41 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

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Sometimes, you might struggle to find a nice storage place to keep some items around the house and get more organized with the stuff, whereas other times you want to be assured of putting some precious treasure of yours at a place that no one can think of. Whether it’s a floorboard, secret cabinet or just false bottom drawers, having a storage space that’s hidden in sight lets you have a great deal of peace and security. Here are 41 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

16. “Hidden Storage” Books

Hidden Storage Books

Add a few books to your shelf, that actually are nothing but an exceptionally innovative hidden storage to let you keep all your secret belongings safe. What you need to gather is some hardcover books, a small wooden crate or box, a hot glue gun, an exacto knife, and a pair of scissors. Sewing Barefoot takes you through the four simple steps to forge the “Hidden Storage” Books project.

Idea Details : sewingbarefoot

17. Floating Shelf With A Secret Compartment

Floating Shelf With A Secret Compartment

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use that considerable amount of space inside a floating shelf that often gets wasted otherwise? Turn the shelf into a mini cabinet giving it a false bottom that gives you access to a secret compartment. To gain a deeper insight into the materials required and the steps needed to construct your very own versions of this Floating Shelf With a Secret Compartment, take a look at the below Instructable.

Idea Details : instructables

18. Genius DIY Under The Bed Storage

Genius DIY Under The Bed Storage

Have got enough open space under the bed and wondering how to put it to good use? Something as simple as an old laminate bookshelf can be transformed into a wonderful Under The Bed Storage with just a little bit of creativity. The key is to screw some casters onto the shelf’s back, slide it below the bed, and lastly, enhance the appeal of the drawer bringing your imagination to life with some paints and primers, just like the below guide by DIY Fun Ideas.

Idea Details : diyfunideas

19. Under Cabinet Drawers

Under Cabinet Drawers

Grab yourself some extra storage space under your cabinets with these drawers that offer around four inches of room to keep things like towels, pans, pots or cookie sheets. Learn how you can build the Under Cabinet Drawers all by yourself following the instructions explained by Hello I Live Here. With these drawers, now no one is going to figure out where you keep your secret things hidden even if they leave no stone unturned.

DIY Details : helloilivehere

20. Apothecary Media Console with Storage Doors

Apothecary Media Console with Storage Doors

Some pieces of wood when put together in a smart way can be surprisingly transformed into a lovely media console featuring some spacious storage doors.Apart from the detailed steps of construction, 2 Crafty For My Skirt also provides downloadable plans to build the media console for yourself with utmost simplicity. You are definitely going to fall in love with the functionality of these storage doors, as well as the way it turns out to be.

DIY Details : 2crafty4myskirt

21. Mineral Makeup Storage on Medicine Cabinet

Mineral Makeup Storage on Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever thought that the metal door of your medicine cabinet can work just like magic to let you hide all those little boxes of your mineral makeup with grace? All you need to do is to put some magnet tape on the caps of your mineral makeup and voila! They are all set to stick to the inside of the medicine cabinet door, letting you save a great deal of space in the bathroom, especially if you have got a little of it to get ready each morning.

DIY Details : hometalk

22. Bay Window Flip Top Storage Bench

Bay Window Flip Top Storage Bench

A comfortable window seat not only adds an unbeatable spark to a bay window, but also makes a perfect utilization of that little cornered space transforming it into a lovely leisure section of the house. HomeTalk explains the three elements of building A Bay Window Flip Top Storage Bench that is a perfect combination of modern, elegant and chic, while being the perfect storage section for your stuff.

DIY Details : hometalk

23. Under Bed Storage System

Under Bed Storage System

Sitting below the mattress, here is a storage solution capable of amplifying the bedroom storage capacity considerably. All you need to do is lift up the mattress and access your hidden storage system, perfect to keep even the largest household items. Get inspired by this idea from Hometalk showcasing this wonderful mechanism of an Under Bed Storage System that’s both spacious and stylish at the same time.

DIY Details : hometalk

24. Cabinet Door Storage

Cabinet Door Storage

You really don’t need a huge bathroom to keep your little accessories and beauty products organized. Turn your cabinet door as an incredible storage section featuring an added little bonus provision to keep your bobby pins safe, using a handful of supplies and following six simple steps explained by Infarrantly Creative. This project is undoubtedly, a great blend of easy access and amazing organization.

DIY Details : infarrantlycreative

25. DIY Shoe Storage From Old Drawer

DIY Shoe Storage From Old Drawer

It’s nothing new to find shoes and slippers on the stairs, around the doors, or the bedside, eventually leading to a huge pile of shoes getting built up. Get rid of that clutter forever with a DIY Shoe Storage Project that you yourself pull off from an old drawer. Learn how a drawer can be transformed into a vibrant under bench shoe storage in just a matter of few minutes, eliminating that heap of footwear forever.

DIY Details : hometalk

26. Under the Bed Storage, Repurposing Drawers

Under the Bed Storage, Repurposing Drawers

Turning old drawers into an under the bed storage is an ever-successful idea that not only cuts on the cost of those expensive store-bought shelves, but also makes the space look a little beautifully reinvented. Mindi from My Love 2 Create combined four drawers together in the most gorgeous ways ever and brought a colorful Under The Bed Storage to life with some simple steps of construction shared in the below guide.

DIY Details : mylove2create

27. Hidden Door Storage: More Ways to Conceal

Hidden Door Storage: More Ways to Conceal

Here is a remarkable construction and invention, named InvisiDoor from the CS Hardware that’s a hidden bookcase door, perfect to create and hide secret places or escape areas meant for emergencies. Whereas, another product InvisiFrame lets you create a smaller hidden space for valuables and other items, installing the structure easily into your space as guided by CS Hardware, in a way that suits the size of all the items you want to conceal.

DIY Details : cshardware

28. Basement Steps Secret Storage

Basement Steps Secret Storage

Basement steps can prove to be a secret storage space that no one would ever think of, keeping you rest assured of storing valuable things like money, jewellery, documents and other items that mean a lot to you. If you have got some old drawers, you are all set to begin with pulling off this project that’s quite quick and easy to work on, as demonstrated by Saving 4 Six with some easy-to-follow, detailed instructions.

DIY Details : saving4six

29. Invisidoor Hidden Door Bookcase

An absolute ruler when it comes to making hidden spaces, that too in a way that’s nearly impossible to figure out, Invisidoor by CS Hardware can’t fail to make a mark with this idea as well. Two Hidden Door Bookcases have been combined to form a larger double swinging bookcase door that has works as the secret entrance to a hidden room behind, showcased in this picture by Houzz.

DIY Details : houzz

30. Hidden Storage Below the Stairs

Hidden Storage Below the Stairs

It probably can’t get more mysterious and unusual than this hidden storage section underneath the staircase. Make the stairs something extra than just what they look, by integrating a little basement room with a door in front of the last step, which rises above to reveal the storage space. Cover things with a carpet and make it no less than a treasure hunt for someone to find the secret stuff you have put inside.

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