20 Simple yet Super Chic Farmhouse Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now!

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If that whole industrial and rustic appeal sported by farmhouse decor and storage solutions is what you find absolutely enchanting, then you would be delighted to know that you can bring the same to your space as well. Functional and unbeatably gorgeous is what we call these 20 farmhouse storage ideas your house needs right now!

20 Simple yet Super Chic Farmhouse Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now!

1. Multi-Purpose Entryway Storage

Multi-Purpose Entryway Storage

Your entryway can get tons of storage to keep the living room totally mess-free, all with the addition of this lovely storage bench separated into 9 smaller compartments. The boxes within the storage shelf are filled with different boxes and baskets working wonders to store all the hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, keys and whatever you can think of.

The author couples up the pretty white furnish of the bench with a mix of textures to get that farmhouse appeal, going for natural woven baskets, galvanised metal bins, and distressed wood boxes. For the extra decoration, a large mirror is set on top of the bench to make the room appear bigger and a small vase with faux greenery adds color to the space.

Apart from storage, the multi-purpose bench also doubles up at a serving table for buffets, food and drinks when you are planning for a get together or party at home, thereby making the kitchen a little less loaded with guests. Head to the below inspiration by Low Grows Wild to learn more about the gorgeous entryway storage bench.

Idea Details : lovegrowswild

2. Linen Closet Organizer

Linen Closet Organizer

No need to worry about how to make that small closet efficient, while maximising the space available as this incredible hack for organizing your linen closet makes it all a piece of cake. The shelves of the closet are painted in Mud Paint manor white to work up a light and bright storage solution, adorned with loads of baskets from Marshalls to store the stuff in place.

Everything ranging from loose items like bathroom supplies and cleaning products to all the linen, bed sheets and towels have some space reserved inside the organizer, keeping the arrangement visually appealing at the same time. The baskets are labeled with chalkboard labels to make it easy to find whatever you need, hanging the broom and dust pan on the door using an over-the door hanger.

Liz Marie Blog not only takes you through the great hack but also shows how you don’t need to spend more than a few dollars to get the awesome farmhouse-themed storage organization done. The before and after photographs of the closet showcasing the transformation from oh so cluttered to neatly managed are no less than shocking.

Idea Details : lizmarieblog

3. Pantry Organization Labels

Pantry Organization Labels

When storage isn’t boring to look at, it adds so much more to its functionality. And these pantry organization labels are a perfect example of sprucing up the storage containers or jars of the pantry with a dose of style. The best part about these labels are that they don’t make you lose the instructions mentioned on the original package after shifting the contents into the jars.

You have got labels for ‘Pancakes’ that are used for store baking mix such as Bisquick or your own homemade mix, ‘Biscuits’ to keep store bought or homemade mix, ‘Rice with directions mentioned for preparing white rice, and ‘Oatmeal’ with directions for quick 1 minute oats. Store the dry ingredients in gorgeous mason jars and let the pantry be charmed up with those brown kraft paper labels, also bringing out uniformity to all the storage jars.

This awesome tutorial by The Country Chic Cottage not only explains the steps you need to follow to forge the storage solution, but also offers free printables files for the labels to make everything a lot more easier for you.

Idea Details : thecountrychiccottage

4. Laundry Room Counter

Laundry Room Counter

Avoid heaps of clothes getting piled up on the countertop in the laundry room with just a few little tweaks to the storage space. A more spacious appeal is achieved by getting rid of some lower cabinets in the laundry and replacing the cabinets with beautiful turned table legs to hold the countertop with utmost grace, but only on one side.

The counter top above the legs is actually a reclaimed wood butcher block transformed into the tabletop, retaining its original rustic charm and imperfections in the finished piece as well. The legs add the much-needed contrast to the wooden texture of the counter when painted in Chimney Smoke from Lowe’s.

The other end of the countertop has got a few shelves built underneath, perfect to house rustic baskets that store the small cloths, lost socks and other cluttering items. The space between the shelves and the legs stores wire baskets lined with white cloth. This one shared by Twelve On Main is surely going to make you say I need these vintage baskets in my laundry for all those rolled up hand towels and washcloths right now.

Idea Details : twelveonmain

5. DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial

A farmhouse makeover to your storage space does not have to cost a fortune, and this tutorial for working up a farmhouse bench with shelves certainly testifies to that. It adds a fresh touch to the entire design of your lobby in a totally do-it-yourself affair, on a dime. The bench is designed specially keeping in mind adorable galvanised buckets for the storage, going for beautifully stained wood as the final texture.

You are going to need cut pieces of wood, some scrap wood, a few screws, square, an orbital sander, an impact driver, a miter saw, some wood glue, brad nailer, a nice DIY or store-bought wood stain, and shellac to begin with the construction of the bench. You begin by building the bench’s top, further attaching the legs once you are done sanding all the pieces.

Adding the shelf supports and staining the wood comes last, bringing in the glow with coats of clear satin shellac. Learn the detailed steps of construction you need to follow with visual instructions shared by Cherished Bliss in the amazing tutorial below. What a classic farmhouse style storage piece!

Idea Details : cherishedbliss

6. Herb Crates and Baker’s Rack

Herb Crates and Bakers Rack

A vintage set of nesting herb crates like this one will add chicness, style and a glorious farmhouse look to your home when hanging on the wall without having to spend too much. The author places the crates around the eat-in area, storing all kinds of tabletop essentials, including placemats, napkins, salt, pepper and much more in the three crates, while the fourth one is turned into a one-of-a-kind vase with tree mason jars filled with flowers sitting inside.

What couples up the nesting hanging crates is a vintage baker’s rack rightly spruced up with a few spring-worthy touches. Right from faux flowers from Michael’s to all the tablecloths to throw on the patio table outside, fro ma variety of delicate glassware to rustic woven storage baskets, the baker’s rack has got ample of space to keep it all.

Fruit baskets and mason jars added to the shelves are only going to make things even more pleasing to look at. Head to the below inspiration by Driven By Decor to know more about making the most of the crates and the rack.

Idea Details : drivenbydecor

7. Simple Storage Solutions

Simple Storage Solutions

Nothing rules like white when it comes to putting together elegant-looking farmhouse elements to your home. Whether you use these jugs as a storage solution or simply let them work as decorative items or gorgeous flower vases, they are going to make a mark every single time. This inspiration by The Art of Doing Stuff employs them to store all the cutlery, sieves, egg beaters and that rustic wooden spoon set, thereby freeing up an entire drawer in the kitchen, while organizing the cutlery in a much easy-to-grab fashion.

Bought from Ikea, these are super inexpensive enamel pieces coming with a more than awesome Scandinavian Modern farmhouse design. The jugs can come really handy if you think your kitchen cupboards have fallen short on space. Just throw the items into the jugs and put them at one corner of the countertop, or right beside the stove or simply on the dining table, and voila!

Head to the below guide to witness how the author puts the jugs to use, ending up in an incredible yet simple storage solution. And the monochromatic idea of the jugs is so versatile that they can go with just about any kitchen decor.

Idea Details : theartofdoingstuff

8. Mason Jar Wall Hooks

Mason Jar Wall Hooks

If you are obsessed with storing stuff in mason jars or working up homemade gifts in jars, or simply like to them as cups or coffee mugs, then you surely are having dozens and dozens of these pretty empty jars lying around the house – perhaps, taking space in a cupboard, random kitchen drawers or the counters. Arrange them all in one single spot that lets you grab those glass pretties whenever you are set to turn them into a craft project or a cool storage solution.

This mason jar rack with all the intended imperfections in its metallic texture hangs the jars in an inverted style after having the lids removed. The rack has hooks installed in the vertical metal bars throughout to help you hang the jars. The organizer can add great freshness to your kitchen or the craft space, just like it’s showcased in the lovely inspiration by Thistlewood Farms. This one sticks to black for the shade of the rack, but you can always add a splash of color to make it suit the decor of your space.

Idea Details : thistlewoodfarms

9. Dining Table Wire Basket

Dining Table Wire Basket

Introducing a subtle farmhouse touch to your dining table, this gorgeous wire basket is going to be the focal point of the whole dining space, while being equally functional in terms of storage. The basket from Walmart comes lined with a beautiful fabric flaunting lacey borders, but as shown in this amazing idea by Love Grows Wild, you can always make the most of its farmhouse charm by putting it to use without the fabric too.

Made entirely out of iron, the basket has got wood making the handles easy to hold. Here, the author uses the basket to house a white-painted mason jar that further holds all the spoons, forks and table knives, along with a bunch of serving plates.

Not only does the spacious basket steal hearts with its thin wired structure, but also that woven wire pattern throughout the piece makes it oh so stylish. No more than 20 dollars is all it takes to get a set of two of these baskets from Walmart, and that’s why it won’t be an overstatement to call these a really affordable storage solution for all the dining table essentials.

Idea Details : lovegrowswild

10. Affordable Tiered Stands

Affordable Tiered Stands

Vertical space utilisation has always proved itself to be quite a boon in the world of storage solutions for small spaces. But, these tiered stands are so stunning to look at that no matter how much space you have already got around the house, you would want to let this one be a part of your home decor.

Plus, the stands are available in a huge variety in terms of the textures, colors, materials and designs they come in, allowing you to style them in just about any fashion you want to. Use them to display cute little vases in the living room, double them up as a super stylish fruit basket placed on the dining table, let them house loads of snacks for the kiddos, or simply keep vintage-looking cutlery and mugs on showcase – these affordable tiered stands are not going to fail making a complete statement every single time.

Take a look at the following inspiration by Two Twenty One to witness different designs the tiered stands come in, while also checking out some amazing applications they can be put to.

Idea Details : twotwentyone

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