet

DIY Window Cabinet


Almost effortless to build and absolutely inexpensive to get all set, this DIY Window Cabinet calls for the most basic of construction skills and a little patience. The idea is to build a wooden box that can fit the size of an old rustic window frame that you want to convert into a gorgeous cabinet. All you need to do is fit a few wooden shelves and add a back to the box, finally achieving a charming and chic look by staining the cabinet, allowing for a few dark and light spots.

DIY Details : craftsmandrive

13. Headboard Shelf

Headboard Shelf

Taking the first glimpse of this insanely pretty shelf, you wouldn’t be able to figure out that it is actually a twin headboard that has been put to awesome creativity. The bed post has been removed and the bottom of the headboard has been sawed off, followed by screwing the pieces together on a 90 degree angle. To turn it into a perfectly functional shelf, you just need to add the brackets and a few iron hooks with a vintage element, and voila !

DIY Details : theyellowcapecod

14. Refreshing the Guest Room Bath

Refreshing the Guest Room Bath

Introduce a wonderful twist to a regular bathroom, making it all edgy, royal and of course, shabby chic – all by making a few little tweaks to its decor. Simply install a gorgeous towel holder crafted out of pretty silver trays next to a spray painted mirror, while adding a few aqua-toned towels to get that much needed pop of color. Finished with a few ribbons and iron hooks, this one is not only going to add convenience, but a lot more beauty to everything.

DIY Details : beauxrevesamore

15. Shabby Chic Soap Dish

Shabby Chic Soap Dish

If you want to ditch those plain, boring box-shaped soap dishes placed in your bathroom, you would fall head over heels in love with this too enchanting to work as a soap dish piece of beauty that is surely going to be the showstopper of the space. That intricate design flaunted by the iron dish, and it’s stunningly painted frame reflects an element of luxury, and makes the storage accessory capable of adding some splendor to the most basic of bathroom decor.

DIY Details : pin

Whether you want to install a purposeful rack to make the most of your small bathroom space, or simply want to add a piece of accessory to the decor that can make things look absolutely stylish and trendy, the aforesaid Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas are undoubtedly, worth trying. Happy Makeovers!

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