20 Awesome Small Balcony Ideas Glorifying Even The Tiniest of Spaces!

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Homes with a tiny balcony often have people troubled with the shortage of space this significant section of their house comes with, making it hard to decorate or make it purposeful enough. However, just a bit of innovation and little elements of creative decor can make a huge difference, glorifying even the smallest of balconies, just like these 20 Awesome Small Balcony Ideas!

Small Balcony Ideas

1. Pallet Project: Patio Day Bed

Pallet Project: Patio Day Bed

Not much space to line chairs? Have this single bench serve the purpose of a balcony lounge as well as seating. Four same-sized pallets end up in this stunning patio bed when double stacked and placed side by side.

DIY Details : lovelygreens

2. Tiny Outdoor Patio

Tiny Outdoor Patio

Who said you can’t make the most of even the tiniest cramped balconies? Install a chair and side table combo, throw in some cushions on the chair, and add bright greens with hanging flower pots.

DIY Details : harpersbazaar

3. Small Balcony Lighting

Small Balcony Lighting

A cozy mattress kept on the floor has been coupled up with a few cushions. Additionally, a whole bunch of lights, including hanging lanterns and mason jar candles work wonders to make the space glow with beauty.

DIY Details : homemydesign

4. Go For Black and White

Go For Black and White

How everything in this chic decor is kept minimal with a color scheme of black and white makes every single element standout with grace. The white bench and flower pots compliment the cushion fabric just perfect.

DIY Details : pin.it

5. Wood Does The Magic

Wood Does The Magic

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the floor. A clever tiling can transform the whole space – wooden tiles from a hardware store line the floor for a rustic appeal, while coordinating chairs and a plant ladder go for decor.

DIY Details : oheverythinghandmade

6. Vintage-Themed Balcony

Vintage-Themed Balcony

Have this stunning balcony brightened up with lanterns and candles as your after-work retreat. The table chair duo become so cozy with so many lights, vintage decor elements and wooden textures.

DIY Details : planete-deco

7. Wooden Table and Chairs

Wooden Table and Chairs

Beautiful deck chairs and that semi-circular folding wooden table attached to the railing of the balcony are the sureshot showstealer of this inspiration. Perfect for working or simply relaxing over a cup of coffee!

DIY Details : ispirando

8. Get All Cozied Up

Get All Cozied Up

What this pretty little balcony focuses on is to let you spend hours of coziness out in the open air. And that’s why it goes for mattresses, blankets, and cushions for the chairs, coupled with a mini coffee table.

DIY Details : pin.it

9. Private Outdoor Space

Private Outdoor Space

That subtle decor and basic-shaped furniture in dark staining puts together a complete private outdoor space for you. The bench is lined with a mattress and pastel cushions, having the square table adorned with pretty plants.

DIY Details : pin.it

10. Cozy Balcony with Vertical Planters

Cozy Balcony with Vertical Planters

Vertical plants in rustic pots installed up that wooden slatted wall is no less than enchanting. To make it cozy and comfy, add mini couches and cushions in the balcony, finishing things off with a compact coffee table.

DIY Details : pin.it

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