25 Utterly Innovative DIY Bathroom Projects To Give Your Space a Chic Makeover

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Giving your home a gorgeous decor is surely the most important element of a great homemaking, but that small corner of your house meant for the complete personal care deserves equal attention and creativity when it comes to the interiors, the decorations, the storage, as well as the functionality. Whether you want to make the most of a small bathroom, wish to add a few things of decoration to add some style, or simply looking out of clever bathroom accessories, below are 25 Utterly Innovative DIY Bathroom Projects To Give Your Space a Chic Makeover, that too keeping things surprisingly easy-to-achieve.

11. Frame a Mirror With Clips in 5 Easy Steps

Frame a Mirror With Clips in 5 Easy Steps

Has your bathroom got those frame-less, clipped on mirrors installed on the walls with little metal clips, and the thing has started looking oh so boring to you? Now here’s a hack to frame the mirrors all by yourself, that too in no more than 5 simple steps explained by Create and Babble in the following tutorial. All you need to gather is a wood trim, a miter saw, a utility knife, a small chisel, some paint or stain, some Liquid Nails adhesive, a measuring tape, and a painter’s tape to make your bathroom look so much better and with-the-trend.

DIY Details : createandbabble

12. Cedar Bathtub Caddy

Cedar Bathtub Caddy

The festive season has got bathroom accessories and personal care stuff topping the list of homemade gifts for those who love to pamper themselves. But, why go for the regular idea of scented candles and bath salts for your loved ones when you can surprise them with a DIY Cedar Bath Caddy, that too spending under 5 dollars and just a deal of an hour. It has been built using 2 untreated dog eared cedar fence pickets, 2 cedar lattice strips, and some waterproof wood glue, following a few easy steps explained by Saw Dust Girl. Why should you wait to indulge in a relaxing, comforting bath anymore!

DIY Details : sawdustgirl

13. Oodles of Ruffles Shower Curtain

Oodles of Ruffles Shower Curtain

Craft a custom curtain for those relaxing shower moments, combining delicateness and softness together miraculously well with lots of pretty ruffles throughout. The project calls for some white fabric shower curtain, white fabric, light pink fabric, medium pink fabric, dark pink fabric, coordinating thread, sewing machine, and ruffle attachment. It’s all about cutting, sewing and stitching different pieces of fabric together. Of course, it’s entirely up to you when it comes to choosing the colors for the pretty curtain and adding a pop of brightness to your bathroom exactly the way you like!

DIY Details : justcallmeblessed

14. DIY Chalkboard Art Towel Rack and Bathroom Accessory Holder

DIY Chalkboard Art Towel Rack and Bathroom Accessory Holder

It’s always better and space-saving to hang the towels instead of folding them and storing in bathroom racks. And, this DIY Chalkboard Art Towel Rack not only serves the purpose with utmost grace and style, but also works as a super trendy holder for all those nitty-gritty bathroom accessories. What’s the best part about this one is that you can place a lovely printed image on the board to work as a nice chalkboard-like message or simply coat it with some actual chalkboard paint. Hang towels and small bathroom brushes at the bottom, while keeping mini vases and accessory bottles on top.

DIY Details : makelyhome

15. DIY Butcher Block Vanity

DIY Butcher Block Vanity

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough room for a huge vanity cabinet, why not use the space underneath the basin and built an unconventional yet stunning vanity all by yourself. Not only will it save space, but cut on the costs by going for a leftover piece of butcher block for the vanity top – undoubtedly, super chic and elegant. A gorgeous faucet on the top with shiny silver tone, a nice dark walnut stain for the whole block coated with some polyurethane in Semi Gloss, and lovely posts attached to the vanity make everything look simply marvelous.

DIY Details : beneathmyheart

16. How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

If you can’t spend on a brand new bathroom mirror yet want to replace the old one, framing it all over again is the best idea ever! The supplies include a few 4s depending on the size of your mirror, a miter saw or miter saw box and hand saw, a staple gun and staples, and some wood glue. The only part that requires a little patience during the whole process in simply the drying time. Take a look at the easy-to-follow steps explained by Cherished Bliss in the below tutorial and make your very own versions of a gorgeously framed bathroom mirror.

DIY Details : cherishedbliss

17. Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Mason Jar Tissue Holder Just a little bit of paint and a patch of some scrapbook paper can work wonders when it comes to customizing an old mason jar and turning it into a brand new piece of household utility as well as decor. Here’s yet another mason jar project that would eliminate all the hassle of searching for a tissue in the bathroom, keeping it within easy reach for even the kiddos. The mason jar tissue holder needs you to collect scissors, some tissues, an exacto knife, some paper and of course, a mason jar. Simply cut out a circle out of scrapbook paper, make a hole in it and install it into the jar lid!

DIY Details : landeeseelandeedo

18. How to : Make a DIY Pebble Bath Mat

How to : Make a DIY Pebble Bath Mat

No matter how simple is your whole bathroom interior, this single piece of prettiness can get it a complete makeover, turning it all edgy and stylish when installed right next to the bath tub. After all, isn’t it unique to have a lovely bath mat studded with big and small pebbles all over? All you are going to need is a rubber welcome mat, lots and lots of river rocks, and some contact cement to begin crafting. Putting the mat together takes just a bit of gluing for all the pebbles, keeping a good aesthetic appeal in mind when it comes to arranging the rocks according to their size.

DIY Details : curbly

19. DIY Soap Dispenser

DIY Soap Dispenser

If you are seeing super attractive and whimsical soap dispensers built using clear mason jars all around the web, why don’t you add one to your very own bathroom and give it an element of remodeling. But, this is one is not just another mason jar soap dispenser, it has been mounted on an insanely beautiful shelf made from salvaged wood picked up at a yard sale that’s the true showstealer for the whole thing. Apart from the wooden block, you are also going to need a jar, some glue, circle bit, a soap dispenser kit, a pipe-like thing, and a wine cork.

DIY Details : hartsdesirephoto

20. Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Medicine cabinet is that part of your bathroom which is perhaps, considered the point of least attention or prettiness. No more after you give it this awesome makeover and turn it into an exciting blend of colors using a gorgeous peel and stick piece of wallpaper in just about any pattern or print of your choice. And, getting the whole new look doesn’t require you to go for any constructions or crafting at all, simply grab your favorite print, no matter if it’s fabric or paper, further cutting it to fit your cabinet, and finally gluing it to the back. To get a detailed insight, head to the below tutorial by Design Improvised.

DIY Details : designimprovised

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