41 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

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Sometimes, you might struggle to find a nice storage place to keep some items around the house and get more organized with the stuff, whereas other times you want to be assured of putting some precious treasure of yours at a place that no one can think of. Whether it’s a floorboard, secret cabinet or just false bottom drawers, having a storage space that’s hidden in sight lets you have a great deal of peace and security. Here are 41 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

41 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

1. Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Nothing can be better than the idea of integrating drawers into floating shelves when it comes to making great use of space, while retaining the openness of the room at the same time. How these vertical Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves make everything seem so chic and minimal is simply awe-inspiring. Not Just A Housewife takes you through working these shelves-cum-drawers out.

Idea Details : notjustahousewife

2. Unique Hidden Storage Headboard

Unique Hidden Storage Headboard

Small bedrooms don’t quite make it well for storage headboards that feature open shelves or slide outs. Bringing a twist to the concept of headboard storage, this one is a unique way to keep your stuff in a hidden storage, as it takes everything behind the tufting and sports hinged upholstered panels to make everything easy and convenient to handle. Surely an amazing do-it-yourself inspiration!

Idea Details : apartmenttherapy

3. Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

Sometimes, things small in size can be of great value to us, whether in terms of the cost or the preciousness. This hidden safe that looks like an electrical outlet from the outside but pivots out to work as the perfect storage safe, without the need to resort to any codes or secret combinations. Ideal for hiding all your little precious belongings – jewellery, money or cards.

Idea Details : thegadgetflow

4. Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage

Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage

Let the cabinet doors disguise themselves as gorgeous artworks and painting with these Nifty Niches Bathroom Storages embedded inside the walls, that actually are meant to keep the bathroom toiletries, personal care products, towels and much more. In fact, these niches are going to look equally pretty when integrated into a living room, as showcased by BHG in the below quick idea.

Idea Details : bhg

5. Concealing Columns Kitchen Storage

Concealing Columns Kitchen Storage

Do you love cooking and collecting recipe books but are falling short of space in your kitchen to house those cookbooks gracefully? Here is an incredible idea that will transform a plain kitchen island into an adorable little cabinet by using the column corners to store your stuff. The column panels are not just a decorative element, but also stylish doors to the hidden Columns Kitchen Storage.

Idea Details : bhg

6. Distressed Coffee Table with Storage

Distressed Coffee Table with Storage

No matter whether it’s something small or large you need to store, this coffee table with drawers or both sides won’t fail. All you need is some plywood sheets, screws, drawer slides, drawer pulls, furniture feet, and base cap moulding, along with a handful of construction tools. Rogue Engineer explains the detailed steps required to build your own Distressed Coffee Table with Hidden Storage in the tutorial below.

Idea Details : rogueengineer

7. Hidden Key Storage

Hidden Key Storage

Keys are perhaps, one of the most common things to get missing or lost somewhere, while also being at the risk of getting stolen. Why not craft a hidden storage space for all the household keys to make sure you have kept this significant utility safe. Take a look at how M from Planq Studio made her own hanging key storage, that’s actually hidden behind an artwork on the wall.

Idea Details : planq-studio

8. Keyboard Offers Storage Underneath

Keyboard Offers Storage Underneath

Nitty gritty things like the glue, CDs, pens, paper clips and sticky notes often tend to go all over the place on the work desks, which not only looks disorganized but makes it hard to find what you are looking for. Worry no more ! As now your keyboard is going to house all such little items underneath with a great storage compartment, available in stores for a cost of just 50 dollars.

Idea Details : geekologie

9. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

If you prefer a large mirror in your bathrooms for getting a great view of how you look for the day, you have the opportunity to make the mirror even more functional by building a hidden storage behind it. Shanty-2-chic explains how you can recreate the DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case with detailed steps and pictures, while also providing free printable construction plans to make things easier.

Idea Details : shanty-2-chic

10. Rub-a-Dub Tub

Rub-a-Dub Tub

Why waste that heck of a space below a bathtub when you can turn it into a super cool cabinet? This bathtub surround, shared by Bobvilla can double up as a tilt-out storage space as well, working wonders to keep all those cleaning items, such as soaps, toilet cleaners, sponges, hair product bottles and more well-organized, as well as in close proximity to your bathing space. Get a glimpse of the Rub-a-Dub Tub in the below inspiration.

Idea Details : bobvila

11. Clever Bathroom Mirror

Clever Bathroom Mirror

Whether you are looking to find bathroom storage solutions emphasizing on safety or simply wish for some more convenience, you may like to reconsider the lift-up mirrored panels in favor of ones that have got side pull-out shelves, just like this clever bath mirror which not only lets you grab the items you need conveniently, but also makes sure that you don’t face interruptions with the mirror view.

Idea Details : midwestliving

12. Framed Picture Secret Cabinet

Framed Picture Secret Cabinet

Here is some hidden storage with an artistic appeal on the outside, as these bathroom cabinets are built in the wall while being gracefully covered by a framed picture. What’s great about this Framed Picture Secret Cabinet is that you can have more than one cabinet lined in sequence, according to the amount of space you need for storage, without making things look unattractive, just like 4 Men 1 Lady in the below guide.

Idea Details : 4men1lady

13. The Amazing Red Coffee Table

The Amazing Red Coffee Table

Laine from Just Laine converted a dollar 10 kitchen counter bought from the thrift store into a fashionable and purposeful coffee table in a way that not only looked pretty, but also pulled up the space together elegantly. But, what’s the unique point about this coffee table is that it is also a convertible TV unit. All you need to do is open the lid, place the television, work some cords, and get going with the entertainment.

Idea Details : justlaine

14. Wood Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet

Wood Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet

Are you having an unsightly trash can in your kitchen that seems to be that non coordinating element of your kitchen decor? This trash can cabinet is all you need to do get rid of that unsightliness, and introduce some creative charm to the space. Looking absolutely beautiful, and taking just a little bit of effort to construct using Ana White’s plans, the Wood Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet comes to life in just a handful of steps.

Idea Details : bydawnnicole

15. The Secret Compartment

The Secret Compartment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep all your craft supplies inside the craft chair itself? This glorious chair, made out of repurposing an old wooden chair with wheels features an amazing secret compartment underneath the sitting cushion. The thing has got enough room to keep a decent amount of items inside, making it easy for you to carry your stuff around the house and work wherever you like.

DIY Details : craptastickatie

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