30+ Amazing DIY Toy Storage Ideas For Crafty Moms

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We were all kids once, and we all loved toys! As a mother, you certainly know just how attached your children are to their toys and, at the same time, just how difficult it can be to sort them out and to store them properly. In the end, the last thing you want or need is to step on a piece of LEGO in your child's room - that is painful! If you want to get some original, practical, simple and affordable DIY toy storage ideas, then here you will find tens of them - just choose the one that best meets your needs and start working on it!

30+ Amazing DIY Toy Storage Ideas For Crafty Moms

1. Built-In Toy Storage Ideas

Built-In Toy Storage Ideas

Toys can benefit your children on many different levels – not only are they great for keeping the little ones engaged and entertained, but they also stimulate their creativity and improve their dexterity at the same time. However, storing the toys can be a real challenge sometimes: this is where this amazing wall of built-in toy storage ideas step in and make everything easy and effortless! Chic, modern-looking and very easy to implement, this is a DIY storage idea that you certainly do not want to miss!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – remodelaholic

2. Entertainment Center Turned Into A Bench Guest

Entertainment Center Turned Into A Bench Guest

If you have more than one child, then the “entertainment center” has certainly grown out of proportions! In the end, we all know how greedy the little ones can be, and how reluctant they are when it comes to sharing their toys with other kids. However, this DIY storage project is not your average toy storage idea – it is a lot more than that! Imagine that you can easily turn the entertainment center into a bench guest: practical, functional and very handy at the same time. Check out this outstanding idea and see for yourself!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – remodelaholic

3. Pottery Barn Media Center

Pottery Barn Media Center

This lovely “media center” actually has more than just one use, and this is precisely what makes it so appealing. Overall, the pottery barn media center is very generously sized, and it can store not just your child’s toys, but also books, the DVD player, CDs and a plethora of other items that you do not use on a regular basis, but that you do not want to interfere with your daily activities. This pottery barn media center is also very cost-effective and it can easily be embedded into the decor of your living room – just check out this lovely, picture-rich tutorial and you will be easily convinced of just how easy it is.

DIY Instructions and Project Source – remodelaholic

4. Peek A Boo Toy Storage Idea!

Peek A Boo Toy Storage Idea

This is perhaps the easiest and the cheapest way to store your child’s toys – these are basically nothing but transparent, see-through bags that allow your child to have a closer look at the toys in the bag, without having to turn everything upside down! It often happens that the little ones are very impatient, and when they are looking for a toy in particular, they want to find it right away. The peek a boo toy storage bags will certainly save you some time – you no longer have to clean after your kid and pick up toys from all over the floor!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – tinysidekick

5. DIY Wooden Toy Crate

DIY Wooden Toy Crate

The peek a boo bag mentioned above is certainly a lot cheaper and easier to make than this DIY wooden toy crate, but ultimately the crate is a lot more aesthetically appealing and durable at the same time. In the end, wooden crates are made to last for years, if you take good care of them! Be careful, though, as you do need to let your carpentry skills show for this project – you will need to carefully assembly the DIY wooden toy crate together!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – ourhomenotebook

6. Dress Up Storage!

Dress Up Storage

Does your little princess love to dress up and to try different costumes and dresses? Are you tired of picking them up from the floor and arranging them carefully in the closet, only to find them scattered all over the house the next day? If so, then this lovely dress up storage idea is everything you need! Pink, practical and absolutely adorable, this storage idea is your best option if you want to teach your little girl how to be organized and how to take care of her belongings, in the long run.

DIY Instructions and Project Source – ana-white

7. Turn The Closet Into A Lovely Toy Storage Unit!

Turn The Closet Into A Lovely Toy Storage Unit

This is certainly one of the cutest and craftiest tutorials of its kind that you can find on the Internet, mainly because it serves a double purpose: this re-mastered closet not only allows your child to store his or her toys easily and efficiently, but it also doubles as a “safe haven”, for when the little one wants to go back to his bubble and forget about everybody. It can be your kid’s little piece of Heaven – and the good thing about it is that it does not require too much time to build it, either! It is truly a win-win situation.

DIY Instructions and Project Source – prettyhandygirl

8. Crate On Wheels!

Crate On Wheels

Crates on wheels have been around for decades, as they are very easy for children to carry around with them, whenever they feel like playing with their toys. Versatile and very durable, this DIY crate on wheels is a great way to store your kid’s toys, not to mention that he can easily pull the crate outside whenever he feels like playing with his friends, during the summer. Overall, this DIY crate on wheels toy storage idea is very easy to turn into reality, and your child will certainly be very grateful for it!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – thediydreamer

9. DIY Toy Boxes With Casters!

DIY Toy Boxes With Casters

We all use boxes to store shoes, photos, memorabilia and other belongings, but how about using them for storing your child’s toys? Here is a very easy and straightforward DIY tutorial that will teach you how to make your own toy boxes with casters, within less than 60 minutes. The tutorial will help you save a lot of time and money, and you can expect your child to be a lot more organized afterwards.

DIY Instructions and Project Source – thislittlestreet

10. DIY Storage Idea For Outside Toys

DIY Storage Idea For Outside Toys

This is a lovely outdoor toy storage idea if you have a small house, or if your child simply has too many toys for you to keep up with! All you need is a few new silvery buckets, a sturdy rack that can withstand the weight of the toys and several stickers that will help you label each bucket. Storing your child’s toys has never been easier – just check out this tutorial and you will see how easily you can store the toys on the porch or the veranda, where they are still shield from the harsh environmental conditions!

Project Source – domesticcharm

11. Toy Sack Tutorial!

Toy Sack Tutorial

Toy sacks have always been very fashionable and easy to use – however, if you do not want to waste your money on the commercially available peek a boo toy sacks, then how about making your own one from scratch? It only takes several minutes, and you do not need any advanced skills for it either. Just have a look at this comprehensive peek a boo toy sack tutorial, and let yourself be guided through every single step of the process. You will certainly be surprised to see the final result!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – tonicoward

12. Fabric Storage Bucket Tutorial

Fabric Storage Bucket Tutorial

If you do not fancy the classic metal buckets or paper-based boxes for toy storage, then look no further than this crafty fabric storage bucket tutorial that will redefine the way you store your kid’s toys, shoes and other personal belongings. This fabric storage-based bucket is multifunctional, and you can use it for a wealth of different purposes – just use your imagination!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – mellysews

13. Toy And Book Crate Storage Idea

Toy And Book Crate Storage Idea

This is certainly not your regular toy storage idea – and you can easily tell that by the “So many books, so little time” inscription found on the crate. This is an amazing way to encourage your child to start reading! In the end, there is no better way to draw the attention of your child towards the books than by placing them in the same wooden crate as the toys: try this trick and you will be amazed of the results. Encourage your child to read first, and then to play with his toys when he is done reading – remember that an educated child is a strong and intelligent child! Check out this lovely wooden crate storage idea and try it at home.

DIY Instructions and Project Source – myfrugaladventures

14. DIY Garage Toy Storage Ideas

DIY Garage Toy Storage Ideas

As our children grow, their tastes and preferences in terms of games and toys change as well, and they are constantly looking for better, newer, more attractive and more appealing toys to play with, neglecting the older ones. If this is your kid’s case as well, then you can rest assured – these lovely DIY garage toy storage ideas will help you store the toys that your child no longer fancies. You do not need to throw them away, who knows, maybe you will put them to good use one day, but until that happens these lovely toy storage ideas will certainly come in handy!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – familyhandyman

15. DIY Toy Storage Cubbies

DIY Toy Storage Cubbies

This is a great toy storage idea that you can try at home, especially if you are on a tight budget and you want to keep the costs to a minimum. Here is a tutorial that will carefully take you through every step of the process, making sure that you will never go wrong! The DIY toy storage cubbies are very space-effective and they are the perfect choice for a small room, or even for your back closet. Besides, they can be used for storing even the biggest toys!

DIY Instructions and Project Source – thehandmadehome

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