25+ Awesome Garden Storage Ideas For Crafty Handymen And Skilled Moms

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No matter if you are looking for a place where you can store your gardening equipment or your seasonal tools, clothes and other objects, your garden storage space comes to the rescue! A small shed or storage space can make a tremendous difference, as it can help you de-clutter your home and store all of your belongings in an efficient and safe manner, shielding them from the harsh environmental conditions.

25+ Awesome Garden Storage Ideas For Crafty Handymen And Skilled Moms

1. Make The Best Of Your Pallets

Make The Best Of Your Pallets

Pallets are great, as they can be used in tens of different ways whenever you want to add, remove or refurbish something around the home. Nonetheless, did you know that you can easily upcycle your old pallets and turn them into an efficient, hassle-free and eco-friendly storage space for your backyard? Not only can pellets help you organize your personal belongings, but they can also add to the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

DIY Instructions – ourlittleacre

2. Build Your Own Storage Shed With This Step-By-Step Tutorial!

Build Your Own Storage Shed With This Step-By-Step Tutorial

At first, you may be tempted to think that building your own storage shed will take a lot of time, effort and resources – and that is perfectly normal, especially if this is your first major DIY project. However, things do not have to be as difficult as you imagine, and this in-depth, detailed step by step tutorial will show you that building a backyard storage shed on a budget is far from being as challenging as you may think. Check it out and see for yourself!

DIY Instructions – familyhandyman

3. Organize Your Tools With PVC!

Organize Your Tools With PVC

No matter if you are passionate about gardening and you want to keep all your lawn mowers, tree pruning devices or forks in one place, or if you are a painter or sculpter who loves to know that all his tools are safely and securely stored, PVC is a great choice for organizing and storing all of your tools in a careful and chic manner. If you have some extra PVC sheets at your disposal and you want to put them to good use, then here is a comprehensive tutorial that will show you how easily you can turn them into your own little piece of Heaven!

DIY Instructions – ashbeedesign

4. Garbage Can Storage Area!

Garbage Can Storage Area

Who would have thought that creating a basic garbage can storage area can be so tidy, simple and cost-effective? You do not need to go the extra mile to get yourself a nice and neat storage space in your backyard or garden – all you have to do is to use your imagination, and your entire garden can be your playground! Here is an outstanding tutorial and some inspiration coming from gardeners and homeowners who have found a brand new way to exploit their garbage can storage area!

DIY Instructions – ishouldbemoppingthefloor

5. Easy Garden Storage Bench

Easy Garden Storage Bench

This is a multi-purpose and multifunctional garden storage bench that will benefit you greatly in the long run. Do you have an old bench that you think about recycling, or perhaps you want to make your own, customized and tailored bench for those lovely winter days? If so, then make sure to check out this tutorial before you do so, for it might actually give you some valuable insight into how to make the best of your garden bench – you can easily and effortlessly turn it into an exquisite storage space for your tools!

DIY Instructions – instructables

6. Make A Basic Gardening Table Out Of Old Pallets!

Make A Basic Gardening Table Out Of Old Pallets

As mentioned above, pallets can be used in countless different ways, and one of them is creating your own gardening coffee table. Is there anything more joyful and relaxing than having breakfast in your garden in the morning, serving your coffee and your toast on the gardening table that you have built yourself, from scratch? Here is how you can easily repurpose your old pallets – with a few nails, a hammer and a fresh layer of paint, you can create a table that is just as good as the Ikea ones!

DIY Instructions – instructables

7. Beware The Zombiewall!

Beware The Zombiewall

As frightening as this may sound, the Zombiewall is actually a very useful way to store your gardening tools, such as your chainsaw, your shovel or your fork. This does not mean that you are preparing for a zombie invasion of any kind – it just means that you have decided it is time to take your garden storage space to the next level! This is a basic storage idea that allows you to put your tools in a place where you can easily grab them, whenever needed. In other words, you are hiding them in plain sight!

DIY Instructions – instructables

8. DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

This is another great DIY outdoor storage bench idea that can benefit you greatly – perfect for storing those small gardening tools, the outdoor storage bench is great not just for passionate gardens, but also for craftsmen and handymen who have a hard time storing all their work supplies. Easy, effortless, cost-effective, functional and rather stylish at the same time, this DIY outdoor storage bench should definitely be your next project!

DIY Instructions – instructables

9. Recycled Water Hose Basket

Recycled Water Hose Basket

This is definitely not your average basket, and the fact that it is so unconventional only makes it more interesting and appealing! All you need is an old but still functional water hose that you can easily shape into an all-purpose, all-round water hose that will store all of your gardening tools. Check out this tutorial and you will see just how easy and cheap it is to come up with your own recycled water hose basket.

DIY Instructions – instructables

10. DIY Pallet Gardening Table

DIY Pallet Gardening Table

This is another great DIY pallet gardening table project that you can try, whenever you got some extra time to spare. Easy and very entertaining at the same time, the DIY pallet gardening table will certainly put your skills and qualities to good use, and it will help you recycle your old pallets as opposed to just throwing them away. Super easy, crafty and creative!

DIY Instructions – jennaburger

11. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

The horizontal pallet gardens are not a surprise to anybody, but what about a vertical pallet garden? This pallet garden is great for modestly sized gardens where you cannot add too much furniture without making it look cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, the vertical pallet garden will save you a lot of space, and it will also help you either store your favorite tools or plant your favorite flowers in a super creative manner!

DIY Instructions – jennaburger

12. Use Your Garden Mailbox As Your Toolshed

Use Your Garden Mailbox As Your Toolshed

One of the many benefits of having a garden mailbox, in addition to the fact that it shields your mail from the damaging effects of the UV rays and rain, is the fact that it can also double as a temporary toolshed! No matter if you do not have the time to build a separate toolshed or you simply lack the resources or materials, the garden mailbox toolshed can be very practical and useful!

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