45+ Life-Changing Closet Organization Ideas For Your Hallway, Bedroom And Nursery!

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As women, it has happened to all of us to go through “I have nothing to wear” crisis, although our closet was full of clothes and shoes. This often happens due to poor organization, as it is a lot easier to find the clothes and shoes you want when they are put on display, as opposed to having to go through the pile of clothes stacked in your closet. If you have a very small closet and you are determined to put it to good use, then here you will find 40+ crafty closet organization ideas that will benefit you greatly over the years!

45+ Life-Changing Closet Organization Ideas For Your Hallway, Bedroom And Nursery!

1. Handmade Closet Kit

Handmade Closet Kit

This is one of the easiest and most practical ideas for keeping your closet well-organized – have you ever thought about coming up with a handmade closet kit? If not, then this tutorial will take you through every step of the process, and you will never have to spend hours looking for your favorite little black dress under the pile of clothes in your closet, ever again!

Project Source and Tutorial – designbuildlove

2. Build Your Own Custom Closet Shelving Wall

Build Your Own Custom Closet Shelving Wall

A closet shelving wall can certainly help you save a lot of space and trouble, and the best thing about it is that you can build your own, from scratch! Finding a tailored shelving wall is very challenging, as each closet is unique in its own way, but you can now make your own without too much effort. Here is how you can do it!

Project Source and Tutorial – imperfectlypolished

3. Crafty Closet Organizer

Crafty Closet Organizer

Ideally, you should consider organizing and categorizing your belongings, as this will help you find the things you are looking for a lot easier. Dresses go to the “dresses” department, accessories to accessories, and so forth. Here is an outstanding closet organizer that will help you make the best of your possessions.

Project Source – diyadvice

4. Daily Outfit Hanging Closet

Daily Outfit Hanging Closet

How many of us have the time to compile our outfits in the morning? Most of us do it the night before – and it is essential to make sure that your outfit hangs properly in your closet, otherwise you risk to wake up to a messy dress or costume. Kids are certainly no exception to the rule, as the little ones love to look good as well – and this daily outfit hanging closet will certainly testify to that!

Project Source – makelifelovely

5. Scarf And Accessory Hanger

Scarf And Accessory Hanger

How many hours did you have to spend untangling your necklaces, earrings, scarves and bracelets? How many of your accessories have been ruined beyond the point of repair, simply because they got tangled? Fortunately, you now have this outstanding scarf and accessory hanger to rely on! Check it out and you will certainly fall in love with it.

Project Source – sparkandchemistry

6. Closet Organization For Small Rooms

Closet Organization For Small Rooms

If you have a small room, then it is imperative to opt for a small closet, otherwise you risk to end up with a cluttered room where you barely have enough space to move! Here is a lovely idea that will show you how much you can achieve with a small, plain and basic closet.

Project Source – strawberryswingandthings

7. Tidy Tights!

Tidy Tights

We all love tights, especially during those chilly autumn and winter months when they go perfectly with a long skirt or even under the jeans! However, keeping your tights tidy and well-organized can be quite challenging, and this tutorial is for all those who have a hard time keeping their tights in order.

Project Source – lanaredstudio

8. Jewelry Organization Idea

Jewelry Organization Idea

Every woman has her little box of “guilty pleasures” (jewelry, in this case)! One thing is for sure: the way you store your accessories and jewelry can either prolong their life, or shorten it. Here is an outstanding idea that will help you organize your jewelry in an efficient and hassle-free way.

Project Source – overthrowmartha

9. Make The Best Of Your Small Closet

Make The Best Of Your Small Closet

A small closet can still go a very long way, if you know how to make the best of it! Ultimately, it is not the size of the closet that matters, but the way you upgrade its shelving – it is essential to try and make it as compact as possible, and this is precisely what this tutorial will help you do!

Project Source – dailymom

10. DIY Coat Closet Makeover

DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Coats are a lot more difficult to iron than regular dresses and clothes, and that is a known fact. This is why you must keep them as straight and as tidy as possible! Here is a great and crafty DIY coat closet makeover tutorial that will leave you stunned and thirsty for more creative ideas like this one!

Project Source – classyclutter

11. Craft Closet Organization

Craft Closet Organization

Big ideas for small homes! If you live in a modestly sized house and apartment, then this tutorial is specifically written for you. Here is a crafty closet organization tutorial that will benefit you on many different levels, without you having to invest in high-end materials or tools!

Project Source – simplicityinthesouth

12. Reveal Your New Closet To Your Friends!

Reveal Your New Closet To Your Friends

We all know the saying “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet!”, and if you take pride in your belongings, then this closet organization tutorial will certainly come in handy for you! You do not need to invest in an additional closet or extra shelving to store all your clothes – all you have to do is to play smart!

Project Source – imperfectlypolished

13. DIY Closet Organization

DIY Closet Organization

You will be amazed to see just how far your imagination can take you, and this DIY closet organization tutorial certainly testifies to that! With some basic materials, some paint and some plastic hangers, you can give your old closet a complete “facelift” and make it look as good as new.

Project Source – brightboldbeautiful

14. Closet Tags!

Closet Tags


When it comes to categorizing your belongings, you basically have two options: you can either opt for closet tags, or you can opt for the traditional storage boxes. If you have decided to go for the closet tags, then here is a tutorial that will teach you how to put them to good use!

Project Source and Tutorial – allthingskatiemarie

15. Hang Your Flip Flops The Classy Way!

Hang Your Flip Flops The Classy Way

Have you noticed how difficult it is to remove the sand from your carpets? Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about that – here is a tutorial that will help you hang your flip flops in an efficient and classy way, without too much effort!

Project Source and Tutorial – epbot

16. Turn Your Old Chairs Into Shabby Chic Hangers

Turn Your Old Chairs Into Shabby Chic Hangers

If you have a couple of old chairs to spare, then add a fresh coat of white paint to them and use them as shabby chic hangers! Not only are they great for keeping your clothes straight and in order, but they are also an outstanding choice for storing your shoe boxes, on top!

Project Source – saifou

17. Organize Your Tights Quickly And Effectively

Organize Your Tights Quickly And Effectively

If you are a fan of tights, then the chances are that you have a pair in every single color and thickness available! However, organizing them can be quite a chore, especially if you do not know where to start from – if that is your case, then here is a tutorial that will help you keep your tights in perfect order.

Project Source – julieannart

18. Organize Your Socks And Your Underwear

This is one of the easiest and most efficient way to organize your socks and your undies – the transparent material that is used for storing them allows you to see right through it, so you will know exactly where your favorite underwear or bra is!

Project Source – imgur

19. Organize Your Closet In Your Easy Steps

Organize Your Closet In Your Easy Steps

Although this may sound hard to believe at first, the truth is that you can easily maximize the storage space available in your closet, in four easy steps. Here are some easy and useful tricks that will help you redefine the way you store your shoes, your trench coats, your belts and dresses!

Project Source – tipsaholic

20. Linen Closet Redo

Linen Closet Redo

This makeover idea is great if you have decided to put your house on sale and you want to boost its value, without actually investing too much in the renovation project! Here is an outstanding linen closet redo idea that can add a lot of style, chicness, class and value to your closet – and a touch of freshness, too!

Project Source – abirdandabean

21. Organize Your T-Shirts The Proper Way!

Organize Your T-Shirts The Proper Way

When it comes to organizing your shirts and t-shirts, one thing is for sure: folding them nicely will help you save a lot more space, as opposed to just throwing them in the closet, one on top of another. Here is a very basic but useful tutorial that will help you!

Project Source – pinterest

22. Pants Hanger Tutorial

Pants Hanger Tutorial

You can easily fold your jeans without having to worry about ironing them later on, but there are some materials that cannot be folded without you having to carefully straighten them afterwards (which is certainly very time consuming!). This is why you could use a pants hanger, such as the one described here!

Project Source – bobvila

23. Organize Your Closet From Scratch!

Organize Your Closet From Scratch

If you want to organize your closet and to make the best of it, then here is a tutorial that will certainly come in handy! You do not need any special skills for this, all you need is some extra time to spare and lots of creativity!

Project Source – stylecaster

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