These Incredible Clothes Hanger Life Hacks Will Change Your Life

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Surely, you have a whole bunch of hangers lying in that big drawer or your closet that you use to keep your outfits in place, but don’t you ever wonder that there are so many more ways those super handy wardrobe accessories could work for you. Take an insight into these breathtaking clothes hanger life hacks you need to try right now

These Incredible Clothes Hanger Life Hacks Will Change Your Life

A metal chain or a thing as basic as a soda can tab is all it takes to layer your hangers, making it easier to find them creating more closet space at the same time.

A pool needle can make sure your hanger gently caresses your fancier wear and precious pants. While, grabbing a glue gun and adding a handful of knobs on both sides of a hanger is all you need to turn it into a slide-free hanger.

24 Simple Hanger Life Hacks!

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And yes, you can always go for quick repurposing to make some of the most awesome utilities – A few twists and turns in a clothes hanger end up in a lovely tie hanger. While adding a bunch of clothespins to a wire hanger with a little deconstruction gives you a portable and whimsical storage for hanging all your laces, socks, tapes and ribbons. Another great hack is to keep magazines and cookbooks stores in lovely wall shelf made entirely out of wire hangers.

In fact, you can hang some of the most unusual things, including a pillow on a clothes hanger. All it takes is some stretching of the thing and attaching two of them together using a zip tie. Or simply, make a cut in the middle bottom of a hanger, splitting it into two parts – perfect to hold a toilet paper roll. Not to forget, a hanger makes up for a clever way to hang your bathroom slippers to get all dry.

If all the above haven’t already taken you by a surprise, Benri LifeHack (JapaneseLifehacker) has got much more to leave you totally awe-inspired with this 5 minutes that takes you through a total of twenty four incredibly effective Clothes Hanger Life Hacks. It’s wondrous how some effortless yet nifty ways can help you double up seemingly ordinary clothing hangers into complete household treasures.

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