Shine On Your Wedding Day With These Breath-Taking Rustic Wedding Ideas!

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There are two types of women in this world: those who have been dreaming about large, glamorous, Red Carpet-style weddings since childhood, and those who want to have a discrete, rustic wedding. If you feel like "going back to the origins" and celebrate your wedding in a traditional style, then here you will find some truly spectacular rustic wedding ideas to consider!

Shine On Your Wedding Day With These Breath-Taking Rustic Wedding Ideas! Shine On Your Wedding Day With These Breath-Taking Rustic Wedding Ideas!


1. Rustic Outdoor Reception – Right Next To The Barn!

Rustic Outdoor Reception – Right Next To The Barn

Just because you want a rustic, traditional wedding, this does not mean it has to be low-budget. Here is an outstanding idea for organizing a traditional, conservative outdoor reception – the best thing about it is that the barn is the centerpiece of the entire event, and you can decorate it just the way you want to!

Project Source – pinterest

2. Rustic Wedding Cupcake/Cake Display

Rustic Wedding Cupcake/Cake Display

No rustic wedding would be complete without a beautiful (and generous!) wedding cake. While it is true that there are countless rustic wedding recipes that you can try for the big event, you can also get a modern wedding day – the “rustic element” lies in the details! You would be amazed to see just how versatile the wooden crates are and how easily you can turn them into a traditional cupcake display.

Project Source – pinterest

3. Gorgeous Rustic Buffet!

Gorgeous Rustic Buffet

The overall wedding style must reflect itself in the menu, because in the end you cannot serve Foie Gras and other sophisticated dishes to your guests, if you truly aim for a rustic wedding! Here is a gorgeous rustic buffet idea that you can try, and the good thing about it is that it features only natural and chemical-free foods. Eco-friendly, beautiful and delicious at the same time – what else could you possibly with for?

Project Source – pinterest

4. Rustic Wedding Chair Signs

Rustic Wedding Chair Signs

If you love those classic director’s seats that you can see in the movies, then you will definitely get to love this really inspired rustic chair sign idea! You only need two chairs and a couple of wooden boards on which you can write “Mrs.” and “Mr.”. As simple as that!

Project Source – ezzly.hubpages

5. Rustic Wedding Reception Inside The Barn

Rustic Wedding Reception Inside The Barn

Organizing your wedding reception inside the barn can really benefit you: not only will this match the overall rustic theme of your wedding, but it will also help you save a lot of money and time on chair decorations and all that. Have a look!

Project Source – pinterest

6. Vintage Ladder For Wedding Display

Vintage Ladder For Wedding Display

One of the beauties of organizing a rustic wedding for you and your spouse is that you do not need to invest a small fortune in expensive high-end decorations. Instead, you can use almost anything – here is a great example of how a seemingly useless ladder has been turned into an outstanding wedding display!

Project Source – rusticweddingchic

7. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier

When you think about a chandelier, the chances are that the first picture that crosses your mind is that of a grand, glamorous, oversized chandelier. But it does not have to be like that! Here is a great idea for your rustic wedding: make yourself a DIY hula hoop chandelier that your guests will certainly appreciate!

Project Source – sarahontheblog

8. Wine Barrels Decorated With Colorful Flower Bouquets!

Wine Barrels Decorated With Colorful Flower Bouquets

When it comes to rustic wedding settings, you certainly know that the decorations can be quite tricky. However, here is a great idea on how you can add some lively flower bouquets to a few wine barrels and take your wedding decorations to the next level, on a budget!

Project Source – southernweddings

9. Chic Rustic Ceremony Decor

Chic Rustic Ceremony Decor

Lastly, here is yet another fancy and very inspired ceremony décor that you can use for your rustic wedding – you can never go wrong by adding some beautiful and pearly white silk curtains, hanging down from the trees. This will definitely create the perfect setting for some unforgettable pictures!

Project Source – thelane

10. DIY Rustic Photo Booth!

DIY Rustic Photo Booth

Regardless of the wedding theme, you will certainly need a photographer to immortalize the moments – and there is nothing more valuable for a nostalgic couple than a few vintage photos! Here is a great idea on how you can make your own rustic photo booth, without overspending.

Project Source – elegantweddinginvites

11. DIY Mr And Mrs Burlap Banner!

DIY Mr And Mrs Burlap Banner

This is a very comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial that will help you create a truly outstanding burlap banner. If you do not know where to start from, rest assured: the tutorial will carefully guide you through every step of the process, from beginning until the end!

Project Source – rusticweddingchic

12. Traditional Cake Display

Traditional Cake Display

This is a particularly great idea for spouses who have a sweet tooth and who do not want to skimp on desserts on their wedding day! Here is how you can make some truly unique and rustic cake displays, without even trying too much!

Project Source – catchmyparty

13. Rustic Wedding Dessert Bar

Rustic Wedding Dessert Bar

When it comes to traditional weddings, you will never go wrong with a dessert bar! Here is how you can make your very own, from scratch.

Project Source – colincowieweddings

14. Burlap Wedding Table Idea

Burlap Wedding Table Idea

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and if you want your wedding guests to stand in awe, then you should definitely try this burlap wedding table idea. Besides, the materials used for it are very inexpensive as well!

Project Source – projectwedding

15. DIY Rustic Wedding Decoration

DIY Rustic Wedding Decoration

This is an extraordinary handmade decoration that must not miss from any rustic or traditional wedding. Re-usable, easy to make and very compact!

Project Source – lovemydress

16. Tissue Paper Pom-Poms!

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

If you are passionate about DIY crafts and you want to make the decorations for your soon-to-be rustic wedding yourself, then look no further than these beautiful and super cheap tissue paper pom-poms!

Project Source – pinterest

17. Rustic Handmade Backyard Wedding

Rustic Handmade Backyard Wedding

This is a very in-depth guide that will help you redefine your backyard and turn it into the ultimate traditional wedding venue. Besides, you will also get to save a lot of money, since it is your backyard!

Project Source – weddingwire

18. Rustic Vintage Table Numbers

Rustic Vintage Table Numbers

This great idea for your rustic wedding is particularly useful if you have more than 100 guests coming over to celebrate your love. Here is a simple and effective tutorial on how to create some crafty and inspired DYI vintage wedding table numbers!

Project Source – weddingbells

19. Adorable Rustic Wedding Idea

Adorable Rustic Wedding Idea

This rustic wedding idea is somewhat similar to the wine barrel-bouquets described above, the sole difference is that these are miniature barrels that you can easily place on each table! Have a look and see just how practical and adorable they really are.

Project Source – weddingchicks

20. Outstanding Decorations For An Exquisite Traditional Woodland Wedding

Outstanding Decorations For An Exquisite Traditional Woodland Wedding

Here is one of the best ideas for organizing a rustic wedding that you can find online. With some eco-friendly birch and some extra confetti, you can truly thrown the ultimate traditional wedding, one that all of your guests will certainly remember in the long run.

Project Source – thenaturalweddingcompany

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