20 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need To Adapt For a Sparkling and Fragrant Space

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Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bathroom flaunting a sparkling finish and a lovely fragrance? After all, it’s that little corner of your home which takes the credit for all your personal care and of course, hygiene. But, doesn’t it seem to be turning into a complete menace of dirt, stains, mold and not to forget, a weird smell over time, seeming so hard to get back to as fresh as that brand new bathroom you once entered into? Worry no more ! Here are 20 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks you need to adapt for making the space totally sparkling and fragrant in a jiffy.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

1. Homemade Simple Shower and Tub Cleaner


A super simple combination of some vinegar and dawn dish liquid can end up in a total boon of a bathroom cleaning solution that works miraculously well for cleaning your shower heads and tubs so much quicker than the usual ways. All you need to do is fill a dish wand with the liquid and scrub it on the shower with a little running water. How an easy rinse of the bath tub after those lovely baths can get it all fresh and sparkling is truly hassle free and of course, amazing.

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2. Amazing Shower Cleaning Trick

Amazing Shower Cleaning Trick

If that bright surface of your shower seems to be hidden somewhere beneath mold, scales and stains, here is an incredible cleaning trick that can restore it all in just a few hours, that too using basic ingredients already lying around the house. What you need to do is make a paste of bleach and baking soda and apply it on the surfaces, leaving it overnight and washing away the next day with water. Going for a nylon brush to remove the gunk can make it even more easier.

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3. How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

You surely don’t like to witness that soap scum and water stains accumulating all over the glass shower door when you haven’t cleaned it up for long. The best way is to scrub the menace away with no more than two supplies, including a Magic Eraser and some Squeegee that will not only get it all done, but also ensure a continued maintenance. Just go for a quick scrub with the Magic Eraser and you will notice the surface turning perfectly transparent in no time.

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4. How To Remove Water Spots

How To Remove Water Spots

Those gorgeous chrome fixtures, metal surfaces and faucets in your bathroom surely deserve a glam finish, but often tend to get coated in ugly water spots and stains that seem to be totally impossible to get rid of at times. But, something as simple as rubbing a freshly cut lemon on the surfaces is an all-natural trick that is going to make your bathroom smell oh so awesome, while the acid in the citrus is going to break down all those hard water stains in a jiffy.

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5. Make Your Own “Before You Go” Toilet Spray

Make Your Own "Before You Go" Toilet Spray

Cut some extra costs spent on an expensive store-bought toilet spray and make it so much more budget-friendly with a homemade solution that you get to personalize with your choice of scent as well. To make your very own “before you go” toilet spray, you just need three ingredients including some witch hazel, some essential oils and water. Learn the recipe for the spray in the below tutorial – perfect to put in a little bottle, ready to sprinkle your bathroom with sweet fragrance.

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6. How to Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

How to Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

Got kids? You surely are familiar with those ‘never seem to go away’ pee and poo bathroom odors. Now, you can eliminate that smell, that too with a bunch of all-natural ingredients. It will only call for a few basic supplies – Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, White Vinegar, Toothbrush, Washcloth and a Measuring Cup to leave the whole of your bathroom clean and fragrant, no matter if it’s the toilet bowl ring, tank walls, shower curtains, sink, or the tubs.

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7. How to Clean a Bathroom Faster and Better – Scrub and Wax

How to Clean a Bathroom Faster and Better - Scrub and Wax

Make your fixtures look brand new with that lovely shine and sparkle all over again, bidding farewell to any unsightly stains. A scrub and wax technique, used once in every three months can work all wonders .Apply some CLR calcium, lime and rust remover on the surfaces, followed by applying a car wax and buffing after the wax hazes. An old toothbrush can come to your rescue to get into hard to reach spots on faucets and lavatories.

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8. How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

As the name suggests, this one is going to take you into a few wonderful tips by an actual professional named Denise who before beginning a well-deserved retirement, cleaned 15 to 20 bathrooms a week for 20 years. While a toilet scrub brush works for cleaning the toilet seat, a natural disinfectant sprayed in the toilet will keep things super fresh. Speaking of the mirrors, a microfiber cloth does the trick, while some paper towels get the sink and toilet all shining.

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9. 3 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

3 super easy tricks when put to use in the most clever and innovative ways around the bathroom for a wonderful cleaning of the space can prove to be enough to transform it from dirty and stinky to incredibly fresh, fragrant and of course, clean. If you haven’t found the answer to clean mirrors and windows, some fish foam is all you need. The second is to clean the dust from top to bottom, working your way down, while lastly, letting the toilet bowl brush drip dry over the seat.

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10. Install a Detachable Toilet Seat

Install a Detachable Toilet Seat

If the title seems you a little confused as to how installing a detachable toilet seat can help when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean and fresh, this quick tip by Family Handyman explains how it can make it so much more easier to get to those hinges on the toilet seat absolutely clean which earlier were impossible to reach. Now, you really don’t need to struggle with all that cleaning solution that used to seep underneath and creep out later. And yes, detaching the seat is a piece of cake.

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11. Tutorial on Cleaning a Bathtub Drain

  Tutorial on Cleaning a Bathtub Drain

That bathroom drain has become a little clogged or surely needs some cleaning if the bath tub doesn’t seem to drain for long, or of course, if you find a weird smell in the shower. Why spend dollars on calling ap lumber when you have the solution right on your fingertips. All you need is a screwdriver, a pair of skinny pliers, some baking soda, some vinegar, and a few paper towels. Head to the below guide to learn the easy-to-follow steps for a do-it-yourself bathroom drain cleansing.

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12. How To Clean A Shower Head With Vinegar

How To Clean A Shower Head With Vinegar

The amazing applications of vinegar in the field of home cleaning are definitely not a secret affair – thanks to the great ease with which it gets all the dirt and stains going, while ensuring a pleasant smell at the same time. But, are you aware of the fact that this basic kitchen staple can prove to be a boon for cleaning those mineral deposits off a showerhead too? The key is to cover the showerhead with a plastic bag filled with vinegar for a few hours, and voila ! The end results are pure shine.

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13. Remove Hard Water Deposits From The Bathtub

Remove Hard Water Deposits From The Bathtub

All credits to tap water evaporating and leaving behind the action of calcium and magnesium on the surfaces of your bathroom, hard water accumulations, or those white crusty layers building up around the bathtub are a complete menace to clean off. Pour bleach and powdered dishwasher detergent in a tub of hot water, followed by running the jets for a few minutes and soaking. When you empty the tub and rinse it with cold water, you are going to witness sheer sparkle.

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14. How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

The author claims that this hack to clean you porcelain sinks is going to change your life. And, the end results surely back her statement. If your bathroom sink is badly stained, you need to adopt three simple steps and few minutes to turn it all milky white all over again. Begin by washing it with dish soup using a sponge and hot water, followed by spraying some bleach and washing after a few minutes. Lastly, you need to give a gentle scrubbing before going for a final rinse.

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15. How to Clean a Toilet – The Back Ledge Under the Tank

How to Clean a Toilet – The Back Ledge Under the Tank

That back ledge under the tank of your toilet is one of those places that are extremely hard to reach. What all you are going to need is a flat head screwdriver, a pair of cleaning gloves, and a few cleaning supplies, such as some disinfectant wipes or paper towels. You can use a knife and wipes to reach there, or simply remove the toilet seat first to get some extra room by following the steps explained in the below guide. Further, just wrap a disinfectant wipe around a flat head screwdriver and get it all done.

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16. How To Clean That Neglected Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How To Clean That Neglected Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Often neglected in the list of bathroom cleaning areas, the exhaust fan sitting there has got loads of filth lurking under its cover. After all, it’s extremely essential to have it all clean and functional if you want to get rid of that bathroom odor and keep it moisture-free, while being protected from mold. Just a deal of 15 minutes is what it takes to eliminate all the dirt, right after you pull the cover off. Learn how a damp fiber-cloth and its wise utilization can help you through the process.

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17. How to Clean Vents

How to Clean Vents

Of course, it’s important to dust your bathroom vents at least once a week, it’s equally significant to go for a thorough washing of the spots every year to make sure you avoid major build-up. Washing and waxing them is a super easy technique that you can put to use for achieving gleaming vents. You begin by removing the vents and washing them with soapy water, followed by letting them dry before applying some wax on them. Finally, buff the wax off to make them almost dust-resistant.

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18. Getting Mold Out of The Shower

Getting Mold Out of The Shower

Embarrassing and nasty are not the only things associated with mold that starts to creep in your shower, but it also comes with some serious health hazards which makes it oh so important to get it out of the space. Incredible differences are what you are going to see when you cut a piece of some cotton beauty coils and soak it in a little bleach, followed by letting it sit on the mold overnight. Make sure you provide enough ventilation during the process and finally clean it off.

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19. How To Clean Soap Scum and Hard Water

How To Clean Soap Scum and Hard Water

It surely is a great trouble trying to scrub those hard water stains and soap scum from the bathtub, the sinks and the precious metal fixtures, finally ending up with all the efforts going in vain. Bid farewell to those nasty hard water marks and scummy junk, that too taking half of the time you otherwise spent on the same – All you will need is a cheap unused paintbrush, a bowl or cup, and glass cooktop cleaner! You just have to paint the cleaner on the surface, leave for a few minutes, and rinse it off.

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20. Cleaning the Rust Off Bathroom Fixtures and Keeping Them Looking New

Cleaning the Rust Off Bathroom Fixtures and Keeping Them Looking New

Metal has got this property of getting rusted overtime, specially in spaces like your bathroom where it constantly comes in contact with moisture and air. But, that rusted surface of the shower rod and faucets is a complete eyesore to watch and calls for a serious cleaning. A paste of Barkeeper’s Friend and Minwax Finishing Wax, a soft rug, and some paper towels will not only clean the rust off, but also make sure it doesn’t come back anytime soon.

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Taking a look at the aforesaid bathroom cleaning hacks, it won’t be an overstatement to say that you surely don’t need to spend hours and hours on getting that shower all gleaming, or the mirrors all crystal clear, or get rid of that unpleasant odor. In fact, all it takes is a deal of few minutes and some of the most basic supplies you already got lying around the house to get it all done.

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