25+ Practical Office Organization Ideas And Tips For The Busy Modern-Day Professional!

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Organizing your office can be very challenging, especially when you are a busy professional with a very tight schedule. However, you can now make sure that all the papers, documents, paper clips, markers and all the other goodies are in the right place, with the following office organization ideas that will help you run your work environment like a true CEO!

25+ Practical Office Organization Ideas And Tips For The Busy Modern-Day Professional!

1. DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar!

DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

If you have a busy schedule, then keeping your daily agenda updated can be extremely demanding and stressful – especially when you do not have a personal assistant to do all the work on your behalf, therefore you will have to do it yourself! With this simple but super practical DIY chalkboard wall calendar, you will never have to worry about missing another business appointment or picking up your kid from school ever again.

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit –  ourfifthhouse

2. Simple Desk Organization Tips For Busy Moms – And Not Only!

Simple Desk Organization Tips For Busy Moms – And Not Only

Your office is not the only one that demands your attention, as your desk is equally important as well. If you have a hard time keeping all your supplies in one place, then you should definitely keep an eye on this practical desk organization idea that has been specifically created for busy moms. Notebooks: check! Pens and pencils: check! Post-it notes: check! Everything is in order and there is nothing for you to be concerned about anymore.

Source – modishandmain

3. Old Book-Based Mail Organizer!

Old Book-Based Mail Organizer

Part of organizing your desk or office is making sure that all the mail and correspondence is stored appropriately – you should never throw away your old business mail, for you might never know when you will need them again. However, instead of letting your mail pile up on your desk, you should consider sorting our all the letters in an efficient and hassle-free manner, and you would be amazed to see just how much you can achieve with a mere old book cover. Check out this inspired and creative old book-based mail organizer and see!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – beyondthepicketfence

4. Decorated Magazine Holders!

Decorated Magazine Holders

There is nothing more annoying than having to wait in line, or that having your customers or co-workers wait for you – this is why it is essential to have some magazines around, for them to read. However, the question is: how do you organize your magazines in a tidy and professional manner? The answer is pretty simple: with the following DIY decorated magazine holders!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – gatheringbeauty

5. Build Yourself A Magazine Rack!

Build Yourself A Magazine Rack

If you are the type who always loves to read something during the lunch break at the office, then this magazine rack is everything you need. Chic, modern and with a lovely futuristic design that will definitely compliment the general decor in your office, this magazine rack may as well be the answer to all your office and desk organization-related questions! Here is a tutorial that will show you how easy it is to build your own magazine rack: just grab your hammer and get started!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – thisoldhouse

6. Create A Bulletin Board!

Create A Bulletin Board

An informed woman is a powerful woman, and if you like to be informed all the time (and to be in full control of all the paperwork and the meeting schedule at your office, for that matter), then you should definitely take this bulletin work into account. Creating your own bulletin board requires minimal effort and investment, and it will definitely pay off in the long haul. Check out this tutorial and get started right away!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – theidearoom

7. Use Mason Jars To Store All Your Paperwork!

Use Mason Jars To Store All Your Paperwork

This is one of the most stylish paperwork storage and organization idea that you can find on the Internet – all you need is a few transparent glass mason jars with one of those pick-up lids, some cute vintage labels and maybe some black ribbons that will add style and chicness to the overall paperwork storage idea. Who said that your paperwork can’t look pretty? Here is the ultimate proof!

Project Credit – theprettyblog

8. Turn Your Shoe Box Into The Ultimate Power-Charging Station!

Turn Your Shoe Box Into The Ultimate Power-Charging Station

One of the most annoying things about organizing your office space is having to keep all your chargers in one place, and nowadays there is a different charger for everything: one for your laptop, one for your smart phones, one for your tablet, one for your iPad… who can keep track of them anyway?! If you are confronting with this problem as well, then you should definitely check out this great power-charging station.

Source – curbly

9. Organize Your Bills And Receipts With Cabinet Door Pockets!

Organize Your Bills And Receipts With Cabinet Door Pockets

If you have a hard time organizing all your receipts and bills and you feel like you will get buried in papers one day, do not despair! Instead, you should consider making the best of your cabinet door pockets – you will actually be amazed to see just how easy it is to reinvent your kitchen or living room cabinets.

Source – organizinghomelife

10. DIY Office And Desk Organization With Washi Tape!

DIY Office And Desk Organization With Washi Tape

When it comes to office and desk organization, one thing is for sure – the Washi tape is your best friend and your closest ally in the battle with the mountains of paperwork! Here are several organization tips and ideas that will help you.

Source – dabblesandbabbles

11. A USB Outlet Charger For The Entire Family!

A USB Outlet Charger For The Entire Family

Although this is not exactly an office storage and organization tip, it is certainly a super useful idea for all those who want to make sure that their family has everything they need to keep their smart phones and other mobile devices all powered-up! Practical, simple and super useful at the same time!

DIY Instuctions and Project Credit – drivenbydecor

12. Make The Best Of Your Binder Clips!

Make The Best Of Your Binder Clips

If you have not paid too much attention to binder clips as we all know them, then perhaps you want to reconsider that – for they might actually redefine your entire office! Here are no less than four different practical and super creative uses for your conventional binder clips.

Source – unclebobs

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