30+ Great Shoe Storage Ideas To Keep Your Footwear Safe And Sound!

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There is an old saying that goes like this: you can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes she is wearing! Every woman should have two types of shoes: the primary shoes, which are worn on a daily or weekly basis, and the secondary shoes that should be reserves for special events. Regardless of whether you have 10 pairs of shoes or 100 of them, it is essential to store them properly if you want them to look, feel and work as good as new, in the long run! Having said that, here you will find 30 great shoe storage ideas that you can try at home, on a budget!

30+ Great Shoe Storage Ideas To Keep Your Footwear Safe And Sound!

1. Wine Crate Shoe Storage

Wine Crate Shoe Storage

A woman can never have too many pairs of shoes, and that is a known fact! However, the more pairs there are, the more difficult it is for them to store them in an efficient and space-effective manner. You can always buy a shoe drawer from Ikea, but then again – why spend several hundred dollars on one, when here you have an outstanding DIY tutorial that will help you make your own wine crate shoe storage, in no time? Try your carpentry skills right now!

Project Credit – whitehouseblackshutters

2. Cool Shoe Storage Idea For Your Kids’ Room

Cool Shoe Storage Idea For Your Kids’ Room

Are you tired of having to store your kids’ muddy sneakers whenever they got home? Have you had enough of removing those stubborn stains from your carpet down the hallway, and you want a drawer that can store their shoes, sneakers or ballet flats without any problem? Here you will find several practical and creative kids’ room decor ideas for your little one’s room. Give them a try and you will certainly not be disappointed!

Project Credit – shelterness

3. Turn Your Boots Upside Down!


Cleaning muddy boots in autumn and winter can be really annoying and time-consuming, so why not come up with an exquisite alternative to the classic shoe storage? Here is how you can easily turn your boots upside down, and store them without any hassles. All you need is a hammer, a few nails and several pieces of wood – you do not need advanced carpentry skills for this one, just check it out and see for yourself. Although this is now the classiest or most modern shoe storage idea, it certainly works perfectly for a cottage or a rustic-decorated home!

Project Credit – mamauk.typepad

4. Crown Molding For Your Shoe Rack

Crown Molding For Your Shoe Rack

Shoe racks can look quite dull and depressing sometimes, especially if you are not the creative type and you are running low on ideas on how to personalize them. Do not despair, though! Here is a crafty DIY tutorial on how you can use crown molding for your shoe rack: not only will this boost the aesthetics of your current shoe storage, but it will also make it far more practical and functional at the same time.

Project Credit – alittlecleverandcatchy

5. Make Your Home Look Better On A Budget!

Make Your Home Look Better On A Budget

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-end interior decorations – if you neglect your shoe storage, it will all go to waste! Just imagine how off-putting it is to enter a classy and fashionably decorated home, just to realize that the shoes are thrown all over the place. Fortunately, you can do something about that and make your home look and feel better with these simple ideas that will certainly take you a very long way, without having to overspend!

Project Credit – boredpanda

6. DIY Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Rack

If you are committed to saving some money and trouble, then look no further than this outstanding DIY shoe rack! Simple, practical, durable and very easy to make, this DIY shoe rack will definitely save you some time and hassles in the long haul. If this is your first carpentry project and you are nervous about it, no worries! You simply cannot go wrong with this tutorial, even if you tried to, it is just that detailed and comprehensive!

Project Credit – howtodiyright

7. Shabby Chic Shoe Storage Idea For The Entire Family!

If you have a numerous family and you want them all to be able to store their shoes in an efficient and practical manner, then you have come to the right place! Here is a really beautiful, practical and appealing idea that can help you store tens of different pairs of shoes, quickly and effortlessly. You can store your shoes, your spouse’s and your children’s – all at once! Check it out and you will fall in love with this shoe storage idea: it is so compact that you can easily place it along your hallway.

Project Credit – sincerelysarad

8. Manmade Shoe Rack

Manmade Shoe Rack

This may not be the chicest or most beautiful shoe rack idea you can find online, but it is definitely the cheapest and most practical one! You will be amazed to see just how easily and efficiently you can store your old sneakers, by using only some tubes and glue. This is perfect if you are trying to separate your spare time shoes (those you use for gardening or other similar jobs) from those you wear on a daily basis.

Project Credit – cookielovesmilk

9. Easy DIY Shoe Shelf

Easy DIY Shoe Shelf

Making your own shoe shelf can certainly be very time-consuming, but the good thing about it is that if you are skilled at it and you have a bit more time on your hands, you can save a lot of money! Besides this, DIY projects such as this one are also great for improving your hand-eye coordination, so why not give it a try? All you have to do is to gather the basic materials, to make sure your energy levels are up and running and to grab a hammer and start working! Here is a super easy DIY shoe shelf storage that will help you store your most valuable assets in an efficient and space-effective manner, without too much effort.

Project Credit – roomblr

10. Vintage Crate Boot Rack

Vintage Crate Boot Rack

There are two types of women: those who love wearing high heels, and those who are into classy low-heel boots. If you love boots and you have several different models of them, then you certainly know just how difficult it is to store them, mainly because of the fact that they are so tall and take so much space! However, rest assured – here is an in-depth tutorial that will help you come up with the most exquisite DIY vintage crate boot rack you have ever laid your eyes on. This tutorial will be particularly useful if you have decorated your entire home in a shabby chic/retro/vintage manner and you want your shoe racks to rise to the same standards.

Project Credit – infarrantlycreative

11. Display Your Shoes With Pride!

Display Your Shoes With Pride

This is one of the most practical and exquisite ideas for storing your shoes! If you take pride in owning high-end designer shoes, then you certainly want all your guests to see your Louboutins and Jimmy Choos proudly displayed right at the entrance, right? There is no point in keeping your beautiful and stylish shoes hidden when you can easily display then on a rack like this one – you will be amazed to see just how much you can achieve with a regular closet and two windows! Check it out and you will want to start working on it right away.

Project Credit – fashionjolik

12. DIY Shoe Hangers

DIY Shoe Hangers

We have all heard of hangers for clothes, but shoe hangers? Yes, that’s right – and this is actually one of the best ways to save space, especially if you live in a small apartment and you cannot afford buying big and bulky furniture to store your footwear. These lovely DIY shoe hangers look very good, they are super practical and they will certainly appeal to you!

Project Credit – heywandererblog

13. Basic Shoe Rack That Doubles As Cat Bed!

Basic Shoe Rack That Doubles As Cat Bed

If you are a cat lady, then you will definitely get to love this great idea! Cats are notorious for climbing on all sorts of furniture pieces, and if you want your cat to feel as comfy and free as possible, why not make its own bed? Wait, it gets even better than that – you can add a basic shoe storage right under the bed, so this is basically a two in one tutorial that will definitely help you save time, money and trouble in the long run. Both your cat and your shoes will be grateful for this one!

Project Credit – onefortythree

14. Shoe Rack Consolidation Under $100

Shoe Rack Consolidation Under $100

This is a very basic but practical idea to store your sneakers and flats – it basically consists of a metal frame that allows you to store up to two or three pairs of shoes per frame. Nothing fancy about it, but it is very functional and you can easily attach it to your hallway walls, all you need is a few nuts and bolts for that! If you want to take functional over aesthetics, then look no further than this cheap shoe consolidation rack – besides, you can get it for just under $100. It simply does not get any better than this!

Project Credit – besweetlyinspired

15. Cardboard Shoe Rack!

Cardboard Shoe Rack

If you are committed to living frugally and you do not want to spend money on unnecessary furniture, then you should definitely try this simple and practical cardboard shoe rack. It is far from being the fanciest or poshest shoe storage option you can choose, but it is practical and inexpensive: all you need is a pair of scissors, some cardboard and some adhesive tape to help you stick your newly made shoe racks together. Simple and time-effective, the cardboard shoe rack is the best choice for busy women who do not have advanced carpentry skills and who want to stick to the basics!

Project Credit – 96195

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