Shine On Your Wedding Day With These Breath-Taking Rustic Wedding Ideas!

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There are two types of women in this world: those who have been dreaming about large, glamorous, Red Carpet-style weddings since childhood, and those who want to have a discrete, rustic wedding. If you feel like “going back to the origins” and celebrate your wedding in a traditional style, then here you will find some truly spectacular rustic wedding ideas to consider!

21. Rustic Wedding Reception Sign

Rustic Wedding Reception Sign

This is a simple, cost-effective and super creative idea that will help you create an effortless rustic wedding reception sign. All you need is a piece of wood and some fresh paint – let your imagination and your creativity take it from there!

Project Source – pinterest

22. Burlap Chair Decoration

Burlap Chair Decoration

One of the main disadvantages of modern high-end weddings is that the chair decorations often end up costing more than the catering services! Fortunately, this will never be the case with this unique and exquisite burlap chair decoration, made from a versatile and totally inexpensive material.

Project Source – pinterest

23. Rustic Photo Booth Sign

Rustic Photo Booth Sign

If you are looking for original rustic photo booth ideas, then you have come to the right place! Here is a cheap yet highly efficient idea that you and all your guests can use, for some truly unforgettable shots!

Project Source – pinterest

24. Rustic Décor Idea

Rustic Décor Idea

When it comes to preparing the decorations for your traditional wedding, you can never have too many of them! Here is yet another great rustic décor idea that you can use, especially if you are on a very tight budget but you do not want to make any compromise in terms of comfort and style.

Project Source – weddingchicks

25. Wine Barrel Dessert Table

Wine Barrel Dessert Table

As you may have noticed already, wine barrels can be used in tens of different ways, and one of the most inspired uses is this one right here! With three or four sturdy wine barrels, you can easily get a rustic and chic dessert table.

Project Source – stylemepretty

26. Rustic Drink Holders!

Rustic Drink Holders

If you plan to get married during the hot summer months, then this idea will definitely come in handy for you, as you must keep the drinks cold and fresh at all times. Here is an idea you will certainly benefit from!

Project Source – pinterest

27. Backyard Farm Wedding

Backyard Farm Wedding

If you are a “farm girl” and you love to celebrate that, then this is a very well-designed tutorial that will teach you how to decorate your backyard in a chic, rustic, traditional and inexpensive manner. There is nothing more beautiful than getting married in your backyard, in the middle of nature!

Project Source – weddingwire

28. Rustic Twig Candle Holders

Rustic Twig Candle Holders

These original and exquisite twig candle holders are perfect for the evenings, especially if you aim for a romantic, traditional wedding. Add one of these cute eco-friendly and handmade twig candle holders to each table, and you will certainly take your guests by surprise!

Project Source – pinterest

29. DIY Rustic Wedding Wish Tree

DIY Rustic Wedding Wish Tree

Wishes really do come true, if you believe in them strongly enough! Here is a super original idea that you certainly have not seen anywhere else: you can now make your own DYI wish tree for your traditional wedding, one where all the guests can leave their most ardent (and secret!) wishes.

Project Source – rusticweddingchic

30. Photo Booth Backdrop With Lace Curtains

Photo Booth Backdrop With Lace Curtains

This is another great and super inspired idea for creating a genuine, exquisite yet still traditional photo booth where you can take photos with your spouse, your friends, family and all the acquaintances that have come to celebrate your love!

Project Source – pinterest

31. DIY Rustic Hanging Aisle Decor

DIY Rustic Hanging Aisle Decor

Hanging decors will always be fashionable and popular – and for a good reason, as they are very cost-effective and volatile. You can basically hang them everywhere around your backyard or barn, and this tutorial will definitely give you an inspirational outburst!

Project Source – bridalmusings

32. Cute Flower Box-Turned-Cooler!

Cute Flower Box-Turned-Cooler

If you are the practical and crafty type of woman, then you will love this super adorable and creative flower box-turned-cooler type of decoration that you can easily place just outside of your outdoor wedding reception. Check it out and see for yourself!

Project Source – thetreschic

33. Hanging Ladder With Mason Jar Lights

Hanging Ladder With Mason Jar Lights

Forget about those fancy and expensive chandeliers – they would not match your rustic wedding profile anyway! Here is a super inspired decoration idea that you can try at home: create a simple but practical hanging ladder with mason jar lights!

Project Source – pinterest

34. Rustic Boxes With Pink Flowers

Rustic Boxes With Pink Flowers

People have used natural flowers and greenery for thousands of years to decorate their weddings in the most natural and beautiful way possible, so why not do that now? Here is a simple and very beautiful tutorial that will help you make the best of those old rustic boxes that you never thought you would ever use again!

Project Source – bridalmusings

35. Rustic Heart Wreath Decoration For Your Traditional Wedding


If you are running low on inspiration and you want to get as many different decoration ideas for your rustic wedding as possible, then look no further than this super crafty and simple handmade rustic heart wreath decoration. You can easily hang it on your home’s front door or inside the barn where the wedding reception will take place – the possibilities are endless.

Project Source – whiteglovesocialmedia

36. Lace-In Embroidery Hoops

Lace-In Embroidery Hoops

This is by far the best rustic wedding decoration idea, if you aim for a romantic yet stylish atmosphere. However, this is quite a time-consuming decoration, so make sure you got enough time on your hands before you start making these lovely lace-in embroidery hoops!

Project Source – greenweddingshoes

37. Aisle-Style Rustic Wedding Decoration

Aisle-Style Rustic Wedding Decoration

Every little girl dreams of walking down the gorgeous aisle one day, and that day is getting closer and closer for you! Here is a very beautiful aisle-style decoration idea for your rustic wedding, and the best thing about it is that it is quite inexpensive as well. Check it out and see for yourself!

Project Source – weddingchicks

38. Vintage Wedding Chair Decoration

Vintage Wedding Chair Decoration

Are you the type of woman who is highly attentive to details, and who wants to make sure that everything is flawless on her special wedding day? If so, then this vintage wedding chair decoration will definitely appeal to you – just have a look and you will instantly fall in love with it!

Project Source – pinterest

39. DIY Wooden Candle Holder

DIY Wooden Candle Holder

If you loved that rustic twig-based candle holder described above, then you will certainly come to love this outstanding DIY wooden candle holder as well! Practical and suitable for a traditional wedding, this wooden candle holder can be re-used after the wedding. Just make sure to put it somewhere safe!

Project Source – projectwedding

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Great Rustic Wedding Ideas

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To sum it all up, these ideas for rustic or traditional weddings can be used by just about anybody – no matter if you are a professional DIY-er who is always looking for new and challenging crafts and projects to try at home, or if you have no such skills whatsoever, these rustic ideas can certainly benefit you greatly!

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