50+ Simple And Practical Storage Solutions For Your Home!

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You do not need to be a hoarder to realize that sometimes, you accidentally start to gather all sorts of items – from shoe boxes to appliances, most of which you do not even need anymore. This does not mean that you need to start throwing away the things you no longer use, it only means that you need to re-organized your storage space and to look for some space-effective ways to carefully and safely store all your valuables and belongings. Here you will find no less than 50 different storage solutions to help you do just that!

50+ Simple And Practical Storage Solutions For Your Home!

1. Exploit The Under-The-Bed Storage Space To The Fullest

Exploit The Under-The-Bed Storage Space To The Fullest

The storage space available under the bed can be used in countless different ways: you can use it to store your kids’ toys, you can use it for you seasonal clothes, or you can simply use it for storing your shoes, luggage and other belongings that you use once or twice a year. Be crafty, be inventive and think in a productive manner – check out this DIY under the bed storage and let it work on your behalf!

Project Tutorial and Credit – diyfunideas

2. Easy Entry Organization With Shoe Pegs

Easy Entry Organization With Shoe Pegs

This easy shoe peg organization tutorial will change the way you store your shoes – and will certainly help you save lots of money and time on cleaning your floor every time you come inside with your muddy shoes! Here is a beautiful, white, vintage-looking shoe organization drawer that stands out from the classic ones.

Project Tutorial and Credit – sawdustgirl

3. DIY Hanging Baskets

DIY Hanging Baskets

These crafty DIY hanging baskets actually serve a double purpose – besides the fact that they are super practical and functional and they are great for storing your belongings, they also serve as great decorative elements that can really brighten up your room. Just add a few colored striped to the baskets – get as creative as you can!

Project Tutorial and Credit – apairandasparediy

4. Turn Your Old Laundry Bags Into Storage Bags For Your Potatoes And Onions

Turn Your Old Laundry Bags Into Storage Bags For Your Potatoes And Onions

Have your old laundry bags started to get discolored and they no longer work at full potential? If so, do not throw them away – recycle them instead and turn them into storage bags for your onions, potatoes and other veggies. One of their most important benefit is the fact that they feature small punctured holes that ensure an all-round ventilation, thus keeping your veggies fresh for an extended period of time!

Source  –  Twitter

5. The Easy Way To Store Your Toothbrushes

The Easy Way To Store Your Toothbrushes

Storing your toothbrushes may not sound like rocket science, but it is imperative to store them in such a manner that you keep them away from all the germs and the bacteria that lurk around in your bathroom. Did you know that whenever you wash your hands or flush your toilet, your toothbrushes are predisposed to bacteria? Here is a simple way to store your toothbrushes!

Project Tutorial and Credit – familyhandyman

6. Egg Carton Organizer For Your Jewellery

Egg Carton Organizer For Your Jewellery

Do you have a hard time storing and detangling your jewellery? Do you want to steer clear from the hefty price tags of the conventional jewellery storage boxes, which can cost you up to $100 at the mall? If so, then this creative DIY egg carton storage idea is everything you need – check out this tutorial and see just how easily you can recycle your old carton and turn it into an outstanding, chic and classy jewellery box!

Project Tutorial and Credit – zerilaslife

7. Easy Dress Storage Idea For Your Baby Girl’s Clothes!

Easy Dress Storage Idea For Your Baby Girl’s Clothes

Is there anything more adorable on this world than seeing your baby girl’s cute small dresses? They are so chic and small! However, just because they are small this does not make them easy to store, especially if you want to make sure that they look as good as new every time – check out this tutorial and try to replicate it!

Source  – piperandpoppies

8. Lego Key And Cable Holder

Lego Key And Cable Holder

Geeks, rejoice! This is one of the geekiest and coolest key and cable holder tutorials on the Internet – if you are a Lego fan, then this tutorial has been specifically created for you. Fun, practical, cheap and super entertaining at the same time, this Lego key and cable holder will definitely redefine the way you store your keys and all the adjacent tools – you will never have to worry about losing them around the house ever again!

Source  – dorkly

9. DIY Hair Tool Organizer

DIY Hair Tool Organizer

Detanglers, brushes, curling irons, straighteners, hair spray, rotating brushes and all that.. as women, we are more than familiar with all these hair tools – and we also know just how challenging it is to store them efficiently! This is the ultimate DIY hair tool organizer that will radically change the way you see your hair tools in the long run. Let the inner hairstylist come out to play!

Project Tutorial and Credit – nelliebellie

10. Store Your Kitchen Utensils In A Creative And Stylish Way!

Store Your Kitchen Utensils In A Creative And Stylish Way

If you are passionate about cooking and baking, then the chances are that besides the classic silverware and cutlery, you also have tens of other cooking utensils that you have a hard time storing – and that is perfectly understandable! Check out this lovely way of displaying and storing your kitchen utensils in a place where you can easily reach them whenever you need them.

Source  – meredith

11. Laundry Room Organizer

Laundry Room Organizer

The laundry room is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest and most cluttered rooms in a woman’s house, as this is where all your dirty clothes go – however, just because it is cluttered, it does not mean that you cannot organize it in a beautiful and creative manner, and this tutorial certainly certified to that!

Source – startathome

12. Vintage Magazine Holder Makeover

Vintage Magazine Holder Makeover

We all have our favorite books and magazines – no matter if you fancy fashion magazines or cooking books, it is imperative that you store them in an organized manner. Here is a lovely shabby chic tutorial that will teach you just how easy it is to give your magazine holder a full facelift and to make it be both practical and aesthetically pleasant!

Project Tutorial and Credit – envintagedrom

13. DIY Canned Food Storage

DIY Canned Food Storage

We prepare for winter during the autumn and late summer, and everybody knows that – if you are a fan of pickles and other canned foods that you eat throughout the cold summer months, then you will definitely get to love this super creative DIY canned food storage idea that will help you store, organize and arrange your goodies in a space-effective and practical manner. Check it out, and let the inner chef show his/her skills!

Project Tutorial and Credit – shanty-2-chic

14. DIY Closet Storage Towers

DIY Closet Storage Towers

Let’s be honest for a second – how many times did we just throw our blouses, skirts, shoes, belts and other accessories in the closet, without even bothering to arrange them? That is perfectly normal when you are tired or bored of having to organize and re-organize your belongings over and over-again. However, it does not always have to be like this – check out this DIY closet storage towers and see for yourself!

Project Tutorial and Credit – shanty-2-chic

15. DIY Rolling Storage Cart

DIY Rolling Storage Cart

This is a super practical and inventive storage cart that can come in handy not just for your belongings, but also for your child’s toys and shoes – the storage card is movable and compact, and you can easily move it from one room to another, or even to the garage.

Project Tutorial and Credit – ryobitools

16. Bathroom Storage DIY

Bathroom Storage DIY

This is another lovely and inspired storage tutorial that you should definitely try – have you noticed just how time-consuming and challenging it is to store your towels, your beauty products, your shower gels and all the like? Check out this bathroom storage DIY tutorial and let it work its magic on your bathroom.

Project Tutorial and Credit – shanty-2-chic

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